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Okay, so that was awkward!! Allow me to explain what happened.

I was filming in a hotel room in Atlanta while my husband was at the Hinman Dental Convention. About the time I got to the 12 minute mark in filming, a lady knocked on the door and wanted to clean our room. So, I stopped.

Now, you get the rest of the lesson in written form.


Sardis The Zombie Church



Let’s finish our visit with the church at Sardis by looking at the promises Jesus made to the overcomers there.

First, Jesus promised that those who had not soiled their garments would walk with Him in white. This would have meant a great deal to the Sardian because of the wool dying industry that was so prevalent in the city. The white garments promised to the overcomers symbolized purity and holiness.

Second, Jesus said that the names of the overcomers would not be blotted out of the Book of Life. Instead they would be acknowledged before God, the Father, and the angels in heaven. Contrary to what some believe, this verse does not substantiate the claim that one can lose their salvation.

As is the case today, being able to prove citizenship in a country was crucial. In antiquity, the name of a condemned person or a person who died was deleted from the town registers prior to the execution, or after the death of the individual. Jesus was promising that the names of all believers/overcomers would forever remain in the Book of Life.

So, what is our takeaway from the Zombie church?

First, as long as we have breath in our lungs, Jesus gives us opportunity to repent and turn to Him. One day it will be too late, but until then we can turn and go with Jesus.

Second, no matter how bad your sin, Jesus righteousness is enough to cover it for all time. You may feel soiled, but Jesus is Mr. Clean. He stands ready to take your filthy garments and give you pure, white garments in exchange. You do not have to live with shame or guilt eating your lunch. Jesus offers the opportunity to live shame-free and guilt-free. The choice is yours.

Next week we will visit Philadelphia and hear Jesus words to that church. Until then, let’s engage:

  • Did anything from this week’s lesson encourage your heart or build your faith?
  • The citadel of Sardis was considered impenetrable, yet twice in its history it was conquered by invading armies. How does that apply to you and me? As Christians, you and I must take care to stand firmly on the Word of God, lest we fall because we took our eyes off of Christ. (1 Corinthians 10:12)


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