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I’m popping in today to toss out some reasons why you, dear woman friend, should consider coming to Come Away {the retreat}. I’ll be honest with you….there will not be any ‘rock star’ Christian speakers at Come Away, nor will there be a famous worship leader. We will not have catered meals or spa treatments or a book store.

May I share with you what we will have at Come Away {the retreat}?

We will have:

Quiet time

Hearing from Jesus through Scripture


Quiet spaces for talking with Jesus

Jesus (our own personal ‘rock star’)

A safe space for heart work

Tasting Grace style meals


A beautiful cabin nestled in the north Georgia mountains on Lake Blue Ridge

May I also share with you quotes from some of the ladies who have registered? In their registration letter/email I asked them to tell me where they have been and where they are now from a spiritual perspective. I also invited them to share why they would like to attend Come Away {the retreat}. Here is what some had to say.





Sweet friend, do you need a faith booster? Do you desire to have an intimate walk with Jesus? If so, Come Away may be just what you need. Please click over HERE to find out more about Come Away {the retreat}.



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