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Five Minute Friday is a link-up hosted by Kate Motaung. Kate tosses out a word prompt, then folks from some nations, tribes, and tongues write for 5 minutes (or more). We tap out what the word prompts in our hearts, then we hit publish, and the party begins. It is a fun, impromptu time of writing and fellowship around a central word. I enjoy Five Minute Friday so much.


Today’s prompt is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TRY

From the time I was a little girl, the words ‘do your best’ were part of the family vocabulary. My sister and I were encouraged to ‘do our best’ in school, in ballet class, in whatever we undertook. To my Type-A, perfectionist little heart, ‘do your best’ really meant ‘Try harder’, which translated into ‘do whatever you must to be the best’.

I did….to the extreme. I ended up with an eating disorder because I would TRY to be thinner, and a heart that always felt shamed when whatever I did turned out to be less than best. Try harder! ~~~ nearly killed me, physically and emotionally.

Here is a good place for a reminder: My parents were wonderful parents. They did not shame me in any way. Every wrong perspective that I tucked into my heart, was my own.

Try harder is no longer my motto. I still want to do my best, but grace has entered the room. At 51 years old, I understand that when I am doing what God has called me to do, I will do my best, and I won’t have to Try harder. When I work out of the strength of Christ, my best flows freely, because it is His best. My best will probably not look like your best, so I need to stop comparing myself to you and others.




There are still rare times when I allow my focus to wander. I look at others who are more creative, have more friends/followers/speaking opportunities/books/whatever, and that old whisper of ‘Try harder’ tickles my ear. “That could be you, Leah, if you would just Try harder.”

Satan knows where my Achilles heel is….where to hit me for maximum effect. He knows it about you, too. If he can get me to Try harder, then I cease allowing Jesus to work through me. Suddenly it becomes all about ME TRYing harder.

It is in those times, that the Holy Spirit reminds me that God has a plan for me. That plan does not look like the plan He has for anyone else. It is my plan, it is a good plan, and it is the plan that keeps me in the center of God’s will. That plan does not require me to Try harder. It requires me allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me to accomplish it.

So friend, let’s stop TRYing harder and allow Jesus to work His best through us. When we do, we will know peace and contentment.



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What a blessing to have Leah Adams speak at our high school girls retreat. If you are looking for a message that will go straight to the heart of young women about the importance of purity, modesty and leaving a godly legacy, then you have found it. God has given Leah a beautiful message for the young women of today to help guide them through the difficult years. I love to see young people excited about God’s word, and the girls are already planning for next year. Thank you Leah and God Bless you.
De Gina Scoggins

Mountain Area Christian Academy

Leah Adams may call herself the “prodigal son’s sister” but she has returned to her Father and wants everyone to know about His goodness and grace. She has a passion for speaking God’s word and truth. We just returned from a weekend retreat where Leah spoke about creating a godly legacy and Kristin Adams led us in praise and worship. Kristin has the most beautiful voice and loves to praise the Lord! What a joy it was having them both there! God is using them in a mighty way. 

Nancy Owen

Director of Women’s Ministries, Mountain Chapel UMC, Birmingham,AL

Meeting Leah at our Ladies Holiday Dinner and hearing her message on Creating a Godly Legacy was a blessing!!!  I continue to be amazed at how God puts the right people/messages in our lives at just the right time.

 I have been wanting to lead a bible study in my home but had not come up on the right one. So… it was to me totally a “God wink” to have Leah speak on this topic.  It truly spoke to my heart. As a new mom, this is a very important topic to me.  My husband, Scott and I want to leave for Jacob (and any future children God may bless us with) a godly legacy like the one his parents left, like the one my mom left.  We pray every night for God’s guidance in our rearing of Jacob.

 Next month, a small group will be gathering at my house on Thursday nights to begin Leah’s study- From The Trash Pile To The Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy.  I have already begun it myself, and I know it will be a blessing to all of us!  Thanks to Leah once again for the amazing work that she allows God to work through her.  I pray God’s blessing on Leah,her family and her ministry.



