Hello there! 2016 is literally just around the corner and I am planning a couple of new things for my blog family this year. There are some really neat people who read my blog and support my ministry, but y’all never get a chance to get to know each other. In the coming year I am going to offer some incentives for you to engage here at LeahAdams.org.




The first incentive is a monthly giveaway for those who leave a comment throughout the month. The more often you comment, the better chance you have to win! At the end of each month I will choose one person as a winner of a fun freebie. It might be a book, box of cards, Starbucks or other gift card, music CD, or some other little gift to say thank you for engaging in conversation with other readers.

To be eligible for the giveaway you must LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE BLOG POSTS. While I love your emails in response to my blog posts, they will not make you eligible for the monthly giveaway. Remember, the goal of this incentive is to create conversation among my blog family, so the more you comment and converse with each other, the better your chance to win. I encourage you to create a Disqus account (the commenting system that I use) and get ready to engage with other readers here at LeahAdams.org. Signing up with Disqus is super easy. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account, or you can sign up using your email. If you choose not to sign up for a Disqus account, and comment anonymously, you must leave me an email address or other way to get in touch with you.


The second opportunity for you to engage with the blog community AND make a difference in the life of another person is one about which I am super excited.

My friend, Susan Norris, is an author, fellow blogger, and a voice for hope in the world of sex trafficking. Susan wrote a fiction novel entitled Rescuing Hope. It is the story of a young girl who gets tricked and trapped in the horrors of human trafficking. While the story is fictional, it is based on Susan’s interviews with formerly trafficked girls and women, police officers, and a former pimp. It is a riveting story that opens the readers’ eyes to the horrors of sex trafficking, which is taking place in your back yard. Did you know that Atlanta, Georgia is a major hub for trafficking in the US? Yep, it is.

Susan serves on the state task force against human trafficking for the state of Georgia. She is part of the work group that has reviewed curriculum to make recommendations for the Department of Education. There is a big need for middle school curriculum.

Susan’s non-profit organization, Rescuing Hope Inc., is choosing to focus on middle school curriculum development in 2016. They recognize the need to make it digital to reach this generation and that will be costly.

Susan has begun writing a curriculum that is designed to bring awareness of the dangers of sex trafficking to middle school aged kids. NOTE: The average age of a trafficked girl is 12 YEARS OLD. So, there is a huge need to step up the awareness of how kids are tricked and trapped into sex trafficking in this age group.

Digital curriculum is expensive, yet there is no way to put a price tag on preventing just one 12 year old from being trafficked.

My heart is for our LeahAdams.org community to contribute to this important work. The curriculum just might save a middle schooler that you know from being trafficked. All donations to Rescuing Hope, Inc are tax deductible. I will be donating a tithe from the proceeds of the sales of any of my products to Rescuing Hope, Inc in 2016. If you would like to join me and be a voice for hope you can donate online HERE or send your donations to

Rescuing Hope, Inc. 

1750 Powder Springs Road

Suite 190 Box 112

Marietta, Georgia 30064

For those who live in the Atlanta area, Rescuing Hope, Inc is hosting a coffeehouse on January 14th at 7pm at Riverstone Church, 2005 Stilesboro Road, Kennesaw, GA. Susan will share more about the mission of Rescuing Hope and how you can be involved.


Let’s ENGAGE in 2016….with each other, and with the world beyond our computer screen. Let’s make a difference in the lives of those cannot speak for themselves. Let’s show the world that Jesus offers love and peace and joy.


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