Finding Easter

There are many traditional Scripture passages that are used at Easter to tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Passages from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John the Beloved. Each is a beautiful passage full of meaning and passion.

For this Easter week, however, I would like to share the story of Easter from 1 Corinthians 13, commonly known as The Love Chapter. Because the entirety of Scripture is a means of pointing the nation of Israel and Gentiles like you and me to Jesus, the story of Easter can be found in many places. Let’s see how beautifully it fits into this famous passage.


Finding Easter in 1 Corinthians 13



1 Corinthians 13:

4 ~ Love is patient ~ In the fullness of time, and not one moment before, God sent Jesus to earth on a mission. Had I been God, my patience would have been exhausted about two minutes after Eve bit into the fruit. Not God! God’s love was and is patient, not wanting anyone to perish. He could have ditched all two of his creations and started over at that point, but He did not.

4 ~ Love is kind ~ All throughout His ministry there were times when Jesus could have chosen the un-kind way ~ The Pharisees who certainly deserved no kindness, the multitudes pulling at Him, the lame, the blind, the sick, and the lost demanding His attention. Yet, He was always kind. He was kind to the woman caught in adultery. He was kind to Judas, for heaven’s sake. He was kind to Judas the entire three years of His earthly ministry. Jesus is kind to you and me.

4 ~ Love does not boast; it is not arrogant ~ He was the SON. OF. GOD. for pity sake!! He had every right to be boastful. There had never been anyone like Him. He was royalty of the highest order, yet He took the attitude of a servant. He was beaten and stripped naked by men whom He had created. He was crucified like a common criminal. He could have pulled rank, but He did not.

5 ~ Love is not rude; it does not insist on its own way ~ Jesus said that He did nothing of His own accord. He did only what the Father instructed Him to do. You and I (probably more I than you) would have gone into control freak mode and decided that I had a better way to redeem humanity. Better yet, I would have decided that humans were not worth the price. Yet, Jesus never did. He was always obedient to the Father.

7 ~ Love bears all things ~ Jesus bore every stinkin’ sin that I have ever committed on Himself as He hung on that cross. Every hateful word I have spoken, every sexual sin I committed, every greedy desire, every prideful attitude, every lie I have ever told. Jesus bore it all because of love.

7 ~ Love endures all things ~ Not only did He endure having all the sins of all the people in the world heaped upon Him, Jesus endured being separated from His Father. The turning away of the Father, while Jesus hung on the cross, was the ultimate rejection. It was the worst break-up in history, and Jesus knew it would happen. He endured it anyway.

7 ~ Love hopes all things ~ Hope. The hope of the resurrection that would, once and for all, defeat eternal death for all who would believe in Jesus. The hope of heaven. The hope of restoration. The hope of purity and holiness for anyone and everyone who will believe. Hope for you. Hope for me.

8 ~ Love never ends ~ The love that Jesus displayed on the cross is a love that never ends. It is a love that offers eternal life to all who will believe. It is a love that heals and restores and elevates and renews. That same love will bring us forth from the grave one day, clothed in holiness and purity. That is the love in which we will be enveloped for all eternity…..if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and the payment for our sin.

Love is…..Easter. Love is…..Jesus. Do you know Jesus today?


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Thursday Thoughts ~ 3.14.19 ~ People-Pleasing

The problem of people-pleasing comes up often in my Life Coaching practice as I coach women to move toward God’s best for their lives. Satan has sold us the lie that if we try hard enough we can gain acceptance by pleasing everyone. So, we wear ourselves out, like a mouse on a spinning wheel, trying to please everyone. It will never work. Even Jesus could not please everyone, and He was the Savior of the world!!

People Pleasing Quote

Does this sound familiar? Want to break the people pleasing stronghold? I would love to talk to you about Life Coaching and how we could work together to help you to walk in freedom from people-pleasing. Email me at [email protected] or click THIS LINK to go to my website and learn more.



God Will Not Give Me More Than I Can Bear ~ Or Will He?

“God will not give me more than I can bear”.

Oh, YES, HE WILL, sister! He absolutely will.

It seems that, without forethought, intention, or planning, I have written myself right into a series here on the blog. Let’s call it, Lies We Believe. Here are the links to the two other posts in this impromptu series.

3 Reasons Why We Are NOT All God’s Children

I Just Can’t Forgive Myself and Other Lies We Believe

Today we are examining the lie that Christians fall victim to very often. It is a lie of reason, born of a lack of knowledge of what Scripture actually says. Here are two reasons why God WILL, indeed, give us more than we can bear.


