As you know from this post, I am busy as a little bee planning the Come Away {retreat for women} that will take place September 20-23, 2018. My heart is so excited about the details the Lord is sharing with me and the plans that He and I are making that will hopefully bless the hearts and lives of 9 ladies.

Recently on a warm spring day, I had the pleasure of sitting in our local park and sharing lunch with one of the ladies from last year’s retreat. I had invited her to lunch so that she could share with me how carving out time for Jesus and attending Come Away {retreat} 2017 impacted her. She had told me before how blessed she was by her time tucked away with 6 other women, but I wanted to take some notes so that I could share her story with you. She is graciously allowing me to do so.


How the Come Away Retreat Changed One Women's Life



Kennetha is a beautiful 30-something mom of two children under 10, wife, businesswoman, and friend to many, including me. As people passed by our picnic table at the park, Kennetha looked at me said, “Leah, attending Come Away changed my life.”

I asked her to tell me how.

She said that she came to Come Away {retreat} 2017 feeling ‘bogged down’ spiritually and personally, yet she left two days later revived and refueled in her faith. She admitted to being overwhelmed by a difficult relationship when she arrived, but over the weekend learned how to shift her focus onto Jesus and lay the relationship at His feet. She told me she discovered that it is impossible to be consumed by thoughts of less than perfect human relationships if she is intentionally placing her focus on Jesus.

Speaking of relationship….she shared that the Come Away {retreat} was the first time in her life (and she has been in church all her life) that she realized the Christ-life is about a relationship. Just like we have to be present in our earthly relationships, Kennetha learned that being present with Jesus is what builds that relationship.

“Jesus desires to have a true relationship with us DAILY.”

At Come Away {retreat} 2017, I challenged the ladies to choose one Scripture each day at the beginning of the day, write it down and carry it with them or place it in a spot where they would see it frequently throughout the day. This offers the opportunity to meditate on the Scripture throughout the day and hide God’s Word in their hearts. Kennetha took my challenge and has done just that….every day. She and her husband make it a point to get up before their children arise and spend time studying Scripture. God has honored her intentionality and devotion to Him by increasing her intimacy with Him.

She also told me that before the retreat “I prayed at night before I would go to bed, or when the devil was giving me a hard time.” Now, at the very least, she prays in the morning and at night. She told me that it comes so natural to her because prayer is really just talking to your best friend. She shared that she has learned that a relationship with Jesus is SIMPLE. He knows our hearts and that should give us freedom to share them with Him.

Kennetha told me that the benefits she experienced by attending the retreat are lasting benefits. Simply reflecting on spending that weekend focused on Jesus gives her strength and peace in the good days and in the days when frustration reigns….’cause you know we all have those!!

As we finished our lunch, my sweet friend looked at me and said, ‘Leah, because of Come Away {retreat} I now know how blessed I am AND that I AM ENOUGH. I am just enough.”

Oh yes, baby, you are ENOUGH. Because of Jesus, you are more than ENOUGH! 

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What about you, friend?

Is your heart in need of some renewing and recharging? Come Away!

Do you need a faith booster? Come Away! 

Are you so busy and frazzled that you rarely take time to spend time with Jesus? Come Away!

Come experience Come Away {retreat for women} 2018. At the retreat you will tuck away with 8 other ladies and me in a beautiful home on Lake Blue Ridge in Blue Ridge, GA. We will worship, pray, study Scripture, and have lots of time for reflection and R-E-S-T. We will eat, laugh, cry, sing, and share our hearts with Jesus and one another. There will also be an opportunity for you spend an hour or two at a local spa. SPA! Now, there’s a reason to join us!

I hope you will join me September 20-23 for Come Away {retreat} 2018. Registration will open in mid-June. Come Away!







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