God has used Leah Adams in a huge way in my life. Through her teaching of His Word, I have a renewed excitement for the Word of God. The Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to the relevancy of the Bible in my life. I’ve grown in my relationship with Him and my desire to know Him more. Leah has truly been that voice in the wilderness pointing me back to Christ. I thank God for her and her obedience to Him.



Leah Adams exhibits honesty in sharing her personal story. Her transparency reminds others that they are not alone in their situation—no matter what that situation may be. She shows unconditional love which causes ladies to open up and seek guidance, direction, prayer and the words of encouragement that we all need.



Leah teaches God’s Word with beauty and clarity, as well as absolute faithfulness.



Without a doubt, Leah Adams loves the Lord and his Holy Word! Her humbleness, transparency and passion for the word of God are contagious and inspiring. She has a heart for biblically teaching women how to live a Christ-like life. I would whole-heartedly recommend her as a speaker for any women’s ministry event!

Tara Wood

Women’s Ministry Event’s Coordinator, Brainerd Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN

Leah leaves no stone unturned about what Scripture desires for us as women to embrace and live out in our daily lives. Obedience or disobedience, holiness or unholiness…that is our choice.


Joy Kight

Ladies Bible Study Leader

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Feeling like a new mother holding my HeBrews 'baby' for the first time!

Feeling like a new mother holding my HeBrews ‘baby’ for the first time!


HeBrews: A Better Blend Bible Study Recipe Updates


I have discovered two errors in the recipes that were provided in the Bible study. Please accept my apologies. Here are the corrections:

  • Week One Recipe ~ Cream Cheese Pound Cake – Page 1 – The butter measurement should be ¾ POUND (3 sticks)


  • Week Three Recipe ~ Barbara’s Chocolate Sheet Cake – Page 53 – The cooking directions are actually those of the cream cheese pound cake. I have no idea how this happened. The CORRECT directions are as follows:

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F. Melt margarine, water, cocoa, and shortening in sauce pan. Place sugar and flour in mixer, and add the melted ingredients. Mix well. Add buttermilk, vanilla, soda and beaten eggs to ingredients in mixer and beat well. Grease and flour a large sheet pan. Pour batter into sheet pan. Bake for 20 minutes. Leave in pan to frost and serve.

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Greg and Leah - 2013

Greg and Leah – 2013


Family pictures taken July 2014. Greg, Leah, Charlie Adams, and Bree Gleeson

July 2014. Greg, Leah, Charlie Adams, and Bree Gleeson


I was 15 years old when I asked Jesus to come into my heart. I was 24 years old when I walked away from Him. I tried to do life my own way for several years, leaving Jesus out of the mix. Eventually, I came to the end of myself, and ran back home to Jesus and His grace and mercy. Helping others understand the grace offered by Jesus to anyone who will accept it is the passion of my heart. In a works-based, and failure-prone society, grace is a concept that many people do not understand. My speaking and writing ministry seeks to point others straight to Jesus and His amazing grace.

I call northern Georgia home. I am married to Greg, who is also my dentist. We have one son, Charlie, and a daughter-from-another-family, Bree. Both are in their early 20s. I hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Mercer University College of Pharmacy. I am a CLASS-certified speaker, and the author of two Bible studies, From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy and HeBrews: A Better Blend, and one devotion book, When Words Won’t Come. I also lead ladies Bible study, and am active in mentoring young women.


I believe in:

  • The virgin birth of Jesus
  • The death of Jesus on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin
  • The resurrection of Jesus from the dead to provide eternal life for all who believe in Him
  • The Bible as the inerrant, infallible Word of God
  • That salvation is offered only through the blood of Jesus. There is no other way to be saved.


8 + 13 =

8 Reasons Why I Believe in Jesus

There is not much good in me.

I am selfish and prideful. Over the years these lovely attributes have manifested themselves in all kinds of glorious ways. Oh, I have brief, shining moments where some good traits show up, but overall, I can be a poster child for Romans 3:23 which tells us that every one of us has been rebellious toward God.

Jesus is willing to take me as I am.