God Won't Give Me More Than I Can Bear...or Will He?



God is Omniscient and He is Sovereign

Those are big, fancy spiritual words. God has infinite knowledge about everything and everyone. He knows everything there is to know about you and the things that impact you – that is Omniscience. God also has supreme power and authority.  He is working everything that concerns you out for your good. His goal is for your faith to grow so you will look more like Jesus to a lost and dying world.

Let me clarify that, when I talk about trials, I’m not talking about the temptation to sin. God does not tempt anyone (James 1:13). Neither does He allow us to be tempted beyond what we can resist. Paul assures us of this in 1 Corinthians 10:13. God will always provide a way to escape from temptation. The question is whether we will take it. If we choose to run toward temptation and not away from it, we cannot blame God for the consequences. We always reap what we sow.

In James 1:2-4, the Lord’s brother tells us to ‘Count it all joy’ when we undergo trials of any kind. Why? Because of God’s Sovereignty, He is working some things in and out of us that can only be accomplished by trials. What kind of things does He work in us? Patience, joy endurance, and humility. What does He work out of us through trials? Pride, hatred, selfishness, anger, and so many other lovely traits. Truly, if this working in and working out could be accomplished any other way, God would have chosen that way. He allows these trials to test and purify our faith in His power and wisdom.

Think about multiple examples of individuals throughout history, both biblical and non-biblical, who were, in fact, allowed to endure more than they could humanly bear. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. Stephen was martyred for his faith in Christ. Paul endured beatings, scourging, hunger, imprisonment, shipwrecks and so much more. Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and three other men were murdered because they tried to share Jesus with the Auca Indians. Corrie ten Boom was imprisoned by the Nazis and watched her sister, Betsie, die in the concentration camps. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was martyred because he tried to find a way to stop Hitler. Who can forget the twenty Coptic Christian men who were beheaded by ISIS because they would not renounce their faith in Christ? None of these people had the strength to endure these trials, but because they had a strong faith in Christ, they finished well.

So yes, God will give you more than you can bear in the human realm. He just will. It is the way of faith while we walk this dusty sod of earth. But, He also provides supernatural strength to equip you for victory in the middle of the trail. Trust His heart, dear friend. He will never fail you!


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Praying the Promises of the Cross

It is my honor to be one of the contributing writers for my friend, Arabah Joy’s FREE 2019 Praying the Promises of the Cross event. This is a special time of focus, leading up to Easter, on the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice. In a world of ‘self-centered’ Christianity, this challenge is a critical and relevant way of getting Christ-centered truth into our hearts. Please click HERE below to discover more about Praying the Promises of the Cross.

There is also an awesome Praying the Promises of the Cross Bundle that contains some wonderful items like a 40 day Praying the Promises of the Cross Prayer Journal, 40 Daily Prayer Cards, and Scripture Coloring Sheets.


Praying the Promises of the Cross Bundle


These items will focus your heart on the cross and help you be intentional in your prayers during the Challenge. You can purchase that by clicking on the link HERE.

In a recent Thursday Thoughts post, I offered a quote from martyred missionary Jim Elliot. Today I am linking to a new book written by Jim and Elisabeth Elliot’s daughter, Valerie. It is a collection of letters and stories about her parents’ remarkable love for each other and for Jesus. If you are reading this post via email, please click HERE to go to my website and see the link to the book.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 2.7.19

Our Thursday Thoughts quote is one that I have pondered often, given its author and the circumstances surrounding his death. Let me give you the quote, then I will share a brief story about the author of the quote.


Thursday Thoughts 2.7.19

In 1956 Jim Elliot and four other Christian missionaries attempted to share Jesus with the Auca Indian tribe (Operation Auca), located in Ecuador. All five young men knew the dangers of what they were doing because no outsider had ever survived making contact with this tribe of people. Yet, they all agreed that the only way for outside people to ever be able to have contact with the Aucas was to introduce them to Jesus.

For several weeks, pilot Nate Saint flew an airplane over the area where the Aucas lived and dropped gifts and supplies from the plane to them. The missionaries also used a loud-speaker to voice friendly Auca words to the tribe.

The time came for the men to attempt to make contact with the people of the Auca tribe. Their first attempt was successful and they visited with a man and two women. They ate a meal with the Indians and Saint took the man for a ride in the plane. The missionaries encouraged these three to bring others to meet them.

