Gettin’ My Praise On!

If I told you that I had a sure-fire way to amp up your prayer life, would you be willing to try it? Well, I’ve got it, and I shared it with you in this post. I’m choosing a different Psalm each day, and reading it with the goal of finding things for which I can praise my Jesus.

Recently, in Psalm 16 I found MUCH for which I can praise Him. Today, out of that Psalm, I offer you 4 reasons to praise Him.

psalm 16.5and6





God gives me the perfect portion.

I like to eat, but often my ‘eyes are bigger than my tummy’. That was my Mom’s way of saying that I put more on my plate than I can eat. When the table is spread with so many yummy foods, it is easy to take out more than we can eat.

In life, it is easy to allow our eyes to drift toward someone else’s ‘plate’.

She has more followers than I do.

Her speaking calendar is full and mine is not.

They have a nicer house than we do.

She always has the latest mobile device.

When my eyes and heart drift toward the portions that God gives other people, I fall into discontentment with my portion. In this Psalm, David tells us that whatever circumstances God has allowed into our lives is exactly what we need at that moment.

My lot is secure.

The Hebrew word for ‘lot’ means pebbles used for systematically making decisions, portion (thing assigned by casting lots). I like to think of it in this way. If God is casting lots in order to assign me circumstances in life, He is always going to roll a “double” for me. Whatever He allows will be for my good and His glory.
God sets boundaries that are for my good.

Boundaries are good. Everyone needs them, and God is the master boundary setter. He knows the big picture of our lives, and knows where the boundary lines need to be drawn. Whatever boundary lines God sets for me will be “in pleasant places”. God doesn’t set restrictive boundary lines just to see me squirm or be miserable. He sets boundary lines because He knows what is best for me and because He wants to see me take full advantage of the ‘delightful inheritance’ that He has for me.

I have an inheritance.

My inheritance is not only in heaven. Sometimes I forget that. Part of my inheritance….a very important part of it….is right here, right now. Having the Holy Spirit living inside of me to lead, guide, counsel, and teach me is the BOMB. He makes me wiser than I could ever be without Him. But you can only have the Holy Spirit if you have made Jesus the Lord of your life.

So, there you go. Four reasons to praise God today. Now, go get your praise on, friend!

When Words Won’t Come – 1 Thessalonians 5.18

Today’s When Words Won’t Come verse challenges me to the very last shred of my faith. I hope it touches your heart.

Corrie ten Boom tells the story of her time in the Nazi concentration camp Ravensbruck. She, along with her sister, Betsie, were subjected to horrific conditions and treatment during their time there. They lived, along with 1400 other women, in a flea- and lice-infested dormitory designed for 400 occupants. There were less than 10 toilets to accommodate the women and usually they were stopped up and overflowing with raw sewage. They were starved, beaten, and worked in deplorable situations for 11 hours each day.

Corrie and Betsie were Christians who had been able, by God’s grace, to smuggle a Bible into the camp. One of the first days they were incarcerated they opened the Scripture to 1 Thessalonians 5: 18. Betsie read this verse to Corrie:


Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5: 18 (NLT)


Betsie was insistent they obey. They thanked God that they had been able to stay together, that they had been able to smuggle their Bible in, that they had not been killed. They thanked God that they were able to share the gospel through their nightly Bible study and prayer times with many in the dormitory who became Christians. They thanked God that the guards seemed to stay away from their dormitory, which gave them much more freedom than other dormitories experienced. They thanked God for many things during those dark and dreadful days.

One day Betsie insisted they thank God for the fleas. This was too much for Corrie. She protested mightily. The fleas and lice were constantly causing them misery and disease. How could she thank God for the fleas? Finally, she agreed to thank God for the fleas and did so regularly.

After months in Ravensbruck, Betsie overheard the guards talking. What she heard astounded her. The reason she and Corrie had such freedom to share the gospel in the dormitory was because none of the guards would come into the building BECAUSE OF THE FLEAS. The fleas had saved the lives of Corrie and Betsie and allowed them to share Jesus with untold numbers of women.

Are you thankful in ALL circumstances? Are there ‘fleas’ in your life for which you need to thank God? He may very well be using those ‘fleas’ for your good. Thank Him for them today.

MEDITATION MOMENT: Would you be willing to share about ‘fleas’ in your life that God has used for your good? Something that, at the time, seemed to be a curse, but instead it turned out to be a blessing. Give God a bit of praise here for those ‘fleas’. 


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