This is the classic case of not having to clean the house before the house cleaner arrives. Jesus takes the house, or the person, just as they are. Jesus knew all about me eons before I ever existed. He knew I would be selfish and prideful, and that all that garbage would separate me from God who is holy. Jesus said, “I’ll take her just like she is.” When I was 15 years old, I realized that I couldn’t clean myself up enough to get into heaven where God lives. I needed someone to clean me up and that someone was Jesus.

Jesus took my punishment.

Would you take the punishment for someone else’s crime? Honestly, would you? For someone you did not know? Most of us would not, especially if it involved the death penalty. Jesus, who lived in heaven where there is no evil or sin, took my punishment. You see, God cannot have me in heaven with all my rebellion and pride, which is called sin. My sin required punishment, and that punishment was a forever separation from God.

Jesus said, “I don’t want Leah to be separated from God. I will take her punishment and give her My forever relationship with God.” He died on a cross and paid the fine that I owed for my sin. He rose from the dead after 3 days, and gave me the opportunity for new life….a forever life with God in heaven when I leave this earth.

Jesus gives me the opportunity for do-overs.

I don’t know about you, but I need a do-over sometimes! The opportunity to do right what I once did wrong. Once I gave my heart to Jesus, and He began cleaning me up, I got to experience some do-overs.

• My first marriage was a mess—my second one is a blessing.
• My 20’s were full of poor choices in regard to sex, attitudes and actions—my 30’s, 40’s and hopefully beyond are full of better choices, because I let God guide me.
• I sought the fame and fortune that go along with living in this world, and none of it made me happy in my 20’s and early 30’s—now I find joy and peace in knowing that I am living and doing exactly what I am supposed to.
• I thought a hu-Man would fulfill me in my 20’s—in Jesus I found the only man that will bring ultimate fulfillment and joy.

 Why I Believe

I don’t have to do life alone.

With Jesus as my BFF (best friend forever), I don’t ever have to be alone. He is right beside me teaching me, guiding me, comforting me, loving me. He is that best friend who never leaves, never abandons, and never goes AWOL. He makes me so much wiser than I should be.

Jesus can be trusted.

Being a Christian does NOT mean that life will be a bed of roses without thorns. Rather, it means that I trust Jesus to allow things into my life, and the lives of my family and friends that are for our ultimate good.

I never got this until my Daddy was diagnosed with cancer. How in the world could that be good—for him or for me? In the months prior to the diagnosis, I had read a book entitled, Trusting God’s Heart by Dr. Frank Cox. It is based on the quote by Spurgeon that says,

“God is too good to be unkind, He is too wise to be mistaken. When you cannot trace His hand, you can always trust His heart.”

This book challenged me to really believe that God will work all things out for good for the people who love Him and serve Him (Romans 8:28). I was also doing Beth Moore’s Bible study entitled, Believing God which challenged me to examine what I really believed about God.

Did I believe that God is who He says He is?

Can God really do what He says He can do?

Who am I to God?

Am I important to God?

On the day we found out about my Daddy’s cancer, God and I had a discussion that went like this:

God: Leah, do you really believe that I am who I say I am?

Leah: Well, yes, Lord.

God: Do you believe that I love your Daddy so much more than you could ever love him?

Leah: Umm, well, maybe.

God: Do you believe that I knew about this and can handle this situation with your Daddy…without your help?

Leah: I suppose so, Lord.

God: Then, trust me.

Leah: I do, Lord. I trust you.

At that moment, a peace flooded my soul unlike anything I had ever experienced. In that moment, I knew that I could trust Jesus with my precious Daddy.

I’m not the same woman I was before I met Jesus.

• Where there was pride, God is working in me humility.
• Where there was self-centeredness, God is working in me an awareness of the needs of others.
• Where there was jealousy, God is working in me tenderness of heart.
• Where there was a lack of unconditional love, God is working in me love toward others.
• Where there were the physical and emotional ravages of sexual promiscuity, God has healed my body and heart.
• Where there was profanity, God has given me sweet words to speak.
• Where there was anorexia and an obsession with my body, God has replaced it with an obsession for Jesus.

I am not the same woman I was before I let Jesus take control of my life.

Jesus does not heap shame on me over my past.

