HeBrews Bible Study – When God’s Plans are Different {and Better} Than Your Plans



How many times have you read or quoted Isaiah 55:8-9? You may not recognize the address, but you almost certainly will recognize the words.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways.” This is the Lord’s declaration. “For as heaven is higher than earth, so byways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (CSB)

These are the verses that pop into my mind every time I think about the HeBrews: A Better Blend Bible Study. 


When God's Plans are Different and Better Than My Plans


I know it makes no sense that verses from Isaiah would appear in my head concerning a Bible study about the book of Hebrews, but such is life. I never, not in a million years, planned to write a Bible study on the book of Hebrews. It is, arguably, one of the most theologically deep books in Holy Writ. Who am I to pour forth on the book of Hebrews? I have no theological training. I’m not a pastor, nor do I work at a church. I did stay at a Holiday Inn a few time! {smile}

God, however, had other plans than the ones that rumbled around in my head. And so I wrote a Bible study on the book of Hebrews.

Recently my wonderful publisher of HeBrews reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to write a blog post about the ways the Bible study is reaching people and pointing their gaze upward to Jesus.

Well, heck, yeah, I’ll write one!

So, today, I am linking to that post. In it I share a few quotes from folks who have done HeBrews: A Better Blend.

Go HERE to read the post.



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Perhaps you are looking for an in-depth Bible study to do alone or with a group. I would love for you to consider HeBrews: A Better Blend. I’ve also written a couple of other studies that I’ll link for your consideration as well. Each study has been joy to write and they are all my favorites. (If you are reading this via email, you will need to go HERE to see the links below to my Bible studies.)

7 Ways to Study the Bible ~ Bible Study Methods By Arabah Joy

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links.

In late 2000 the Lord placed within my heart a ravenous hunger for studying the Bible. Honestly, I had no idea how to do it and do it effectively. Oh sure, I had been in church since 9 months before I breathed earth’s air, but had only spent a year or so doing any sort of study of the Scriptures. Yet, in those days in 2000 I knew that I MUST begin to study God’s Word.

Thankfully, I had a friend who had done a Beth Moore Bible study and she, too, was experiencing the same hunger as I. We prayed a lot and with the Lord’s leading organized a small ladies’ Bible study group. We began with Beth Moore’s study, Jesus, The One and Only.

Y’all, I was like a starving person who had just pulled up to a banquet table laden with every food imaginable. I was like a dry sponge who had been submerged in a sink of water. I could not get enough of the Word of God. I would spend at least an hour a day drinking in the sweet taste of Scripture. My faith began growing and my heart began changing into one that looked more like that of Jesus.

That is what the study of God’s Word will do for you. An expanding faith and softened heart.

Seventeen years later, I still cannot get enough Bible in my heart. God’s Word is living and active and speaks into any situation in my life. It is my corrector, my comforter, my teacher, my encourager. In good times and bad I run to Scripture for sustenance.

Over the years, I have used many different methods for studying Scripture. That is why I am so, so excited about my friend, Arabah Joy’s, new resource Bible Study Methods: 7 Ways in 7 Days. Because really, Burger King was onto something when they used the “have it your way” slogan for 40 years. Bible study is not a one size fits all thing. The method that I use to study God’s Word may not appeal to you and vice versa. AJ has put together a resource that I believe will be the BOMB to many people who are unsure of how to study the Bible. It will also provide new and different ways to do Bible study for those of us who are Bible study veterans and anything in between.


Bible Study Methods 7 Way in 7 Days


Let me tell you a bit more about this exciting resource.

This 7-day course will:

  • teach you 7 different Bible study methods
  • streamline the learning process so you don’t spend weeks or months figuring it out
  • give you tools for going deep into God’s word in as little as ten minutes a day (perfect for busy moms!)
  • provide ready made templates and printables you can choose from
  • show you exactly how to do each method with the daily videos
  • revolutionize your time in God’s word and discover fresh intimacy with God in the process.
  • equip you to nourish yourself with the Scriptures
  • teach you how to develop your spiritual senses
  • help you establish a Bible study habit!

Plus, you can go at your own pace and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials.

What’s not to love about that!

Bible study is one of those things about which I am dogmatic. There is NO OTHER WAY to grow your faith and develop a relationship with Jesus than the study of God’s Word. Period. It just will not happen if you do not study the Bible. You will remain a spiritual baby without Bible study.

So, are you ready to learn new ways to study the Scriptures? If so, I want to invite you to purchase Bible Study Methods: 7 Ways in 7 Days and get started on your own journey to intimacy and vibrant faith in Christ. Simply click the links in this post and you will be taken to AJ’s website where there is lots more information about this resource.

