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Welcome to The Loft. Our topic for today is BEAUTY. Here are some thoughts on beauty that I posted almost a decade ago. They still ring true today.

I know that God must get some great belly laughs out of me. Sometimes I can just see him slapping his knee and saying to the angels, “Look at that. Can you believe her? Isn’t she a hoot?” Just this week was probably one of those times.

It was time to meet with one of my best friends. You may know her. Her name is Miss Clairol and she and I have been tight for many years now. I mixed up my hair color which looks like ketchup at first, but after being exposed to air for a few minutes looks more like a jelly made from tar. I brushed it on the roots of my hair, leaving a Medusa-like pile of hair on top of my head. The bottom half of my hair was black with color while the brownish-red ends were waving wildly in every direction. Actually the correct color terminology for those wildly waving ends is “Steamy Cappuccino”. Now you must understand that one can not color one’s hair without the hair color also getting on one’s skin, so I also had black jelly-like hair color on my ears, forehead and around the hairline on my neck. Let me tell you, I was a lovely picture!!

I had to wait the required 20 minutes for the roots to process and so I sat down to do my morning Bible study. As I caught my reflection in the window in my basement, I thought how hilarious I must look to God. Here I am approaching the Holy One looking more like something that had been scared straight out of the depths of hell. Perhaps the Lord thought that I was just trying on my Halloween costume early?? Nonetheless, it struck me that the Lord loves me regardless of how I look.

I was reminded of Psalm 45: 11 which says, “The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.” Our King, our Prince, our Redeemer is enthralled by you and me. The Hebrew word for enthralled is awah which means to desire, covet, long for, wish, sigh, crave, want, be greedy, prefer. Each time we come to Christ, whether it is the first time we come for salvation or the countless times we come for fellowship, Jesus desires our presence. He is greedy for a relationship with you and with me. He thinks I am beautiful. He prefers me and He prefers you. How about that? It blows my mind that I am ‘preferred’ by the King of the Universe, the God of all Creation.

Dear one, no matter what you look like, no matter what you have done, no matter the lifestyle you have lived, the words you have said, the attitudes you have harbored in your heart, Christ Jesus is enthralled by your beauty and He craves an intimate, abiding relationship with you. Trust me, sweet friend, if He can be enthralled by what I looked like on that morning as I sat to worship Him with hair color all over me, He can be enthralled by anyone.

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  • Lidia

    Hi Leah, I have frequented your blog the past days, and feel so energized by the new kingdom connections. This post made me laugh, and I can totally relate to what you wrote about. I have had my own share of experiences with hair coloring… I intend to start doing the study on Revelations. Tonight, I will read the book of Nehemiah, and really, I am excited to know what the connection is between Nehemiah and Revelations. Praying your new day is filled with wonder and delight.

    • Ah, Lidia, welcome!! I pray you find many things here to bless your heart. Thank you for stopping in and I’m so glad you will be joining us for the Revelation study.

  • No words for this.
    You’ve captured the truth that God looks on the heart in such a vivid way.

  • Jerri Miller

    Great observation, Leah! He is enthralled with each of us, no matter what our outer self may look like. Truly a thought to blow one’s mind! ~Jerralea

  • You are too cute! Holy humor and solid theology – can’t get any more beautiful than that! :)

  • Gena Hood

    Thank you for reminding me of that precious verse, Leah. It truly blessed me today to think that my Savior is “enthralled” by me. And, thank you for your ministry. It blesses me every time I visit.

    • Oh how enthralled He is with us. I think if we truly understand how much He loves us, we will live our lives in such a different way. Thank you for stopping in, Gena.

  • Tears. And Hallelujah! Oh, sister… your description of yourself while coloring your hair cracked me up…it hit so close to home!!! #KindredSpiritInSoManyWays And I just wanted to say thank you for hosting this community and for the heartfelt words that you left on my post. It touched me in a deep way. Love you, sister.

    • Dear friend, I am so blessed to have you as part of this community. You bring such beauty and wisdom to us. Thank you!!