Thanksgiving Week: A Giveaway and a Coupon

Hello dear readers,

I will be taking time away from the blog next week to be with family for the Thanksgiving holiday. Next week will be a difficult week for my family, as Monday will be the one year anniversary of my Mother’s passing. We rejoice, though, that Mother is with Jesus, and we will see her again one day.

The only post I will have next week will be on Thanksgiving Day. I want to offer you, my friends, a couple of gifts.

First, for all bloggers….I want to encourage you to sign up for Arabah Joy’s final session of Christian Bloggers Bootcamp for 2015. Registration will open on Black Friday and will close on December 1st.




The information I learned in this online, work-at-your-own-pace course was worth far more than I paid for it. As I told you in this post, the Pinterest information alone was worth the price of the course ($75). I was blessed to have a post go viral solely because of a Pin I created for that particular post. In addition to the Pinterest material, you are encouraged to develop a strategy for your blog, as well as a mission statement which keeps you focused. You learn to identify and create Pillar Posts, as well as wonderful images to go with them. Y’all, this course is the BOMB!



CBB image


I am offering a coupon for 10% off the registration fee that you can use when you sign up for the Black Friday offering of Christian Bloggers Bootcamp. The code is only good from November 27 until December 1. When you sign up, please use code LCA10. NOTE: I am an affiliate of CBB, and will earn a small commission if you sign up using my coupon code. I am grateful for your support.




In addition, everyone who signs up and uses my code (LCA10) will have their name entered in a drawing for some of my products:

After registration closes, I will draw one name from all who have used my coupon code to register. That person will receive a grab bag of my products. So, you have two incentives to be part of Christian Bloggers Bootcamp.


Also on Thanksgiving, I want to say ‘THANK YOU’ to you, my readers. I am going to host a giveaway of some beautiful notecards. I received them as a gift and loved them so much that I want to tell you about them and offer you the chance to win some. So, in between the turkey and pumpkin pie, check back here on Thanksgiving Day for my THANKS TO YOU GIVEAWAY.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving, dear friends.

The Loft ~ Living Thankful

Today is our final Loft gathering for the month of November. The Loft will be closed next week as we observe Thanksgiving. Today, I want to offer one final thing for which I am profoundly grateful.




Please link up your post about being thankful using the linky at the bottom of this post.



The Loft: A weekly Hangout and Link Up for Christian bloggers
Graphic by Kerry Messer




November Prompts: The month of November will be all about Thanksgiving and being thankful. Any post, picture, poem, song about thankfulness is what we are linking up in November.

NOTE: The Loft will be closed on November 25th so that we can celebrate Thanksgiving and spend time with family.

December Prompts: The Loft will have an abbreviated schedule during the month of December. We will gather here on December 2nd and 9th. Our prompt for those weeks will be Christmas. You may link up any Christmas related posts on those days. Then, The Loft will be closed for the remainder of December. We will re-open in January.   

I hope you will plan to join us each week at The Loft Link-Up.

Now, it is time to link-up!!

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When God Takes Your Breath Away

I have driven down that hill at least a thousand times over the course of the twenty years that my parents lived there. It is a long, winding driveway, bordered on both sides by rolling fields. The vistas are spectacular with mountains in every direction. The only thing that mars the pastoral beauty of the scene are towering, steel power poles running up the middle of the property. Along with the poles come power lines that hang from pole to pole. A single power line branches off the main length to supply power to the neighbors on the southwest side of the property.

Last week I had been over to my parents’ home late in the afternoon to do a bit of work in the office. The sun had begun its descent in the western sky, and I drove into it as I went down the hill. My mind was on a thousand other things, and little did I know that God had a mind to take my breath away with something magnificent. As I drove out of the first curve, I looked toward the neighbor’s home, into the setting sun, and saw something I had never seen before. It literally took my breath away.

Illuminated by the sun, hundreds of unconnected spider webs hung on the power line, and waved gently in the afternoon breeze. The sight was all at once, magnificent and ethereal. I stopped my car and just watched these tiny silver slivers undulate back and forth. When I allowed my gaze to shift away from them, I looked down into the field and saw more webs blowing in the breeze. The sun’s position was just right to illuminate hundreds of them that were attached to the grass in the field.




