Earlier this year I wrote this post about HELL entitled What About Hell?: 4 Things Satan Does Not Want You to Understand About Hell. It was the most read and pinned post that I have ever offered. Although we do not hear many sermons on the topic of hell, people are apparently very interested in it. As Christians who have the answer and antidote to hell, it is our responsibility to tell those who are not yet believers about heaven and about hell.

Jesus spoke frequently of hell in the Scriptures, so I believe we are wise to consider His perspective. Today, I want us to do just that. There are 4 things that Jesus wants you to understand about hell.



Hell 4 Things Jesus Wants You to Know


Hell is a real place

In Revelation 1:18 Jesus appears to John on the Isle of Patmos and declares that He holds the keys to death and hell, or Hades. While there is debate over whether Jesus actually descended into hell in the three days between his death and resurrection, the Revelation passage makes it abundantly clear that Jesus has personal experience with hell. It may be simply because He was part of creating it, or because He has been there. Either way, He holds the keys. When you purchase a car or home and receive the keys that will open or start your purchase, you also receive a title that proclaims you to be the owner. Jesus has the keys to hell. Clearly, He owns it.

Hell was never created for man. It was created to be the place where Satan and his demons would suffer for all eternity in response to their rebellion. It was only when man chose to rebel against God that hell became an eternal destination for man.


Hell involves torment and anguish

In Luke 16:19-31 Jesus offers the story of the rich man and Lazarus. In short, Lazarus was poor and needy, while the rich man was, well, rich. Lazarus begged at the gate of the rich man, but was ignored. Both Lazarus and the rich man died and went to their eternal destinations: Lazarus to heaven, or the bosom of Abraham; the rich man to hell or hades.

In this dramatic passage, Jesus uses the words torment, anguish, and flame to describe hell in these verses. The rich man called out to Abraham to send him some relief from his torment, which included flames.

It seems that, according to this passage, those who are consigned to hell can see the joy and comfort of those in heaven. This hints that part of the torment of hell is a knowledge that you made the wrong choice about your eternal destiny, and are constantly presented with what you missed in heaven. Regret. It is a horrible thing here on earth, and even more so, in hell.

Unrelenting torment and anguish. Inextinguishable fire and flame. Truly, our worst day here in earth will not even begin to compare to the ‘best’ day (doubtful that there is such a thing) in hell, should one choose to go there.


Hell is Permanent

Going once again to Luke 16, we find the rich man asking Abraham to send someone to hell with a drop of cool water for his tongue. Abraham responds that there is a chasm or gulf that is permanent and impassable. It prevents passage back and forth between heaven and hell. Once a person makes their choice of heaven or hell, and slips into eternity, there is no changing their mind. Their destiny is fixed.

This is the reason why it is so important not to delay the decision about one’s eternal destiny. No one is guaranteed their next breath, and if you die without choosing to make Jesus your Lord and Savior, you are forever locked in torment and anguish in hell.


Jesus Offers a Way to Avoid Hell

In John 14:6, Jesus said that He is the way, the truth, and the life. He went on to tell us that it is ONLY through Him that anyone comes to God. All other ways are futile. No amount of good works or penitence will get you into heaven. God lives in heaven; therefore, if anyone desires to live forever in heaven, they MUST go through Jesus because He holds the only way to heaven. The sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross to pay what you and I owed for our sin and rebellion is our only entry key into heaven.

The moment we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior our passport is stamped for heaven, and hell no longer is a possibility. The sacrifice of Jesus’ body to pay for our sin was a one-time-for-all sacrifice for all who would accept it. His sacrifice was enough, and nothing more is needed.


Have you made your choice: Heaven or Hell?


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