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Today at The Loft our prompt is CONTENTMENT.

May I just tell you that the Lord is schooling me in this of late….and I’m not sure I am passing the test. I wrote in THIS post about my current health challenge, and that challenge is where the Lord is also working on this issue of contentment in my heart.


The Loft Contentment


For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:10 (ESV)


The Apostle Paul says that for the sake of Christ, he is content with weaknesses and hardships. Now, that right there is huge. Because, you see I don’t do weakness well. I stay on the go. I exercise each day. I get ‘er done.

But, in the past few weeks, I have not been able to go and exercise and get ‘er done. And therein lies the rub.

What if…….

…….the back issue is permanent…..will I be content?

…….I cannot exercise like I previously did…….will I be content?

…….I have to rely on others to do things for me that I have always done……will I be content?

…….a new normal that includes chronic pain is my lot……will I be content?


What about you? What is your ‘what if’ in the contentment department?

What if……….

……my husband decides he doesn’t love me any longer……will I be content?

……I lose my job…….will I be content?

……my health goes the way of the dinosaur…..will I be content?

… friend decides that she is not my friend any longer……will I be content?


Paul said that he could be content with






Maybe my faith isn’t what I surmised it to be, so I’ll just put it out there. That list challenges me, friends. Would I be content in midst of persecution and insult? Am I content in my weakness?

There is good news for me and for you. It lies in the rest of the verse.

When I am weak , then I am strong. How does that work?

Well, when I am lower than a snake’s belly…physically, emotionally, spiritually…then I tend to look up to Jesus. I tend to hold out my arms and beg Him to pick me up and to be my strength. When I admit that I really have no strength, Jesus gives me His strength…and then I am strong.

And the really good news is that in His strength I find contentment.




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  • Anita

    Oh, boy, Leah! I’m so sorry you’re sidelined with back pain :(. I’ll be praying for you.

    • Thank you, Anita. I think I am on the mend at this point!! Appreciate you stopping in!

  • So sorry to hear of the difficulty you have been having. I have been keeping you in my prayers.

    • Thank you, Joy. I am definitely feeling better. Thank you for your presence here.

  • De Anna Morris

    IN His Rest, I find contentment. And Rest is found in the Word of God… Leah… I am praying for you with Joy knowing that whatever you seek of Him in this time, He will reveal. And in turn, you will glorify the Lord with His revelations so that we all may rejoice, learn, grow and be motivated to trust Him… more and more. Thank you for your REAL life.

    • DeAnna, thank you for your words of blessing and encouragement. My heart is full and I pray that I would steward this time well. So grateful for your presence here.

  • I also struggle with a chronic back “thing,” and the same questions riddle my brain every time: Is this the time that I don’t “get better”? How long can I endure this pain and immobility? I will be in prayer for you in this season of real suffering.
    I was surprised when I saw the prompt for today — I know, I should be looking ahead, but I don’t always hold things in my brain very well. I didn’t title today’s post with “contentment,” but, in it, I discussed the whole numbers thing that seems to plague bloggers, (at least it had begun to plague me!), and I was rebuked by the words in Hebrews 6 about holding onto our hope in Christ. Viewing life through this lens of hope is my only “hope” of contentment on this planet. The health of my back or the numbers in my blog stats pale by comparison to my future with Christ.

    • Michele, I’m learning that the majority of adults have experienced back issues at one time or another. I pray that you have few seasons of suffering as the days go by.
      Ah, contentment and blogging. Sometimes it seems the two are diametrically opposed, especially if we get our eyes off of Jesus. I have certainly walked that road. Praying you find contentment in Him, rather than numbers.

  • Of, Leah, I’ll be praying for you. Praying that God will assure you that He truly is enough for us. It scares me sometimes how hard that may be to learn, but we can trust that He is able, and in our weakness we can be strong.

    • THANK YOU, Carlie. Jesus is so much enough. It is those times when we take our eyes off Him and place them on something, anything of lesser value that we lose contentment. I so appreciate your presence here.

  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Not being able to exercise is awful. I’ve lost most of that capacity now.

    But there is one exercise I still can do, and I read your post just after I finished The Morning Hate, several sets of dead-hang chinups. The cancer they say I have has taken much of the strength in my legs, and working out abs with a pancreas issue…uh, no. But I can still do some upper-body. Bones and muscles hurt a bit, well, a lot…but it’s satisfying to have done it.

    And there, I think, is contentment. This I can still do. I wish it were more, but at least it’s not less, and it is a sharp stick in the eye of Paul’s Last Enemy.

    Linking a post on contentment, but taking the liberty of giving a link below to a story I had some fun writing, on blended family…for what is more a blended family that a group of enlisted Marines arguing passionately about something completely trivial? And there is a measure of contentment and love there.

    • Chris Malkemes

      Oh Andrew. You are a witness to all of us on the true measure of contentment in Him. thank you

    • Andrew, I echo what Chris said…you are a wonderful witness to me. Being content in the place where God has you. Thank you for the reminder. I’m looking forward to reading both of your posts! Blessings to you.

  • Chris Malkemes

    I understand. It’s hard to face the “what ifs” We really don’t know how we will react because we’ve not stepped on that path….yet! We don’t know what we’ll do because God hasn’t prepared us for that place….yet. When we take that step and enter into His will I have found we have the strength, ability and contentment too, because He has prepared us. No believer faced a roaring lion, or torture, or burning flames alone. He is always with us and always prepares us according to His will. Peace in the midst of the storm is peace. Struggling with brain damage is shaky at first and then you feel His hand holding you up. We find our contentment in Him…..Always!

    • Oh Chris, what you write is truth! There is fresh manna for each step of the way! God never allows us to be taken to a place that He has not already been and prepared the way for us. “Peace in the midst of the storm is peace” How true that is!! Bless you, dear friend.

      • Chris Malkemes

        You always encourage me. Thank you.

  • Praying for you, Leah, that you may find contentment whatever the circumstances.
    Thanks for hosting the Loft and putting out the call for contentment today. This is an upward calling for all of us — certainly for me!
    Marva | sunSPARKLEshine

    • Marva, I am so glad you joined us at The Loft today. What a blessing your comment was to me. Yes, the more I lean into Jesus, the more I know contentment, even in less than ideal circumstances. Bless you!!

  • Jerri Miller

    This is a great scripture on contentment, Leah!

    When I think about the what ifs of life, I always hope that I will stay faithful in the situation. We never really know, do we? But one thing we know for sure that He is faithful! I usually adopt Romans 8:28 as my focal point when facing tough times. ~Jerralea

    • Oh yes, He is so faithful~~~when we are, and when we are not, He still is. Romans 8:28 is a verse that brings me great comfort, as well. Thank you for your sweet presence here, Jerralea.