The Trumpet Judgments ~ First Trumpet

Hello dear readers!

As you already know, I am on a blogging sabbatical. However, there are several posts in the Revelation series that I already had written and ready to go, so you will see those here in the coming weeks.

In case you are new around here, let me bring you up to speed. We have been studying our way through The Revelation. We began in January and have studied from Revelation 1:1 to Revelation 8, where we currently find ourselves. If you would like to read any or all of the previous posts, please CLICK HERE to go to the Revelation page on my website where each post is linked individually and sequentially.

Now, on to today’s lesson. Our friend, John the Apostle is giving us a glimpse into the next series of Judgments (we have already studied the Seal Judgments) decreed on the earth by God in the end times. Today we begin the Trumpet Judgments.


The First Trumpet of the Trumpet Judgments



Revelation 8: 6-7 (ESV)

6 Now the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to blow them.

7 The first angel blew his trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mixed with blood, and these were thrown upon the earth. And a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up.


While Holy Scripture does not give us the names of these seven angels who are preparing to sound the trumpets of destruction, there is ancient apocryphal literature that offers possible names. They are: Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Sarakiel, Gabiel, and Phanuel. Whether this is accurate or not, we will have to find out in heaven. What we do know is that there were seven angels, given seven trumpets and told to sound them. At the sound of these trumpets, God’s judgment on earth continues.

The sounding of the trumpet would have been highly significant to the apostle John. He was Jewish, and according to Numbers 10 there three reasons for a trumpet to be blown: to summon the congregation (10:1-8), to declare war (10:9), and to announce a special time, such as a feast or sacrifice (10:10).

Let’s examine what happens with the sounding of the first trumpet.

  1. Hail and fire, mixed with blood are thrown to the earth which results in:
  2. 1/3 of the earth burned up
  3. 1/3 of the trees burned up
  4. All of the green grass burned up


Try to picture this in your mind, friends. It is a scene straight out of a Hollywood horror movie, but it will be very, very real. In fact, what takes place as a result of this trumpet is reminiscent of the seventh plague of hail that God sent on the nation of Egypt when Pharaoh would not let the Israelites leave.

Could it be that the earthquake of Revelation 8:5 results in volcanic eruptions all over the earth and those volcanic eruptions caused hail and fire to rain down on the earth? It is plausible, but it also could very well be hail and fire and blood coming straight from the heavens. We shall see.

When this happens creation is effected in devastating ways. One third of the earth is burned up. Consider the impact. Crops are destroyed. Every blade of green grass on the earth is burned up. Millions of acres of forestland stands burned and bare. Shade trees no long give shade. There is smoke everywhere which causes breathing difficulties. The balance of nature, as well as the food supply would be greatly impacted. Earth is a charred wasteland.

I would like to close with a quote from John MacArthur (MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Revelation 1-11, p. 247.)


The effects of such catastrophic fires would be widespread and devastating, including destruction of crops, death of animals on a massive scale, loss of wood for construction, and the destruction of watersheds. That is a fitting judgment for those who ‘exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator’ (Romans 1:25). Fallen mankind has failed to recognize and honor God as Creator, choosing instead to made a god out of the earth. But the environmental, evolutionary pantheism that devalues man, elevates animals and plants, and ignores the Creator will be severely judged. “Earth Day” that year will be a gloomy and dismal affair; in a scorched and ravaged world there will be little of the environment left to celebrate. And worse judgments are still to fall.


Keep the faith, folks. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He is still on the Throne! See you soon!

Sharing Life….All About Mentoring….Melanie Redd

I know I say this every time one of my friends shares a post here at Sharing Life, but y’all, I am SOOO honored to offer you the wisdom of another of my friends. Melanie Redd is a woman with a heart for women and ministry. I’ve never met her face-to-face, but I have been so blessed by her writing and her wisdom and I know we would surely be IRL (in-real-life) friends if we lived closer. That’s why I invited her to offer some of that wisdom here at Sharing Life.

Before I introduce you to Melanie, I would like to offer you a few links to previous posts in this Sharing Life series. Sharing Life is all about women doing life with other women…face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder…speaking into the lives of those who circle around our own life.


