Do you sense that God is taking you in a new direction, but are not sure what the next step might be?

Are you in a rut and need motivation to push through?

Is there a habit you have developed that you need help letting go of?

Would you like your relationship with Jesus to be more intimate and life changing?

Are you having trouble navigating a relationship or the daily-ness of life?

Is your heart seeking someone you can trust who will walk alongside you and help you move from where you are to where God wants you to be?

In Luke 24:15 Jesus drew near to the two men walking on the road to Emmaus and encouraged them as He walked with them. He did this through listening to their hearts, asking them powerful questions that moved their hearts from despair to joy, and opening their eyes to Him.

As a Biblical Life Coach, Leah Adams wants to draw near to women and walk with them as they move from where they are in life, relationships, work, marriage, and especially their spiritual life to where God desires for them to be.

In private, confidential coaching sessions, Leah listens to the heart of her clients and uses the art of asking powerful, thought-provoking questions to help them grow in intimacy with Christ and walk confidently in His grace.



What others are saying about
Leah’s Life Coaching services

When Leah and I first started our coaching sessions, I had no idea how impactful our meetings would become. Through our sessions, she was able to aptly walk me through several challenges in my life and in my ministry. Our time together was helpful, meaningful, and eye-opening. Talking over dreams, goals, plans, and issues with Leah has been invaluable.

Professional, thoughtful, wise, and encouraging—Leah Adams is the whole package! Truly, I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a life coach.


Melanie Redd

Talking with Leah is like having coffee with a close friend I’ve known for years and years. It’s comfortable!  She’s so easy to talk to, her questions are thought-provoking, and her praying for me meant so much. I love the progress I’ve made and I owe that to Leah.


Alyssa Fortenberry

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Leah as my Biblical Life Coach. At the beginning I wasn’t sure even where to begin, but Leah soon narrowed it down to one area. By the end of our time together my goal had been accomplished. Leah is an amazing Christian with a warm & caring heart for helping women grow in their walk with Christ. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Leah as a Biblical Life Coach.


Kelly Solomon

Work with Leah

Using a blend of coaching and mentoring which is grounded in prayer and biblical principles, Leah walks alongside women to guide them into deeper intimacy with Jesus. She works to help them see their dreams, goals, and desires become reality. This allows them to have a greater impact in their family, their community and the Kingdom of God.

Want to know more? Schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery session or use Leah’s Life Decisions Jumpstart Kit to help you identify areas where you MIGHT benefit from life coaching.





Coaching Prices & Packages

Sessions can be done in-person (for local clients only)
or via telephone, Skype or FaceTime

Cancellation Policy
Sessions may be cancelled up to 4 hours prior to the session without incurring a ‘used session’ penalty. Sessions cancelled within 4 hours of session time will be considered to be a used session and session fee will not be refunded or applied to a future session.

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