A Lesson on Praise from Nature

I walked past my Mother’s flowerbed a few days ago and saw this.


One lone Turk’s Cap Lily in bloom…evidence of the creativity and love of beauty of its Creator. I could tell that soon more Lilies just like this one would burst open and shout praise to God. But for now, this little fella was the only one proclaiming the majesty of creation.

What if this one lily had decided that she was too shy to open up and praise the Lord? What if she decided that she just could never speak up about the majesty of God all by herself? What if she looked stupid or opened up all crooked

Often in this world, you and I are asked by God to tell of His glory; to share what Jesus did for us on the cross. Yet, many times we don’t. We think we are too shy, or we might do it wrong. So, we don’t do it. We fail to testify to what God has done, and is doing in our life.

A few days later on my walk past the flower garden, I saw this.


My little friend now had many friends who were testifying to the greatness of our God. My delight over a single lily was now multiplied by all her friends.

What is my POINT? Obviously the other lilies would have opened anyway, even if that first little one had not. The point is that God has something, some word of praise, some word of testimony for each of us to give about Jesus. If we don’t do it, God will raise up others to offer it. But, oh, the blessing we will miss by not speaking forth the words of praise and testimony for our Lord. I don’t want to miss being part of God’s praise choir (even though I sing off key), nor do I want to miss feeling that smiling nod of God on my life after I have been obedient to do what He asked of me.

I want to fling wide my arms, turn my face to heaven, and praise the One who created me; the One who died for me. Even if I am the only one to do it, I want to praise my Jesus! 

You are my God, and I will praise You; You are my God, I will exalt You. Psalm 118:28 (NKJV)

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