Sharing Life


These posts fall into one of three categories: Faith, Mentoring/Friendship, and Food. Here are a few posts from the past that you might want to check out:

Sharing the Word

What Will Your Tombstone Say?

Some Needs You to Be Their People

A Recipe


A blogger, author, speaker, encourager and teacher, Melanie’s passion is to offer HOPE! Married to Randy for 26 years; the couple enjoys travel, eating out, and hanging out with their two college-aged kids. You can read more from Melanie on her blog at

Melanie Redd




These are hot button words in our world right now.

  • But, what is mentoring really?
  • Why is mentoring such a powerful thing?
  • Where do you find mentors?
  • How do you begin a mentoring relationship?


Mentors and Mentoring. These are hot button words in our world right now. But, what is mentoring really? Why is mentoring such a powerful thing? Where do you find mentors? How do you begin a mentoring relationship? That's what this post will address and answer for you today! What not drop by for a visit?


What is mentoring?

The dictionary defines a mentor as,a wise and trusted counselor or teacher or an influential senior sponsor or supporter.” (

Words similar to mentor include guide, trainer, teacher, coach, advisor, instructor, older friend, tutor, counselor, aide, and helper.

Mentoring explained in the most simple terms is a more experienced person helping a less experienced person to gain more experience.

You can have a mentor to help you to grow as a Christian. Mentors can also help you to learn a skill, understand a concept, or gain knowledge.

Mentors can be found at work, at church, at the gym, and in so many other arenas.


Why is mentoring such a powerful thing?

Mentoring is powerful because it is personal instruction, typically done one on one.

There is nothing sweeter than to have another person invest in your life because they choose to do so. Mentors encourage you, inspire you, push you, pull you, affirm you, and motivate you.

In fact, mentoring is a biblical concept. In Titus 2, older men are encouraged to train the younger men and older women are told to train the younger women.

“These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God.” (Titus 2:4-5, NLT)

Where do you find mentors?

Mentors can be found everywhere. There are positive, encouraging people around us all.

The best place to find a mentor is right where you are… in your current sphere of influence.

You may not have even realized who is right around you and how much you can benefit from knowing these people.

Your mentor may be older and wiser or younger and wiser. Age is not near as important as character.

More than likely, God has placed some amazing people in your circles. They are nearby and available if you know who and what to look for.

How do you begin a mentoring relationship?

To find a person to mentor you, I’ve got some suggestions.

And, I always think it works best if the one who wants to be mentored seeks out and chooses their own mentor.

Typically, it doesn’t work well for us to go to a younger or less experienced person and ask, “Can I mentor you? Or, would you like to be mentored?”

Here are some steps you can take to discover a great mentor:

1} Pray and ask God to give you at least one godly, positive mentor in your life.

You can always have more than one, but I believe we all need at least one person pouring into us and speaking encouragement into our lives.

Put this request at the top of your prayer list!

Ask the Lord for an incredible mentor!

2} Begin actively seeking a mentor.

Look around at work, at church, at the club, in your neighborhood, at school, or wherever you spend a great deal of time.

  • Who seems wise?
  • Who seems positive and compassionate?
  • Who seems to have great joy?
  • Who do you respect and admire?
  • Who seems to be interested in your life?
  • Who do you share some similar experiences with?

I have one young friend who actually walked around her church with a piece of paper in the front of her Bible.

When she would observe an older woman dealing well with her children, she’d jot down that name. When she saw a happy marriage, she would write down that name. From that list, God opened the door for her to have the most amazing group of mentors.

3} Invite that potential mentor to meet you for coffee or lunch.

You don’t even have to tell that you are hunting for a mentor.

Instead, you might say something like, “Would you have time to grab coffee with me? I’d love to have the chance to get to know you better.”

Then, get to know them to see if they might be a good mentor for you.

See if you have enough in common and relate well to each other. Ask lots of questions. Listen to how they respond. Determine if this is a person you’d like to hang out with on a regular basis.

Think of this as interviewing potential mentors!

(There is no harm in having 3-4 lunches or coffee dates to get to the best mentor.)