BONUS: Arabah Joy is offering a BONUS for everyone who purchases Bible Study Methods this week. It is a 6 week Bible Study Plan for the book of Ephesians using the 7 methods taught during the course. How awesome is that!!


Study the Word Ephesians Plan Arabah Joy


I, too, want to reward you for taking a step toward a deeper walk with Jesus and here is how I am going to do it.

First, if you purchase Bible Study Methods using my links in this post, I have a FREE resource that I will send you. It is a listing of 11 Bible studies that I recommend. All you have to do to get it is send me (via email: [email protected], direct message, text, carrier pigeon!) proof of purchase of Bible Study Methods. That’s it. Then I will email you the 11 Bible Studies resource.

Second, everyone who purchases BSM this week using my links will be entered to win a copy of any of the Bible studies that I have written (you choose the study): HeBrews: A Better Blend, Tasting Grace: A Mentoring in the Kitchen Bible Study, or Legacy: It’s What You Leave Behind. In order to be entered to win, however, you must leave me a comment here telling me you purchased or email me at [email protected]

Sweet blessings, friends, as you study God’s precious Word!


Bear With Me….A Christmas Shopping Commercial

Hey y’all,

Just wanted to remind you that I have a few products that would make great gifts for Christmas for all the Jesus-lovin’ people on your list. Click on the pictures for more information or to order.


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Legacy package


I would surely be blessed if you purchased my products. I believe they would bless those who receive them.

Thank you!

It’s a HeBrews Book Signing in Blairsville

Whatcha doing this Saturday afternoon? If you live in the north Georgia area, I would love for you to stop by and see me. I will be signing copies of HeBrews: A Better Blend, plus I will also have copies of the Legacy Bible study, When Words Won’t Come devotion book, and When Words Are Not Enough greeting cards available for sale. I hope you can stop by, visit a bit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at Cabin Coffee Co. on the square in Blairsville.



Legacy Week

Hello friends,


I will be taking some time away next week to spend a few days resting and relaxing with family. I didn’t want it to be completely quiet here at the blog, so I have a couple of new friends who have offered to share a bit about the legacies they are creating for those who come behind them. So, I’m declaring next week LEGACY WEEK here at LeahAdams.org.

I also want to toss in a reminder here about a couple of parts of my legacy that I would love for you to take advantage of. They are the two Bible studies that I wrote. Are you part of an in-depth Bible study? Really, it is the best way to grow closer to Jesus. I would be so honored to be able to lead you in a study of God’s Word through either of the two studies I wrote.



From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy is all about the three key components of a godly legacy…faith in Christ, character, and holiness. This study is good for teens and adults, men and women. It contains a lot of my personal testimony, as well as a fair amount of time in the Scriptures. Want to learn more about it? Click here. Want to order the study? Click here. Then scroll down and find the Legacy study picture in the right side bar.


HeBrews Cover


HeBrews: A Better Blend is a study of the book of>>>>>>>Hebrews!! This eight week study is an indepth look at the Scriptural treatise on faith. In the study you will examine the Old Covenant components (the Tabernacle, priest, covenant, and sacrifice) and compare and contrast them with those of the New Covenant. This study heavy on Scripture and Jesus! Want to learn more about it? Click here. Want to order the study? Click here.


I hope you will visit with the ladies who are going to share their legacy stories here next week. I will also be here on Wednesday for The Loft Linkup. Have a great weekend and week, friends.

HeBrews Book Signing

Good morning!

I am pretty excited to tell you about an upcoming event. On Saturday, June 20th, our newest local coffee shop, Cabin Coffee Co. in Blairsville will host a HeBrews book signing event. When HeBrews: A Better Blend came out last July, I planned to do a local signing, then my Mother took a turn for the worst and passed away in November. The book signing just never happened. In fact, I completely forgot about planning it.

A few weeks ago the dots connected in my mind:

HeBrews: A Better Blend + new coffee shop in town = wonder if they would host a book signing?

Cabin Coffee Co. is owned by Wayne and Judy Jolly, who are totally delightful. I wandered into the store one day a few weeks before they even opened for business, introduced myself, and asked if they would be interested in hosting a book signing. The immediate answer was, “YES!!” I was thrilled.


Cabin Coffee final


On Saturday, June 20th, from 2pm until 4:30pm I will be at Cabin Coffee Co. on the square in Blairsville signing copies of HeBrews: A Better Blend and visiting with anyone who comes in. I will also have copies of From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy Bible study and When Words Won’t Come devotional book for sale, as well as the When Words Are Not Enough greeting cards.

If you are in Blairsville, it would be a joy to have you stop in, share a cup of coffee or tea, and purchase a copy of HeBrews for yourself or a friend. I hope to see you on June 20th.


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