Shame is not God’s game. The Bible says that once you and I ask God to forgive us for our rebellion and disobedience, God totally forgets it. In my limited human mind, I don’t get it, but I believe it because the Bible says it is true. I start with a clean slate before God every time I agree with him about my rebellion and disobedience. It kind of goes like this:

Leah: God, please forgive me for _______________. I know it makes you sad and is a sin against you. Help me to change my heart.

God: I forgive you, Leah. It is taken care of.

Leah: Lord, about that lie I confessed to you….

God: What lie?

It is gone, forgotten by God…never to be brought up again.

Psalm 3: 3 is my life verse:

“But you are a shield around me, O Lord;
You bestow glory on me and lift up my head.”

Would you like to hear a story about how all this works in real life?

God worked to soften my hard, angry heart toward another person.

Click here to watch.

                                                     From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating A Godly Legacy

                                                       published by CrossBooks Publishers – a Division of Lifeway. 2010

Legacy—-it’s what you leave for the generations that follow. When all is said and done, the legacy you leave for those who come after you will be a result of the choices you make each day……choices regarding your faith, character, and holiness.  

·        Have you chosen Jesus as the Ruler and King of your life?
·        Do you believe that God will never leave you or forsake you?
·        Are you trustworthy and dependable?
·        Do you grasp the truth that because society approves of an action does not mean that it is necessarily acceptable for you as a Christian?
In my six week Bible study entitled “From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy” I invite you to journey down the path of creating a godly legacy. As you search God’s Word for biblical truth concerning the topics of character and holiness you will answer these and other questions. Your heart will be challenged to examine your faith in light of those who have gone before you. Join me for this thought-provoking study that will encourage you in the creation of a treasure-chest legacy that you can leave for the generations yet to come.

From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest:

Creating a Godly Legacy 


Week 1—Creating a Godly Legacy

·         Day 1—Why Is a Godly Legacy Important?
·         Day 2—Setting an Example
·         Day 3—A “Hinge” Moment
·         Day 4—The Sign of Scarlet
·      Day 5—Back to Basics

Week 2—Legacy Building Block One: Faith

·         Day 1—What Is Faith?
·         Day 2—A Faith Tested
·         Day 3—He Will Never Forsake You
·         Day 4—What’s His Name?
·         Day 5—Is God Who He Says He Is?

Week 3—Another Component of Faith: 


·         Day 1—Promises, Promises
·         Day 2—God’s Promise to Abraham
·         Day 3—God’s Promise to David
·         Day 4—God’s Promises about Jesus
·         Day 5—What about Me?

Week 4— Legacy Building Block Two:

When Character Was King

·         Day 1—A 5:22 Picture of Character
·         Day 2—The Gossip Girls
·         Day 3—May the Words of My Mouth …
·         Day 4—Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
·         Day 5—Standing By Your Word

Week 5— Legacy Building Block Three:

The Pursuit of Holiness

·         Day 1—What Do I Know of Holy?
·         Day 2—Goats and Treaties
·         Day 3—Dress for Success
·         Day 4—Disobedience and Regrets
·         Day 5—Shun the Appearance of Evil

Week 6—Trash Pile to Treasure Chest:

Legacies to Consider

·         Day 1—I Did It My Way
·         Day 2—Channy’s Story
·         Day 3—Finally, I Know Him!
·         Day 4—Personal Legacy Checkup, Part One
·         Day 5—Personal Legacy Checkup, Part Two


A LEADER GUIDE for this study is available through this website. It is free of charge to groups purchasing their study books through Leah. For groups who purchase their books through online or retail outlets, the price of the leader guide is $3. Please contact Leah or make note in the special instructions section of Pay Pal when you order the study books if you are interested in purchasing the LEADER GUIDE.


Leah’s hallmark message on Legacy is now available as a DVD for use in small group settings. It is perfect addition for Day One of your small group time. In the video Leah provides an overview of the Legacy Bible study and challenges the student to dive wholeheartedly into the study.  
To order go to the Ordering area on the right sidebar of this webpage. The DVD is located in the Accessories area and costs $9. 

             If you require shipping outside the US, please email me for shipping rates.


For a review on the study from More To Be founder Lisa Pulliam click here.