4} Once you KNOW you’d like to be mentored by a certain person, ask them to spend time with you on a regular basis.

Just go for it and stick it out there!

You can ask to meet once a month or once a week. It may feel awkward at first, but likely that other person will be greatly honored that you would ask them to mentor you.

Honestly, any time a woman has sought me out and asked me to mentor them, I’ve been blessed and so excited to be asked! I’ve NEVER turned down a sincere request to mentor another friend.

I had one young woman call me about two years ago. She was also a pastor’s wife in our area. She asked if we could get together for lunch. I really had no idea why she wanted to meet with me.

When I arrived, she had a long list of questions… a very long list!

As we were finishing up our lunch, she asked if we could do lunch once a month. I said, “Yes.”

And, I’ve been enjoying time with this sister for two years now. In fact, she’s become one of my closest friends. And, that’s the other beauty and benefit of mentoring.

Mentoring can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

One other note

Some of you reading this may want to try a little concept I’ve heard referred to as “Reverse Mentoring.”

In addition to looking for someone older and wiser than you, this type of mentoring is different. Look for someone younger than you who has a skill you don’t possess.

For example, you might ask one of your grandchildren to teach you how to use Instagram.

Or, you might ask a younger friend at work or at church to show you how to use the Internet or your new cell phone.

You might invite a younger blogger or social media expert to teach you some new tricks.

You could ask a younger friend to teach you how to paint, do a certain craft, or learn some other skill.

Reverse Mentoring is extra sweet because it gives you the chance to humbly ask someone younger than you to show you how to do something you don’t know how to do.

You will learn, you will grow, and you will have the chance to encourage someone else.

And, you may open the door for this younger person to ask you some questions about life, about the Lord, or about other matters of the heart. This could turn into a mutual mentoring relationship!

Dear God, It’s Me. I’ve Sinned.

Hello, friend!

Have you ever heard God speak a word of instruction to you that was downright frightening?

Me, too! In fact, that is why I am writing to you today.

About a year ago, God spoke a word into my heart…a word that would become my OneWord for 2016. At the time I knew it would be a word that required much from me. What I did not realize was how very much it would require in the area of obedience….AND how very rebellious I would be about the whole thing.


Dear God It's Me I've Sinned



That word was REST…something the Lord and I knew that I do not do well.

God was serious about that word. I was forced into physical rest by a back injury early in the year, and by a diagnosis of severe hypoglycemia more recently. Still, I feel weary, spent, confused, and fearful.

For the entirety of 2016 I have sensed that God wanted me to pull back from writing on my blog and my newsletter. That scared the patootie out of me! In 10 years of blogging, I’ve never taken an extended blogging break. I argued mightily with God.

What if I am not hearing you correctly, Lord?

I cannot take a break. I have a new Bible study out that I need to promote.

What if I lose all of my readers?

I’m in the middle of a blog series on the book of The Revelation. I cannot stop writing.


The sins of fear and pride and control kept me bound up in the ‘what ifs’ and prevented me from being fully obedient to what the Lord was speaking into my heart. The whole thing is ugly and prideful and embarrassing to admit, but I sinned. I rebelled against what the Lord was CLEARLY telling me to do.

God opened my eyes on Sunday using some verses from Isaiah 40….familiar verses that suddenly took on very new and personal meaning for me as if a heavenly light was shining on them for the first time.


Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable.  He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:28-29, 31 (ESV) emphasis, mine


The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the truth that my strength comes only from God, but in order for Him to renew my strength, I must wait on Him. And it my case, that waiting might just look like resting in obedience to what He instructed me to do, lo, 10 months ago!

I feel very much like King David in Psalm 51 when he acknowledged that his bones were wasting away as a result of his sin. I am the only one who can change that.

So, friend, I confess my sins of pride and rebellion to Him and to you. Repentance means a changing of direction, and beginning today, I will do that. I will bend my knee to His instruction to rest and wait on Him in regard to writing and blogging. There are several ways this might impact you.

