Thursday Thoughts ~ 2.21.18

Our quote from today’s Thursday Thoughts series rings with such truth. It may take a moment to settle into the heart, but if you ponder on it, you will realize that Dr. King was right.


Thursday Thoughts Injustice


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Praying the Promises of the Cross

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Praying the Promises of the Cross Bundle


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Thursday Thoughts ~ 2.7.19

Our Thursday Thoughts quote is one that I have pondered often, given its author and the circumstances surrounding his death. Let me give you the quote, then I will share a brief story about the author of the quote.


Thursday Thoughts 2.7.19

In 1956 Jim Elliot and four other Christian missionaries attempted to share Jesus with the Auca Indian tribe (Operation Auca), located in Ecuador. All five young men knew the dangers of what they were doing because no outsider had ever survived making contact with this tribe of people. Yet, they all agreed that the only way for outside people to ever be able to have contact with the Aucas was to introduce them to Jesus.

For several weeks, pilot Nate Saint flew an airplane over the area where the Aucas lived and dropped gifts and supplies from the plane to them. The missionaries also used a loud-speaker to voice friendly Auca words to the tribe.

The time came for the men to attempt to make contact with the people of the Auca tribe. Their first attempt was successful and they visited with a man and two women. They ate a meal with the Indians and Saint took the man for a ride in the plane. The missionaries encouraged these three to bring others to meet them.

After several days of waiting offshore, the men saw two Auca women appear on the beach. The men began to approach the beach, but quickly realized they had been ambushed. The Auca warriors that appeared behind the women used spears to kill all five of the men.

Eventually, Jim Elliot’s widow, Elisabeth, her daughter, Valerie, and Rachel Saint, sister of Nate returned to the island, made friends with the Aucas and lived among them. Many were brought to faith in Christ and missionaries live among the Aucas (now known as the Waodani tribe) to this day.

Books were written and two movies were made about Operation Auca. Elisabeth Elliot authored a book and made the movie, Through Gates of Splendor. The other movie, End of the Spear, based on a book by the same name that was written by Steve Saint, was released in 2005.

Now that you know the story behind the quote, what are your thoughts about what Elliot said?


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I am offering Amazon links to Elisabeth Elliot’s book, Through Gates of Splendor and Steve Saint’s, son of Nate, book entitled End of the Spear for your reading pleasure.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 1.31.19

Welcome to my new Thursday feature entitled Thursday Thoughts. Each Thursday I offer you, my readers, a quote to ponder. I hope you will engage with the post and give me your thoughts about the quote.

Here is today’s offering.


Thursday Thoughts 1.31.19


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This Bible study by Jennifer Rothschild is such a great one. It deals with the thoughts we think and what we say to ourselves. It goes really well with our Thursday Thought. If you are reading this via email, please click HERE to head over to my website so you can see the link.

Thursday Thoughts


Hello there!

I am going to try something new here at the blog and on my Instagram page (@leahadams64) each Thursday. It may or may not show up on my ministry Facebook page (Leah Adams – Speaker, Author, Mentor). That something new is going to be called Thursday Thoughts. Thursday Thoughts will be a single graphic containing a quote that inspires faith, confidence, pondering, and sometimes a good old belly laugh. There may or may not be additional thoughts from me.

Because you receive my blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Thursday Thoughts will drop into your inbox on Friday morning. I hope it will be a great way to start out your Friday.

Here is today’s Thursday Thoughts offering.


Thursday Thoughts



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