 I just wanted to tell you how God orchestrated for our group to do your study at this time. Two Thursdays ago from tonight was our first meeting. We sat and talked about leaving a legacy. We discussed what we would want people to say standing at our tombstones. Then on the way home, I got a call that our Sunday school teacher of 11 years (and close friend) had died. This Bible study group is made up of the ladies of our class.

I can’t tell you how many of them have come to me and said, ‘What a God thing that we are doing this study.” Only God could have orchestrated something like this. Our teacher, Shawn, was only 44 and leaves behind his wife, Valerie, and two children ages 9 and 11. He had a heart attack while away on business. We have been in shock for two weeks. But that death has made this study all the more poignant and powerful.

We were shocked at Shawn’s death, but God wasn’t. The amazing thing to me is that while you were writing this study, God knew then how it would minister to the ladies in our class – how timely it would be. He continually amazes me.

I just wanted to let you know how the study has been ministering to our broken and heavy hearts. Thank you for allowing God to speak in and through you. :)
Carol Hatcher , Bible study leader Buford, GA

 I am absolutely passionate about woman’s Bible study. As my Tuesday night group completed From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy, we were deeply moved as we realized that in 6 powerful weeks we now understood what it means to leave a ‘Godly legacy’. I am humbled beyond words to have the opportunity to leave such a legacy for my precious loved ones. 

In  From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy,  Leah leaves no stone unturned about what Scripture desires for us as women to embrace and live out in our daily lives. Obedience or disobedience, holiness or unholiness…that is our choice. In this study you will learn which path you are on. May the sweet Lord, Jesus bless your journey as you study From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy.    Joy Kight,  Ladies Bible study leader, FBC Blairsville; Former Women’s Ministry Director, Amelia Baptist Church, Fernandina Beach, FL

I wanted you to know that from a 25 year-old, married female perspective, I very much enjoyed the study for these reasons:
1. Leaving a legacy is something every human can relate to.
2. The amount of scripture included; too often, bible studies are more narrative in nature and less scriptural. There is definitely something to be said for personal experience and opinions. Your own (personal experience/opinions) balanced with the amount of scriptural references in the Legacy study was perfect. I really liked how you challenge the reader to look up verses on their own.
3. I’m really busy and don’t always have, or make, time for much outside of a daily Bible reading. I found that with your study, even though I may not have sat down at that very moment and did an actual quiet time, a lot of the content stayed with me throughout the day and I periodically pondered scripture, challenges and lessons presented in the studies. I think the sheer fact that you added quiet time to the study kept it a lasting thought in my mind through the course of the day.
It is evident that God has touched your life and walked you through writing such a valuable lesson for myself and many other young women. Thanks for sharing.
Allison, 20s

 The ladies at New Holland Baptist enjoyed the study very much.

To end the study, I had three of our ladies to get up and share their testimony and legacy with our group. It was a great time of sharing. I love the way women can get together and share and laugh and cry with one another and whatever is said is okay. You can know someone for years and not know some of the things that are shared during a study such as this. I am simply blown away that God can make beauty from ashes and lift our heads in glorious victory no matter what trash pile we’ve dug around in!
Thank you for being willing to walk in obedience and allow God to use you to pen the words for this study to help us in our legacy journeys!
Janice Smallwood, Bible study leader at New Holland Baptist Church in Gainesville, GA


Leah’s writing never ceases to inspire and encourage me to put into action what she teaches. She has a contagious love for Jesus that is demonstrated beautifully in her writing. Leah is a woman building a legacy of Jesus for future generations of women to follow.
Mariel Davenport, 30’s, Bible-teacher and author of Knowing God through His Names

I loved the whole study, but I must say the last week really spoke to me. I was so moved to read the stories of real women with real struggles but also with a real love for the Lord and a desire to leave something behind that really matters.
Lisa, 40’s

The study was excellent!! It challenges you to take a good hard look at what you are leaving behind for future generations and why leaving a godly legacy is so important. I love Leah’s down-to-earth writing style which relates sound bibilical principles to every day life. The testimonies are a beautiful reminder of God’s redeeming grace and that it is never too late to start building a godly legacy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Kristy, 40’s