  • If you receive my weekly newsletter, this will likely be the last one you will receive until the beginning of the year. I’m sorry if that disappoints you, but I must do what God is calling me to do. Please feel free to unsubscribe. I will not be offended.
  • If you receive my thrice weekly blog posts, you will receive a few over the course of the next couple of months. There are several that I have already written and scheduled. But, by and large, my blog will be silent, except for guest posts in the Sharing Life series that are already scheduled.
  • If you are part of The Loft Link-Up, I will likely be taking a break until the first of the year. You will still be able to link to The Loft via Jerralea’s and Chris’s blogs.

Does this step of obedience scare me? You bet it does, but I also know that God never asks us to do anything for which He has not already established a plan and purpose. So, I step out in obedience. I go forward expectantly, seeking a renewal of my strength and focus. I open my clenched fists and hold loosely the writing and blogging portions of my ministry. I trust God’s heart of love for me.

Thank you for your support, understanding, and care.

Shalom, friend.

Silence, Fire, and The 7th Seal of Revelation

“On the road again…..I just can’t wait to get on the road again”.

Well, gang, we are back on the Revelation road. After a few excursions into the Old Testament to visit with Nehemiah and Daniel and a week off because life got crazy for me, we are returning to the book of The Revelation. Let’s do a quick reminder of where we find ourselves.

We began in January with Chapter 1 and have worked our way through chapters 1 – 7 of the Revelation that Jesus gave to the apostle John. We finished Revelation 7 by watching Jesus, the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world, take a scroll from the hand of God and begin to open the seals that bound it.


Seal 1

Seal 2

Seal 3

Seal 4

Seal 5

Seal 6


The opening of each seal brought forth increasing devastation and destruction upon the earth. But, as someone said, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”


Silence Fire and the Seventh Seal


Revelation 7 offered a beautiful interlude where the 144,000 Jewish witnesses were sealed. We were given a glimpse of heaven and the redeemed around the throne. Now, lean in and watch Jesus open Seal 7 in Revelation 8:1-5 (ESV).

When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

Then I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them.

And another angel came and stood at the altar with a golden censer, and he was given much incense to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before the throne,

and the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God from the hand of the angel.

Then the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and threw it on the earth, and there were peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning, and an earthquake.


Silence in heaven for about half an hour. No worship, no music. Nothing. Just silence. May I offer you a quote about the silence? It is taken from God’s Final Word: Understanding Revelation by Ray C. Stedman, and the quote is by Earl Palmer:


It is the silence of mystery and intense waiting….There is communicated in a very dramatic way in this quietness the full and awesome authority of God. Everything must wait for his kingly move.


Judgment will begin when God decrees it.

Just as quickly as the silence began, it ends and seven angels are given seven trumpets. The sounding of these trumpets will be the subject of upcoming lessons, so I’m going to defer comments on them for now. I want to focus on the eighth angel for a moment.

The place this angel stands is highly significant. In the Old Testament tabernacle compound there were two altars: the Brazen or Bronze altar and the Golden altar.

The Bronze altar was positioned outside the Holy place in the courtyard. It was on this altar that sacrifices for the sin of the Israelites were made. That is not the altar being referenced in this passage, for there is no need for a sacrificial altar in heaven. Jesus has made the ultimate and final sacrifice.

The Golden altar in the Old Testament tabernacle was positioned within the Holy Place, just in front of the heavy curtain that separated the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies. The purpose of the Golden altar was to burn incense as an offering to God. Very often in Scripture incense is connected to the prayers of the saints.

Given the previous destruction, and that yet to come, these verses paint the picture of a sweet, fragrant incense and the prayers of the saints wafting upward to God. They are a beautiful reminder that God hears our prayer, especially in the middle of trail and tribulation.

After the incense and prayers are offered up, the same angel fills his censer full of coals from the altar and hurls it to earth. This censer is a symbol of God’s wrath and the throwing of it sets off a new wave of destruction on earth that includes another earthquake.

There is a parallel passage in Ezekiel 10 that tells of coals being scattered over the city of Jerusalem just prior to the glory of the Lord departing the temple. These coals will bring judgment on the city, just as the fire from the censer in Revelation 8 will bring judgment on the earth.

