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Today I have the opportunity to introduce you to a woman I began following on social media a few years ago when she and her family were living in the Middle East. I found Betsy’s life there to be a beautiful testimony of God’s presence and light in a land that is dark to the gospel.


More of God Book


Recently, Betsy de Cruz published her first book entitled More of God: A Distracted Woman’s Guide to More Meaningful Quiet Times and I wanted to give her the opportunity to share a bit about her life and her book with you. Seriously, what is not to love about that title?! Here is an interview I did recently with her. I hope you find her to be as engaging and winsome as I do.

Leah: Many of my readers may never have been introduced to you before. What do you want them to know about you?

Betsy: I am a basket-case woman who is not rocking the church lady thing, but I’ve discovered that spending 15 or 20 minutes with God in the morning helps me stay closer to Jesus for the rest of the day.

I’ve been battling distraction for 30 years as I juggle ministry and writing, with raising two children. I walk around with 25 tabs open in my brain. I work on 13 projects at the same time and forget what I’m doing. I’m that woman who looks straight at you when we meet but can’t remember your name 10 seconds later. (I’m sorry!)

Our family recently moved to Austin, TX after 16 years in the Middle East, and my husband and I are new empty nesters.

Leah: What is the back story behind your book?

Betsy: I wrote More of God because my struggle with distraction and overwhelm affects my spiritual life. Even on good days, I can’t pray for more than two minutes without going off on a tangent, and when I try to read the Bible, sometimes my brain goes on a trip to Hawaii. (I suspect I’m not alone.)

I want women to know they are not “less spiritual” if they lose focus when they try to read Scripture or remember the Lord’s presence during the day. Our busy schedules, anxious thoughts, and even our phones distract us, yet we can all learn to open small windows to let more of God into our day and experience more of His presence and power in our lives.

Leah: Share with us a bit about your book and why people should read it. 

Betsy: I wrote this book to help other distracted women find enjoyable and meaningful ways to spend time with God and learn to draw near to Jesus throughout the day.

More of God, is a book that will help readers hear God’s voice when they read Scripture, grow stronger prayer lives, and walk with Jesus all day long. One small step at a time.

Leah: Where can we find your book?

Betsy: You can find More of God on Amazon in both Kindle and prin

t formats.

I also have a special gift to give to your readers who purchase my book. (Whoo-hoo!!!) If you send your receipt to [email protected] and mention, Leah Adams, I’ll send you “Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus,” a 9-Day Bible study on Jesus in the book of Hebrews.

Leah: Wow! Thank you for that freebie for my readers! How my friends find you on social media?

Betsy: The best place to find me on social media is at FaithSpillingOver.com. I share Bible study and prayer tips for distracted women as well as encouragement for faith and family. Subscribers to my blog also receive a free Bible study.

Leah: What final thoughts do you want to share with my readers?

Betsy: Quiet time is a topic that makes many of us feel guilty. If we can’t spend an hour a day, fill out our Bible study page, or make it through our prayer list without getting sidetracked, we think God isn’t pleased. We’ve tried plenty of times and failed.

Yet God loves even our smallest offerings. Remember the widow who offered the two copper coins? Jesus valued her offering because she put in all she had to live on (Mark 12:41-44). In the same way, I believe Jesus rejoices when the mother of a newborn and twin toddlers spends five minutes reading His Word or lifts up a desperate prayer as she straps her kids into the mini-van. He looks at our hearts, not our schedules.

I hope More of God will bring new freedom and renewal to women’s hearts.


Leah: Betsy, thank you so much for being with me today. It has been a pleasure. Friends, be sure and see the freebie that Betsy is offering to any of my readers who purchase a copy of More of God.

Betsy’s Bio:

Betsy de Cruz writes and speaks to encourage busy, distracted women to get God’s Word in, so they can live their faith out. Her book More of God is a Distracted Woman’s Guide to More Meaningful Quiet Times. She wrote it to help women take small steps to invite more of God’s presence and power into their lives and find creative ways to enjoy spending time with Him. You can find More of God on Amazon. Connect with Betsy online at FaithSpillingOver.com, where she shares Bible study and prayer tips, as well as encouragement for faith and family.

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