It’s the end of the year. 2017 is almost history, and quite frankly, I can hardly believe it. While some days moved as slow as molasses, others flew by. Can you relate?  On the whole, 2017 flew by with moments of joy and moments of intense sadness.

Today I want to take a moment to collect in one pile the most popular posts of 2017 here at


Most Popular Posts of 2017 at


Overall, I wrote much less often this year than in the past, but some of the posts were still very popular. So, without delay, may I offer you a listing of the 10 most popular posts (by total number of views) of 2017? I’m giving you the graphic from each post. If you desire to visit the post, simply click on the graphic to be taken to that post.

Number 10


Leaning Into Sabbath


Number 9


Is the Rapture a Real Thing?


Number 8


I Used Accountability to Get Rid of Negative Talk and You Can Too


Number 7


When All You Want to Do is Quit


Number 6


Bible Study Methods 7 Way in 7 Days


Number 5


Authentic Being a Stand-Out Christian in a Shut-Up World

Number 4


Come Away Retreat

Number 3

I know these two graphics are the same, but the posts are different. I promise.


Come Away Retreat

Number 2


OneWord365 When God Uses a Word to Rock Your World


And the Number ONE post of 2017 at is………….


Day I Realized My Words Were Poison



I am so grateful to each of you who stop in and read. I pray that God has, and will continue to use what He gives me to write to bless and encourage your walk with Christ. May God’s presence be you in these waning days of 2017 and in 2018. I look forward to meeting you here in the New Year.



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