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Welcome back to #TheLoft! We are eager to hear from you all!   This Week’s Topic: “One Word/Verse for 2015″ (We can’t wait to hear what has the Lord given you for 2015.)

Today’s Loft topic is our ‘one word’ for 2015. Before I get to mine, let me share a bit about my past words. I’ve had only a few.

In 2012, my word was ‘trust’. Over and over during that year, the Lord gave me amazing opportunities to simply trust Him. In situation after situation, His still, small voice whispered into my heart on a near daily basis, ‘just trust me’. As I did, I found Him to be so very faithful. My faith grew like a third-year Leyland Cypress tree. You know the whole ‘sleep, creep, leap’ thingy that goes along with that kind of tree. The first year they sleep and don’t grow much, the 2nd year they creep along in their growth, and the third year their growth begins to leap. That is how 2012 was for me. It was the year for my faith to LEAP.


My 2013 word was ‘Jesus’. Now, that might seem to be stating the obvious, but the Holy Spirit was very definite with me about it. “Just focus on Jesus”, said He. And that is what I did. I tried very hard to make Jesus the focus of my writing, my ministry, and my life. Consequently, I drew closer to Him than ever before. It was a logical progression from the trust of 2012, really.


2014’s words were interesting. There were two. The first was ‘loss’. I sensed at the beginning of the year that it would be a year of loss. Sweet mercy, was that ever on target. We sent my sweet Mother on to heaven on November 23rd, yet we really lost her long before. Multi-infarct dementia took her long before she actually breathed her last. Yes, we had small glimpses of the Mother we knew, but so much had changed. Painful loss occurred over the course of the year. I also experienced, temporarily, the loss of some important relationships. That was so incredibly heartbreaking. The good news is that those are being renewed.


The second word for 2014 was ‘others’. The Lord was very clear with me early in the year that I was to help promote and minister to other people. I tried to be faithful to do that in the ways that were presented to me. I had the privilege of highlighting many bloggers, authors, and books on my blog in 2014. I also had the privilege of speaking into the lives of others in a mentoring capacity. What an honor!


Now, it is time to tell you what the Lord has given me for my ‘one word’ for 2015. I prayed for weeks about this. I sensed that this would be my word early on, but did not want to force it to be my word if the Spirit had another for me. I have no idea the paths that He and I will walk this year around this word. I know what my heart wants to see happen, but honestly, my dreams and desires are usually so much smaller than His. So, I will simply wait on Him.

And so, my ‘one word’ for 2015 is:



Image courtesy of Traci Michele -

Image courtesy of Traci Michele –

….and a verse to go along with my 2015 word….


 LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy. Habakkuk 3:2 (NIV)

This one thing I know: this word is most assuredly from Jesus for me. How do I know? He has confirmed it over and over. It has popped up in more than a few places. Check it out.







As we begin our journey into 2015, I am ‘trusting’ ‘Jesus’ to ‘renew’ many things in my life. I will be sharing what I experience with you right here. Thanks for stopping by today! I can’t wait to read about your ‘one word’.

Next Week’s Topic: “Goals” (Share a goal you have for 2015 or about your goal setting process? Anything to do with goals!)


This Week’s Topic: “One Word/Verse for 2015″ (We can’t wait to hear what has the Lord given you for 2015.)


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  • Rebekah M. Hallberg

    Leah, I love this! I love the way your words have hooked together over the years. I’m praying that this year will renew all you’re hoping it will – and more. It’s so exciting to know that God is going to use these words in bigger ways than we can imagine! Love you, friend! I’m so thankful for you!

    • Becky, until I began writing this post, and looking at my past words, I had not connected the words together. I shouldn’t be surprised that God would do that. He’s cool like that, you know! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I loved reading about your history of words – it reveals such faithfulness from God, and your obedience to His voice. What a blessing. Thank you for opportunity to connect through The Loft! I look forward to taking part in it this year. Also, I posted about my One Word today and added a link up so readers could see other people’s words – you are welcome to add your post there! May your 2015 be a spring of renewal, in your life and through you to others – to His glory!

    • Anne, thank you so much for stopping by at The Loft. It is good to have you visit with us. God’s faithfulness is such a blessing, isn’t it? I look forward to visiting you and linking up! Thanks for the invitation.