This is a good place to break for today. Next week we will begin to see the trumpet judgments occur. Until then, friends.

Sharing Life….Hope for Hurting Relationships…Kaylene Yoder


I am so glad you are joining me today for Sharing Life! I have a treat for you. Today I have the privilege of introducing you to another of my online friends. Kaylene Yoder and I come from different backgrounds, regions of the country, and age groups, but we share a common love of Jesus and a desire to minister to women. I ‘met’ Kaylene a few years ago and immediately was crazy about her. Today she shares a post about relationships that, I believe, will hit the bull’s-eye for many of us.


Hope for Hurting Relationships Kaylene Yoder


Before we get to Kaylene’s post, however, I would like to offer you a few links to previous posts in this Sharing Life series. Sharing Life is all about women doing life with other women…face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder…speaking into the lives of those who circle around our own life. These posts fall into one of three categories: Faith, Mentoring/Friendship, and Food. Here are a few posts from the past that you might want to check out:

Sharing the Word

What Will Your Tombstone Say?

Someone Needs You to Be Their People

A Recipe


Now, let me introduce you to Kaylene.



Kaylene Yoder is a just a girl with a sword… a shield…. and a strong cup of coffee. She loves her husband, her three children and dancing with words for the glory of her Heavenly Father. Kaylene is the author and founder at, where she shares her books and resources for Christian women. You can also find Kaylene socializing on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Driving home from a long weekend of being around relationships that are strained, forced, and resemble a ticking time bomb, it was all I could do to keep my eyes dry enough to see the road.

Relationships are hard. We mess up, we over-react, we are pained and we cause pain. We feel embarrassed over the muddied waters, and we’d like to set sail to the next feel-good relationship. And sometimes we do.

But in that wake is left a pit of bitterness. A hole in our soul. A splotch on our heart. And we are never the same again.

We’ve all watched blame games, power struggles and gossip’s strategies play out over the course of our lives. Sometimes it is our own doing that becomes a relationship’s undoing. Other times its someone else’s choosing that brings about a rip in the bond.

But in every division between two human hearts, each must choose how their void will be filled – will we water the seed of pride and allow it to hinder our link to Peace Himself? Or will we bring our broken pieces to the Father and ask Him to piece us together?

My soul bowed low before the Lord as the tires hummed along the pavement. I have chosen paths of pride – they only lead to anger and endless grief. I have chosen to travel to deserts of distrust and drink from bitterness’ wells.

This time I want more. I want to do better for myself. I can’t go those painful ways again. My heart can’t bear it anymore.

“Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you”, came the invitation from James 4:8.

So I did. Like I have so many times before, I gathered up the wreckage of my heart and positioned myself at His feet ready to be refreshed and strengthened anew.

He has seen my mess. He has heard my stress. He has been bombarded with my frustrations, and He has held me every single time. He has done life with me in the messiest of messes. And He loves me still. And He never leaves.

So I draw nigh to Him again, holding on to the promise that He will draw nigh to me. I thank Him for His faithfulness. I wave to Him my receipts of His mercy, and He nods His approval, assuring me His love remains. He strengthens me to live in His will for another mile.

Sweet friend, I don’t know what relational disconnections you have going on in your life, but I do know this: without Jesus the pain will never go away. With Jesus the pain will never go away either. But it will be bearable.

Go to Him. Draw near to His heart. Run if you can. Crawl if you must, just make sure you go. He’s waiting with open arms, ready to hide you in the shadow of His wings where He may feed and satisfy your soul. He will help you sort things out, prop you up, hold your wilted banner of victory, and delight over you as you make your crippled entrance unto His throne.

He is the balm for your wounded heart. He is grace when you’ve dabbled in pride. He is peace when your life is in pieces, and He is joy when your soul is crushed.

He holds the restoration we crave. But, I’m convinced we don’t receive because we don’t ask; we don’t make the effort to draw nigh to Him because we doubt His willingness to draw nigh to us.

Friend, He is a responsive God. He is the God who sees, the God who knows, the God who cares.

And He cares deeply for you.

So go to Him. He is waiting.

Cry out to Him. He is listening.

