As often as possible Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places for prayer. Luke 5:16 (MSG) 


The goal of every Christ-follower should be to look like Christ. To talk like Him, walk like Him, and yes, even think like Him. We should desire the mind of Christ.

In fact, you might recall that my OneWord2018 is ‘Christ-like‘. Shew-eeee, has God every been working this word in and through me. So many areas of my life that He is pushing me to be humble, patient, kind, submissive, gentle, merciful, and the list goes on.

One of the ways that you and I can be more like Jesus is to do exactly what Luke 5:16 says that He did. He withdrew to out-of-the-way places for prayer…for talking with His Father. Why? If Jesus is God, and He is, why did He need to get alone? For the same reason that you and I do. We hear better in the quiet. We communicate better out of the noise and activity of every day life. We rest in the stillness.

Earlier this year I attended an intensive for women. It was very small and intimate…just 11 ladies tucked away in a beautiful Airbnb in Chattanooga, TN. God was clear that I was going, not to serve, but to be served….not to minister, but to be ministered to. Wow! It was aaaaaa–mazing! I realized pretty quickly how much I needed that time away for soul work.

Guess what? You need it too, dear friend.

That is why I am, once again, hosting the Come Away {retreat} for women.


If Jesus Needed Time Away, So Do You


September 20-23, 2018 will find 9 ladies joining me to spend the weekend together in a beautiful home on Lake Blue Ridge in Blue Ridge, Georgia. There will be four sessions of worship and Scripture teaching during the weekend, as well as ample time and space, both inside the home and outside around the lake, for private reflection and prayer. As we cook and share meals together, we will pray for and encourage one another to pursue Jesus like never before.

At Come Away we will seek to lay aside mobile devices, social media and other distractions in order to fix our gaze on Jesus, Our Beloved. My prayer is that each woman will leave the retreat knowing that she is perfectly safe, deeply loved, and completely accepted by Jesus.

I WANT YOU TO JOIN ME! It is only about 2 months until the retreat, but you still have time to say ‘Yes’ to an invitation from Jesus to Come Away. Here is the skinny on the retreat.


The retreat price will include your accommodations for 3 nights, food, materials, and all sessions. You will only need to bring your Bible, writing instruments, personal items, and a heart that longs to meet Jesus.

This year I have added an extra day to the agenda, so instead of arriving on Friday afternoon, everyone will arrive on Thursday afternoon. We will leave on Sunday morning to return home. Because of the extra day (extra night accommodation, additional meals and additional session material) the price has gone up, but only by $50.


Guest house with 4 twin beds in one room and 1 queen ~ $350 per person (5 spaces available at this price)

Private rooms in main house  ~ $400 (4 spaces available at this price)

You may pay the entire fee at one time, or in two installments of 50% each, but all fees must be paid by September 1st. In case you need to cancel your attendance at the retreat (I hope you won’t need to), fees are refundable until August 20th, with the exception of $75.

Because I am seeking women who are serious about an intimate relationship with Jesus, registration requirements will be a bit unique.

  1. Beginning now, be willing to commit to pray over your time at Come Away, asking the Lord to give you a prepared heart for what He desires to do that weekend.
  2. In a letter or email, tell me YOUR STORY (where you have been and where you are now spiritually) and why you desire to attend Come Away. If you have attended Come Away previously, tell me what the Lord has done in your life since you were at the retreat and why you would like to return. I will need to have this piece of the registration in my hands before you pay your fee. Do not send money with your letter. I will prompt you to register and pay your fee once I receive your letter. My email address is [email protected] and my mailing address is PO Box 113, Blairsville, GA 30514. YOU MAY BEGIN WRITING AND SENDING YOUR LETTER/EMAIL NOW.
  3. Registration will be first come, first served.

QUESTIONS: Email me at [email protected] I hope to see you at Come Away {retreat} in September.







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