  • mynana

    oh my goodness, Leah! Amazing!! This past weekend I had the most wonderful opportunity to attend our churchl adies conference at WinShape Retreat…… The Cedarcrest RENEW Women’s Retreat ……. it was amazing…..the ladies, the speakers, the praise and worship, the ‘resort’, the messages, the crafts, the fun and games (it rained all weekend, which was a huge blessing in disguise, since we were ‘stranded’ so spent more time together that we would have out hiking, or shopping, or touring )……. God wove His awesomeness in and out and through the entire event, as one message/speaker after another connected with the same theme of (taking time to) rest, relax, rejuvenate, regrow, reconnect, realign, rediscover ….. (RENEW) …IN CHRIST JESUS! I returned home, my head still in the clouds of a Holy Ghost high, feeling like I had awakened from a dream! Reading your blog reaffirms my belief that God is going to do a great thing this year in the hearts of His people… least (or, at most) in mine…..I am SO ready!….Hello 2015.

    • MyNana….what a wonderful beautiful encouraging testimony! I just snapped a picture of your comment with the word RENEW in capital letters. I’m keeping a photo record of all the times i see my one word this year. Not sure what I’ll do with it other than share here from time to time, so check back and you will see your comment. Perhaps you might want to share your experience with my readers as an #everydayjesus post. See my Monday post to find out more. I’d love for you to be part of it.

  • Kimberly Nyborg

    Well miss Leah, I like Renew! To be in that place of renewal we must be submitted to His perfect will. It will be exciting to see how God works these words in each of our lives! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Kimberly. You are so right about submission and renewal. thanks for stopping in!!

  • I love how renew keeps popping up! That is exactly what happened with me with the word ‘reconciliation’ :) Really excited to see this word working itself out in your walk with Jesus! So encouraged by your post as always! God bless :)

    • Thank you, sweet Ruth. “Reconciliation” is a fine word. Eager to hear all about how the Lord walks you in that word. Thank you for stopping by and being such a lovely encourager.

  • I love it when words or concepts keep popping up until there is no denying it is divine! I am new to this idea of one word for the year, but am already finding direction from it. (Focus is my word.) I feel a sense of purpose in this, and look forward to seeing how our Lord works out our ‘words’ for the coming year. Happy New Year to you, Leah!

    • Rebecca, ‘focus’ is a fine word. In fact, a huge part of last year, the Lord had me rolling around in Hebrews 12:2 where we are told to FIX OUR EYES ON JESUS. Or, focus our eyes on Jesus. I can think of NO better advice, truly. thanks for stopping in! Blessings to you in 2015

  • Chris Malkemes

    Goodness gracious what an awesome thing He does when we just stop to enter in! I am excited to see that He is doing a new thing in your life (renew!) and am blessed to have found you. You renew my faith in God’s scribes. coming to you from that special place – The Loft. In Him….~Chris~

    • Ah Chris, you are so right…God does awesome things when we allow it. I’m so glad we connected at The Loft. Would love for you to offer a story for my new Monday series if you have one of God’s presence and movement in your daily life. Grace and peace…

  • Kathy Schwanke

    I love the photos of the word. I’ve been seeing and hearing VICTORY resound all around me of late too, and I smile at God every time. As one who has benefited from your ministry to ‘others’ in 2014 THANK YOU!!!! You’re such a blessing! xo

    • Oh Kathy, I am humbled. Thank you for such kind words. VICTORY!! What a marvelous word. I think that will be so wonderful to see how God works that out in your life in 2015. Privileged to walk with you on this journey of life.

  • Hi Leah,
    God gave me the word Renew for 2015 too! Like you, I prayed about it, then sensed it, then felt it for sure. But…I started questioning it again, and was wondering if I got it right as I read your post. So, it was a bit of a shock to scroll down and see the word Renew in big letters. I’ll take it as confirmation that I got it right. Last year, He gave me 2 words – Let Go. Renew feels comforting and promising after a year of letting go! Glad God lead me over here tonight. :)

    • Laura, I’m so glad to find a ‘renew’ friend. It is a word with such hope and promise, as you said. Let’s keep in touch and share how God uses this word in our lives in 2015. Blessings to you.

  • What a great word! The Lord always gives back double what was taken.

    I pray the Lord blesses you more and more in 2015.

    • Thanks, Cate, for stopping by. Hope you are doing well. Praying for you!

  • Anita

    I love your word, Leah. I pray that the Holy Spirit will draw near to you and let you feel sweet renewal as you adjust to life without your mom. May God continue to grow you and mold you into his likeness.

    • Thank you so much, Anita. This loss of my Mother seems much tougher than when we lost my Daddy. it is strange because i was closer to my Daddy, however, I believe it is because now I have no earthly parents left at all, so the loss feels greater. That may not be it at all, but it feel reasonable. The Lord, however, has been so faithful to be near me in these days. Bless you for stopping by.

  • Jen

    I can’t wait to see what the year brings for your year, Leah! Such hope after such a difficult year. :)

    • Thank you, Jen. I’m eager for it, too!

  • Renew… such an exciting word, loaded with promises. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventure with Jesus this year. Blessings from Italy.

    • Milly, thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having a blessed Lord’s Day.

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