{39} –  sunday school – At the end of 2012, I stepped down from teaching Sunday school after 10 years. I was at a point where I needed to sit in a class and take in some wonderful Bible teaching. Greg and I attend a couples Sunday school class taught by a high school friend. Dr. Steve Efird loves God’s Word and teaches it with passion and clarity. I am blessed to be part of his class.


{40} – homemade protein bars – My breakfast each morning consists of a glass of skim milk and a protein bar. Recently I found a recipe for homemade protein bars and I am now making my own. This is a yummy recipe that is easy to make.

{41} – comfy couch, warm blanket and a good book


{42} – beautiful snow flakes falling to the ground

{43} – a sweet word of testimony –  After my Tuesday post on mentoring, I received an email from a sweet 20-something thanking me for the way I had spoken, literally, into her life. The Lord used a message I gave at a retreat in Alabama to draw this beautiful young woman back into church and a renewed relationship with Himself. Praise be to Jesus!! Praise Him, because He is just flat worthy!!

{44} – a word from the Lord – The Lord spoke a word for pondering into my heart while I was swimming this week. “Leah, do you expect me to show up and be huge at church/Bible study or are you on auto-pilot in each of those situations?” I had to stop and ask myself whether I have allowed myself to get into a ‘I’m doing this because it is what I’ve always done/it is what I am expected to do’ mentality. Conviction!!!!


{45} – homemade chicken noodle soup and cornbread for supper on a cool rainy night

{46} – renewed energy and health – Greg and I spent last week and the weekend battling some mean little upper respiratory bug that completely zapped our energy for a few days. It is a blessing to feel good again.


{47} – flip flops from vietnam– I have been intentional in my efforts to develop a relationship with the people who do my nails. Much of the time I spend in their shop finds me praying for them to know Jesus. The manager of the salon, a man in his late 20’s, and his girlfriend went to Vietnam to visit family recently. As I was leaving the shop this week, he followed me outside with these flip flops and told me that he brought these back for me from his country. I was so touched. One day I hope to share Jesus with these precious men and women.

{48} – the opportunity to work at my paying job part time in order to pursue my passion of writing and speaking.

{49} – lunch with my friend, Candy – Candy is doing some editing work on my Hebrews Bible study. It had been months since we visited over lunch and we talked non-stop for at least an hour about all sorts of things.

What blessings can you count today?

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