And stay with Him. He is your safe place, your home.


The Loft Link-Up ~ Autumn

Hello, my Loft friends.

Our topic today is AUTUMN or fall. It is my very favorite season of the year. The temperatures, the clothes, the food, football….I am crazy about autumn.

I live in a part of the US where we have four distinct seasons, and none is more beautiful to me than Fall. Knowing my love of the season, this past weekend my husband told me that he had a short ride he wanted to take me on. He would not tell me where we were going, so into the vehicle I hopped and we were off.

We drove a bit east of where we live, toward the highest peak in Georgia, Brasstown Bald mountain. Along the way, we talked about how the leaves were changing much earlier this year than in many years past. As we arrived at the entrance to the Bald, Greg told me to look straight ahead and up. The iPhone camera simply does not do justice to what I saw, but it is all I’ve got.


Fall Color in the North Georgia Mountains


One of the hills near the Bald was still covered in green leaves, except at the very top. God had splashed beautiful, amazing color all over the top of that hill. No other hill but that one. It was spectacular and a vivid reminder of the creativity and majesty of God.

My husband had seen this magnificent display when he drove through earlier in the week and knew it would thrill me. He was right. It was such a sweet moment and my heart was so blessed by a bit of beauty in the midst of the ugliness and hatefulness of our world.

Here are a few other pictures from our part of the world for your viewing pleasure:









I hope you enjoyed the visit to my mountains. I look forward to reading your Autumn posts.




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October 12 ~ Autumn or Fall

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Sharing Life….Sharing The Word


I have had an unusually busy week. In fact, the word CRAZY might be an appropriate choice. I have been gone from my home office for the past 4 days, so has there been time to write. Ummm, NO!!


Sharing Life on Friday Posts


I wanted to offer you something that would speak into your life on this October Friday. There is nothing better than the eternal, unchanging, ever-appropriate Word of God. These words from The Word are descriptors of our God, our Father. I’ve chosen Bible verses to go along with them that I feel are wonderful uses of this attribute of the Father. I pray today’s post is a blessing to you. Feel free to Pin the images, or share them on social media.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.







Steadfast Love






The Loft ~ Table

Hey y’all! Today I am linking to a guest post I wrote for the awesome Grace Table site. If you have never visited Grace Table, a creation of Kris Camealy, you are missing a blessing. I hope you take some time to click over via my link and visit Grace Table. See you next week.



We are a topic driven link-up, which means that we link posts that pertain to the topic of the week. Posts that are not on topic will be deleted.

We will offer a month’s worth of topics each week so you can plan and prepare for a post that helps you enter into the conversation. Here are the topics for the next month:


October 5 ~ Table

October 12 ~ Autumn/Fall

October 18 ~ A Day in My Life

October 26 ~ Pot Luck

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A Quick Look at the Four Beasts in Daniel 7

Hello! Welcome to our study of the book of The Revelation. In case you are just jumping on our Revelation train, let me bring you up to speed a bit. We have been studying Revelation since January, beginning at…well, the beginning, and studying forward, chapter by chapter. We have completed 7 chapters, and every single post in the series is linked HERE in the order in which we studied them.

I felt led to take some excursions into other books of the Bible in order to give you a better understanding of some of the events noted in Revelation. So, for a few weeks we are going down some rabbit trails. We have visited in Nehemiah, Daniel chapter 2, and Daniel chapter 9. These excursions build on each other, so it would be important for you to review the Nehemiah and Daniel teachings in order to get the full picture. You may click on the links in this paragraph to do that.


Today we are going on a very quick excursion to Daniel 7 which will enhance what we learned in Daniel 9. The bulk of today’s study will be reading Daniel 7, which is only 28 verses. Please go HERE to read it, or read it in your Bible, then return to our study.


The Four Beasts of Daniel 7


Do you remember the image that we studied in Daniel 2? King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a huge image made of different substances….the head of gold, the arms and upper torso of silver, the lower torso and upper thighs made of bronze, the legs of iron, and the feel of iron and clay.

Each of these segments represented a different kingdom that ruled the known world.