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this study. It made me really evaluate my legacy. I have verbalized my desire to leave a legacy for my children and all children that I work with, but this study caused me look and see if I am putting my words into action.
Carol, 30’s

Your study is incredible! I love the basics of how it is set up and it is rich in the Word. You have done a phenomenal job on your first study. I am so enjoying my time in it. The Legacy Bible study is really getting to some stuff in my heart and lining up with things God was already doing. You are a part of the work He is doing in me…a work that will touch generations. Thank you so much!
Kimberly Henderson, A Planting of Lord Blog

What woman would not be blessed beyond measure by this Bible study!! I loved it from the very beginning. I love that Leah shares her heart so transparently in this study. You have a treasure in this Bible study.
Joy, 60’s

This has been a most meaningful study to me. It has challenged me and encouraged me. Even given me a confidence in my love for JESUS that I did not expect. Thank you is hardly enough to express my gratitude to our LORD and to you. Leah, I got answers about me that I have so needed. For the first time that I can remember got my ’emotions’ around a verse of Scripture that will impact me from here to eternity and it was in your study that it came. I do not take that lightly. Thank you, Leah. 
Kathie 40s
I am so thankful for the study on Leaving a Godly Legacy and its impact on me. While I am only part way through the study I am so glad to have had the opportunity to cover the material with you as the study leader. The “hinge moment” has made me realize points in my life where God made Himself known to me in such fresh ways as well as that original “hinge moment” where I knew I had to choose myself or God calling me to Himself in His saving grace.

The legacy we leave and those that have been left to us by family and friends makes me so aware of the way God has been preparing and waiting for me to listen to Him.

Jehovah-Jireh, the God who foresees and provides. This study again reveals Him to me in fresh ways. Thank you so much for providing a format where I can relive, refresh and renew my personal walk with God.
Scott King 40s
“Thank you again for your wonderful ministry. I feel as if I know you since I did your wonderful Bible study. I got so much out of it and it has really changed the way I live my life.”
Sue, 60’s

“Leah, I am your 95 year old student. I guess it is true that we are never too old to learn. Until this study I had not thought about my  leaving a legacy, or of having one left to me. I can see how blessed I have been by those of my family and friends. I pray my life will be a blessing to those who come after me and I will be remembered as one who loved the Lord, my family and friends.”                                                                                                            Emma Ruth,90’s


“This is a wonderful, eye-opening study, firmly based on Scripture. Being asked to write our own story really wrapped up all we learned. Thank you and your friends for candidly sharing your stories. Each one was beautifully painted with God’s faithfulness.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Becky, 50’s or 60’s


“[The Legacy study]…has been my first as I am a new Christian since May 24, 2011. I must say that ‘Godly Legacy’ has had a major impact on me and has shed yet another new light onto my life. The legacy stories shared in your book are awesome and touching and have shown me the importance of leaving my own legacy based on faith, character, and holiness.”                                                                                                                                             Marilyn, 50’s or 60’s


“Awesome–the entire study!!!! I am 66 years old, and I’m embarrassed to say it, I gave little thought to my legacy even though I had been weaving my legacy for years. Your study brought deep thought and a thorough soul searching in my life for these six week.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Linda, 60’s


” [The Legacy study}… was a well written, God inspired Bible study. It made me really think about what type of legacy I am leaving behind. The daily homework had humor, was easy to do, yet made me really think about my legacy. Week Four really stepped on my toes because my tongue gets me in trouble.”

“I wish this book had been available when I was younger. I can’t help but think what a blessing it would be if my granddaughters could have participated in this Bible study.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Peggy, 50’s or 60’s


 “The testimonies (in the study) by Leah and others were not sugar coated, but brutally honest. Many times we are able to see the sin of others, but have a hard time acknowledging our own. Yet, Leah placed us, through this study, in a position which allowed us to see ourself as God sees us and it ‘ain’t purty’. I found the lessons interesting enough that I did not want to stop at the end of the day’s lesson, but wanted to continue. The self examination did not stop at the end of the lesson, since I found myself thinking and praying about how my actions reflected my legacy.”

Judy, 60’s

 So You Think You Can Speak?