After several days of waiting offshore, the men saw two Auca women appear on the beach. The men began to approach the beach, but quickly realized they had been ambushed. The Auca warriors that appeared behind the women used spears to kill all five of the men.

Eventually, Jim Elliot’s widow, Elisabeth, her daughter, Valerie, and Rachel Saint, sister of Nate returned to the island, made friends with the Aucas and lived among them. Many were brought to faith in Christ and missionaries live among the Aucas (now known as the Waodani tribe) to this day.

Books were written and two movies were made about Operation Auca. Elisabeth Elliot authored a book and made the movie, Through Gates of Splendor. The other movie, End of the Spear, based on a book by the same name that was written by Steve Saint, was released in 2005.

Now that you know the story behind the quote, what are your thoughts about what Elliot said?


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I am offering Amazon links to Elisabeth Elliot’s book, Through Gates of Splendor and Steve Saint’s, son of Nate, book entitled End of the Spear for your reading pleasure.

Fighting Fear With Faith

In 1996 my husband, Greg, and I were in transition. He was opening his first dental practice in a town about 25 miles from where we were living. We were living in the condominium I had purchased as a single girl and the impracticality of staying in the condo was obvious to both of us.

We listed my condo for sale and found a home to purchase that was one mile from his practice. We put a contingency contract on the home and prayed my condo would sell in time to purchase the new home. Soon, we were presented with a contract from a couple (aka Couple A) wanting to buy my condo. CELEBRATE!


Fighting Fear With Faith


Oh, but wait! The contract on my condo was contingent on the sale of Couple A’s home. We also learned that there was a contract (Couple B) on Couple A’s home that was also a contingency contract.

Every one of these contingency contracts had to go through perfectly and without a hitch in order for us to buy the home near Greg’s practice. Oh, there’s more. Every one of these contracts was set to close within 14 hours of each other. My anxiety and fear were at earthquake levels.

Recently I spent a week in Psalm 56 and HOLY MOLEY!! It is powerful. Psalm 56 offers us a picture of King David in a predicament of earthquake proportions. He has been captured by the Philistines and imprisoned in their country. He doesn’t know if he will live or die. He is fighting fear and desperation in his heart throughout the early verses of this Psalm, yet there is also hope and trust. Please click this link to read the Psalm or read it in your Bible. Don’t pass over the blessing you will receive by reading it thoughtfully and prayerfully.

David was in a mess and he was frightened and fearful. Yet, if you will look carefully at this Psalm you will discern that David was preaching faith to his heart. Go back and read the Psalm, breaking the verses into these sections:

  • 1 and 2 – I’m in a mess and I’m afraid
  • 3 and 4 – Preaching faith to his heart
  • 5 through 7 – I’m in a mess and I want them to pay for what they have done to me
  • 8 through 11 – Preaching faith to his heart
  • 12 and 13 – Praises flow out of faith and trust in God.

What caused David to have hope and trust? He knew God was for him (Verse 9).

God is for you, girls and boys! Think about it. GOD. IS. FOR. YOU!

What is the fear are you fighting?

What has been your reaction thus far?

How have your reaction and actions concerning this fear worked for you? 

How much control do you have over whatever is causing you to fear? 

WHO has a complete understanding of your situation? 

WHO is able to comfort you and assure that you are loved and cared for AND work the situation out for your good? 

In light of your answers to these questions, what should your next move be? 

Dear reader, God is FOR YOU. Put your trust in Him and praise Him. Preach faith to your heart if you need to. Preach it 50 times a day if necessary. That is what I did when we were trying to sell my condo and God worked it all out. We sold my condo and moved to our new home.


If there is a situation in your life that causes you to fear or you are uncertain what your next move is, I would love to walk alongside you as your Life Coach. Together you, Jesus, and I will face that fear and walk toward a place where faith kicks fear and uncertainty out of your heart. Visit my website by clicking HERE to learn more.


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Praying the Promises of the Cross

It is my honor to be one of the contributing writers for my friend, Arabah Joy’s FREE 2019 Praying the Promises of the Cross event. This is a special time of focus, leading up to Easter, on the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice. In a world of ‘self-centered’ Christianity, this challenge is a critical and relevant way of getting Christ-centered truth into our hearts. Please click HERE below to discover more about Praying the Promises of the Cross.