Head of gold ~ Babylonian empire

Arms and chest of silver ~ Medo-Persian empire

Lower abdomen and thighs of bronze ~ Grecian empire

Thighs of iron ~ Rome

Feet of Iron and Clay ~ Kingdom to come


This week we read about the four beasts of Daniel 7. Without going into a week long teaching of this chapter, let me tell you that most scholars agree that these beasts correlate to the parts of the Daniel 2 image, and represent the four kings who would arise from these kingdoms.


 Head of gold ~ Babylonian empire ~ Lion ~ Nebuchadnezzar

Arms and chest of silver ~ Medo-Persian empire ~ Bear ~ Darius/Cyrus

Lower abdomen and thighs of bronze ~ Grecian empire ~ Leopard ~ Alexander the Great

Thighs of iron ~ Rome ~ Beast ~ Caesar or Domitian

Feet of Iron and Clay ~ Kingdom to come ~ 10 Horns/Little Horn ~ 10 kings and antichrist


Hold this thought because we will be back to look further at the last kingdom of iron and clay in a future portion of our Revelation study. Share your thoughts and ideas about all of this in the comments. Let’s engage over the Word.

Sharing Life….What Will Your Tombstone Say?


I’m so glad you are joining me for today’s Sharing Life post. Sharing Life is all about women speaking into the lives of other women. My friends and I are seeking to do that in three specific areas of life:




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Sharing Life What Will Your Tombstone Say


One can find all kinds of epithets on the internet, some funny, some sad, some that definitely cannot be repeated. Have you ever considered what you might want engraved on your tombstone? It really is something to consider. I think there are probably some things that you do not want on your tombstone. Consider these actual tombstone engravings:

“I told you I was sick.”

“Here lies an atheist. All dressed up and no place to go.”

“She died from a broken heart.”

In a single day last week, I heard two separate preachers mention a man named Demas, a contemporary of the apostle Paul. When God repeats things to me, I try to pay attention because I assume He is trying to get my attention. So, I decided to check out Demas and see what he had to teach me. Turns out, it was something related to tombstone engravings.

Our boy Demas is mentioned in Scripture three times, each time by Paul. The first two appearances of Demas are in Colossians and Philemon, both written around AD 62. In Colossians, Paul simply mentions Demas, along with Luke, as someone who greets the church at Colossae, while in Philemon, Demas is referred to as Paul’s fellow worker. At this point, it appears that Paul and Demas were buds.

Then 2-3 years later, around AD 65 when Paul wrote 2 Timothy, there had been a seismic shift in the relationship between these two men. We are not given specifics, but Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 4:10 speak with a large megaphone.


For Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica.


Demas had walked away in Paul’s most desperate days and gone to Thessalonica. Why? Had ministry become too hard? Too dangerous? Had Demas gotten hungry? Lonely? Disappointed? Resentful?

For all we do not know, we are told that Demas had fallen in love with this present world. He valued the world and its ways more than following Jesus. He was not willing to take up his cross and follow Christ. Two Greek words used in this phrase give us further cause for pause.

The word used for ‘love’ is agapeo (verb). It means to love (in a social or moral sense). Agape (noun) is a related word that we often apply to the love that Christ has for us, and the love that we should have for others. A love that is unconditional and self-sacrificing. Demas’ loved the world and its ways with the fervor he should have had for Christ.

The other word we need to examine is world. The Greek word used here is ‘aion’, and it means ‘the present world, with its cares, temptations, and desires, the idea of evil, both moral and physical, being everywhere implied.’ The world for which Demas had deserted Paul and Christ was evil and He was choosing that world over Jesus.

Demas’ tombstone might well have read, ‘Demas: he loved the world’.

Mmmm, mmm, mmmm. You and I shake our heads at Demas, but there are questions we must ask ourselves and answer with gut-level honesty.

Do we love our present world more than we love Jesus?

Do we choose to follow the mores of society rather than the teachings of the Bible?

Do we water down the gospel in order to keep from offending people?

Are we accepting of what God calls sin simply because society calls it good and acceptable?

Demas loved the world and deserted Paul. You and I must choose our response to Christ and the Scriptures.

What will your tombstone say, friend?