What qualifies Leah to speak?

First and foremost, a heart totally in love with Jesus and a desire to communicate that love to others. Leah teaches ladies Bible study groups in her hometown. She is a graduate of CLASS, the premier Christian speaker training organization in the United States. Prior to being called to ministry, Leah spent extensive time teaching physicians and other medical personnel about medical therapies used to treat cholesterol disorders. She has lectured for various pharmaceutical companies on the specifics of medications. Leah is totally comfortable in front of audiences–large or small.

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Interested in hearing a portion of one of Leah’s messages? Here is a sample from her testimony given in Westminster, SC in 2011.

Sample Messages and Retreat Packages

Listed here are only a few of the messages that the Lord has given Leah. The Lord may give her a unique message developed specifically for your event. Consequently, she spends much time seeking the Lord’s guidance for each individual speaking engagement. While each topic differs, the focal point of each is Jesus and the forgiveness He offers to each and every person willing to receive it.

Legacy – What Are You Leaving for the Generations That Come Behind You?

Listen to a Sample of Legacy Here

This can be a single message or a 2-3 message retreat package
This is Leah’s signature message and the one upon which her Bible study is based
When you and I leave this earth, each of us will leave a legacy to those who come behind us. In this message, Leah reminds her hearers of the things that make up our legacy and how each of us is solely responsible for what our legacy looks like. The grace of God spills forth over all who hear this message as Leah encourages with reminders of those in the Bible who left legacies after which we can pattern our lives.
Purity, Legacy, and Modesty – Weekend Retreat for girls and young women

 In this 2-3 message retreat series, Leah uses a biblical approach to teach young women the importance of sexual purity and modesty in dress and actions. By helping them understand God’s design for sexual purity and the importance of the marriage covenant, Leah leads young women to consider why it is  important to them to remain pure. Our world simply says, “Don’t have sex”. Leah shares, in a no-holds barred fashion and using her personal testimony, why purity matters and modesty rocks.

Trusting God’s Heart

Single message

Based on the much loved quote from Charles Spurgeon that speaks of the goodness and wisdom of God, Leah speaks directly to her hearers about ways that we can observe those attributes of God and apply them directly to our lives in order to build our faith and trust in God—in the good times and in the bad. Using interesting stories and analogies, Leah teaches truth about the grace and love of Jesus Christ for His children.

Stepping Out in Faith

Single message

In this message, Leah applies the story of Joshua and the children of Israel crossing over the Jordon River into the Promised land to encourage Christians to step out in faith and watch God roll back the “Jordans” in their lives.

Shame is not God’s Game

Single Message

Using a powerful visual display, Leah encourages the listener to not accept the shame that Satan tries to heap on those who have ‘messed up’ in their past—which includes most of the human race! The grace that is offered by the blood of Jesus Christ is the cure for shame and Leah’s message is a sweet balm to the heart that is hurting because of shame.

Psalm 121

Two to three message event package

This beautiful Psalm from the Psalms of Ascent provides ample opportunity to focus on the protective nature of our loving heavenly Father, as well as the tendency we have to lift our eyes to things and people other than God. In addition, Leah uses Psalm 23 and the partaking of communion to offer a time of reflection at the end of the retreat.

Answer the Call—Be A Blessing

Single Message

As she teaches from corresponding passages in the Old and New Testaments, Leah reminds the listener of Abraham’s call to an intimate walk with God. Then, using both Abraham and Jesus Christ as examples, she goes on to encourage today’s Christian to answer the call that God has placed on their life. 

What is that I Smell?
Two to Three Message Event
Second Corinthians 2:14-16 urges Christians to be the FRAGRANCE of Christ in our generation. In this retreat package, Leah encourages the participant to consider what being the fragrance of Jesus Christ looks like. This challenging set of messages is appropriate for ladies of all age and stages. 
Quiet Confidence
Single Message
When struggles and troubles hit, how do you react? Are you the one who needs to be DOING something or are you the one who is paralyzed by fear? Perhaps you are the steady Eddie who just takes everything in stride. In this message, Leah mines the treasures in Isaiah 30 to show us what God wants us to do when trials and troubles come.

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