Leah Adams… A Journey Through Revelation

The End! A Journey Through The Revelation

When the Lord made it clear to me that I was to teach the book of The Revelation on my blog in 2016 and beyond, I looked behind me to see to whom He might be speaking. There was no one behind me, but I was certain He could not mean that I was to teach Revelation.


In fact, that is exactly what He meant. If there is any book in the Bible more difficult to teach than the book of Hebrews, it would be, without question, The Revelation. God seems to get a kick out of plopping me down in the most difficult books in the Bible and asking me to teach and write on them. First it was Hebrews, and out of that came my second Bible study entitled HeBrews: A Better Blend. Now, it is The Revelation. I have to laugh at the absurdity of me, ME, teaching either of those books. Bible scholars do not even have a grasp on them. How in the world am I to teach either of them? But, when God says to move, I’ve learned to simply say, “Yes sir! Whatever you say, Sir!”, then wait on the anointing for the task.


So, beginning in January 2016 I set in, as my Daddy would have said, to teaching The Revelation. We began with Revelation 1, and I intend to teach through the book, chapter by chapter, until we turn the final page of The Revelation. Here in this space I am linking to each of the posts in this series. Simply click on the picture and you will be taken to that post. The links are in the order the posts were offered.


I would love your feedback and your engagement. Feel free to leave a comment on any post, contact me at [email protected], or use the contact form on this website.

Introduction to Revelation Study
Revelation is all about Jesus!
John was in the Spirit when he was given the Revelation
John's vision of Jesus Revelation 1
Intro to Revelation 2
Ephesus ~ Revelation 2
Ephesus ~ Part 2 ~ Revelation
Revelation 2 ~ Smyrna
Pergamum Part 1 ~ Revelation
Pergamum ~ Part 2 ~ Revelation
Thyatira ~ Revelation
Thyatira Part 2 ~ Revelation
Sardis ~ Revelation
Philadelphia ~ Seven Churches of Revelation
Philadelphia II ~ Seven Churches of Revelation
Laodicea ~ Seven Churches of Revelation
Laodicea Part 2 ~ Seven Churches of Revelation
Revelation 4 An Open Door In Heaven
The Throne Room of God Revelation 4
Worship in Heaven Revelation 4
Seven Sealed Scroll Revelation 5
The Worthy One Revelation 5
Rider on White Horse Seal 1 Revelation 6
The rider on the red horse Second seal Revelation 6
Rider on the Black Horse Seal 3 Revelation 6
Rider on the Pale Horse Seal 4 Revelation 6
Martyrs Beneath the Altar Seal 5 Revelation 6
The 6th Seal of Revelation 6
A Journey Through The Revelation
Revelation 7 Intro
Angels and the Winds of Destruction Revelation 7
144,000 Witnesses of Revelation 7
Every Nation Tribe Tongue Around the Throne
White Robes, Rewards, and No More Tears Revelation 7
Revelation, Nehemiah, and a Decree
Revelation, Daniel, and an Image
The 70 Weeks of Daniel 9
The Four Beasts of Daniel 7
Silence Fire and the Seventh Seal
The Trumpet Judgments First Trumpet
The Trumpet Judgments ~ Second Trumpet
The Trumpet Judgments Third Trumpet
The Fourth Trumpet of Revelation
The Fifth Trumpet of Revelation
The Fifth Trumpet A Fallen Star Locusts and the First Woe
The Sixth Trumpet of Revelation
The 6th Trumpet Hell on Earth
The Day When Discipline No Longer Works
Guess Who? The Strong Angel of Revelation 10
The Mystery of the Mystery of God
I'm Supposed to Eat A Scroll?
Measure That Temple
The Two Witnesses of Revelation
Tribulation Times, Days, Weeks, Months
SuperHeroes of the Tribulation The Two Witnesses
The Deaths of the Two Witnesses and a WorldWide Party
Is the Rapture a Real Thing?
the Day of the Lord
More About the Day of the Lord and the Rapture
Setting the Scene for the Rapture
The Rapture When Will It Happen
The 7th Trumpet of Revelation
A woman A Child and A Dragon
That Number Again in Revelation 12
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