There is also an awesome Praying the Promises of the Cross Bundle that contains some wonderful items like a 40 day Praying the Promises of the Cross Prayer Journal, 40 Daily Prayer Cards, and Scripture Coloring Sheets.


Praying the Promises of the Cross Bundle


These items will focus your heart on the cross and help you be intentional in your prayers during the Challenge. You can purchase that by clicking on the link HERE.

I would love to recommend a wonderful book by James G Merritt. It has been such a blessing to me in my daily quiet time. If you are receiving this post via email, please click here to go to my website and see the link to the book.

Experience a Life Coach for Yourself ~ Life Coach Package Giveaway

This Giveaway Ended on February 2nd. Please see my website for information and pricing for my Life Coach Services.


It was late in 2000 and the Y2K non-event was already a distant memory. My husband and I had followed the leading of the Lord and moved back to our hometown in the beautiful north Georgia mountains one year prior. He started a new dental practice and I was working part-time in a local pharmacy. We were living within 15 minutes of the vast majority of our immediate family and felt blessed to be back in the small town where we grew up. Yet, something was missing for me.

I knew exactly what that ‘something’ was, but had no idea how to solve my problem. The ‘something’ I was missing was an intimate relationship with Jesus. A relationship like my Grandma Eula had that made one think she could actually see and talk to Him. I was hungry, Y’all! I was hungry for Jesus. My soul was so parched that I was certain that if I did not figure out a way to develop that relationship with Christ my heart might wither away. Decades prior I had asked Jesus to be my Savior, but I had never done the first thing to really allow Him to be my Lord and best friend.

Thankfully, God placed a friend in my path who came alongside me and guided me toward in-depth Bible study, prayer, and face-to-face fellowship with other women. Together with six other women we explored Scripture and learned the amazing power of prayer. It was life-changing for me and I will never go back to a life without an intimate relationship with Jesus.





What about you? Have you ever wished you had a ‘personal trainer’ for your Christian walk?

A personal trainer for physical fitness is someone who works one-on-one with a client to develop goals and strategies that help the client become more physically fit. The trainer also helps the client identify obstacles that stand in the way of their client achieving those goals. They cheer their client on and encourage them to find ways to move past those obstacles.

A personal trainer for your Christian walk is also known as a Life Coach. A Biblical Life Coach does everything a physical personal trainer does, but they do it from the foundation of Scripture and with the goal of making the client’s walk with Christ more intimate.

A Biblical Life Coach does so much more, though. They are trained to:

  • Help their clients get out of a rut in their personal, spiritual, or relational life
  • Identify values, dreams, and passions of their clients, and help the client live them out
  • Walk with clients and help them successfully navigate significant life events, such as career changes, moving to a new home or city, empty nesting, and so much more
  • Assist clients in navigating difficult relationships
  • Help clients gain clarity in work, marriage, or ministry (NOTE: I am not a marriage coach, so if your marriage is in jeopardy, you likely do not need a coach…you need a counselor or therapist)
  • Provide accountability and encouragement on the client’s life journey
  • And so much more

Hiring a Life Coach is an investment in YOU!

Perhaps you know God is encouraging you toward something new, but just can’t quite put your finger on it. You have dreams, passions, and goals for your life, but need to discover how to prioritize and channel them. Maybe you just need some accountability in your life to stay on track with a project, kick a habit, or make a life change.

Invest in YOU, friend!

It would be such an honor to serve as your Life Coach. In celebration of the opening of my Life Coaching business, Leah C. Adams, Biblical Life Coach, LLC, I am giving away 5 coaching packages to 5 women. Each coaching package includes a 30-minute FREE assessment consult and 3 FREE coaching sessions. Each coaching session lasts 50 minutes and is done via telephone, Skype, FaceTime, or email. Local clients have the option of meeting face-to-face. Clients will set the coaching schedule (every week, every 2 weeks, every month, etc) and conversation agenda. Each giveaway package is a $135 value, but during this giveaway, they are FREEEEEE to the 5 winners.

Here are the requirements to win:

  1. Women only
  2. Age greater than 18.
  3. In an email to me, be able to identify an area of your life or a concern that you would like to work on with a life coach.
  4. Commit to actively participating in at least 3 of the 4 sessions.
  5. Email me at [email protected] and tell me you are interested in being entered to win a package and share about the area of your life or issue on which you would like to work.

That’s it. The giveaway will be open until Saturday morning, February 2nd. At that time I will notify the winners and give them further instructions.

Make an investment in you today!


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