I know this cannot be the first time these webs have been on the grass and power lines, yet it is the first time I have ever seen them illuminated in such a spectacular way. Seeing this sight reminded me that God puts beauty in unexpected places. He cares so deeply about us. He was not obligated to show me the webs that took my breath away that day, yet He did it because He loves me and wanted to delight me. It was such a lovely gift to me.

Seeing those webs that day required me to be in the right place at the right time.

I believe there are many things that God would like to show us~~beautiful things, important things~~things that will draw us closer to Him and help us trust Him more. He told us in Jeremiah 33:3 to call to Him and He would tell us great and awesome things that we do not know. Check out this verse in the Amplified Bible:


Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden, which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of and understand).


In order for God to reveal those things to us, we have to be positioned rightly before Him. We have to come humbly to Him with clean hearts. There is no way around it~~un-confessed sin in our heart creates a distance between us and God.

I want to see and know and experience everything that God has for me while I walk the dusty sod of earth. I want my relationship with Him to be unhindered and intimate. That is why it is so important for me to take time each day to ask Him to show me anything that hinders my relationship with Him. When He does, I must ask for forgiveness for it and turn away from what He has shown me. I need to stay in the Scriptures daily so that I know His heart and His plan for me. His plan for me will NEVER be contrary to Scripture. NEVER! It is a must for me to be obedient to what I find in the Scriptures, rather than seek my own will and way.




God has promised to show and tell us things we do not know, but He will not do it if we are not walking closely with Him. Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear Him? Is your heart properly positioned before Him? If you can answer YES to both questions, then open your eyes and see the wonders He has for you.


Five Minute Friday ~ Weary

I had another post planned for today, but when I saw the #FMFparty prompt, I knew God was calling me to write on it. So, here we go.

I am a self-confessed Type A. I go, go, go. I do, do, do. My motto has always been ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself.’ I have always been a performance-driven individual, seeking to be the best and do the best. When I begin something, I take responsibility for it and see it through to the end. Some of these tendencies are good and right, while others…not so much.

In the past ten years, I have come to understand that go, go, go and do, do, do will wear one completely out. It will make one WEARY, and that weariness is a clarion call from Jesus to stop and rest. How we answer that call makes all the difference in the world.


Come to me



I began leading and hosting a ladies Bible study group in my home in January of 2001. I have written about this precious group many times here on the blog. They are my sisters. We have loved one another, prayed for one another, and held each other’s arms up when the battle grew fierce. We have loved, laugh, eaten, and cried together more times than I can count. Not enough Christians have the privilege and blessing of being part of a small group like this. It has been a source of strength and fellowship for me for 15 solid years.

Our group did my HeBrews study this fall, and of course, I led the study and hosted. Something was not quite right, however. On Monday nights I would find myself dreading Tuesday morning, and wishing I could have the option of not attending. I could not do that, however, because I was the leader and the group met at my home. I thought that my feelings were because we were doing MY study. I have this aversion to leading my own studies. I feel like I am pushing MY work on the group and hogging the floor time. I much prefer to lead another author’s study.

About three-quarters of the way through the study, the Lord gave me an ‘a-ha’ moment. I realized that what I was feeling was because I was WEARY. Life had dealt some devastating blows in the past year, and I had not truly taken time to rest and recover from them. I had pushed ahead with work, and family, and life, and ministry, and leading Bible study. Now, all of my go, go, go, and do, do, do had come crashing in on me in the form of WEARY. I knew, without a doubt, that the Lord was calling me to step back from leading and hosting Tuesday morning Bible study.

“But, Lord, if I don’t lead and host, the group might dissolve.”

How prideful of me to think that I was the glue that held the group together!

I asked Jesus to forgive me for that pride, and to lead and guide me as I shared my feelings with my core group. I told them the following:

I am WEARY, friends. Not tired, as in not-enough-sleep tired. Rather it is a soul weariness. I have felt this for a while now, but have not been willing to admit it because I feel so responsible for the group. But, the time has come to share it with you.


It was a hard thing… this stepping out in faith that God already had plans for this group. If someone stepped forward to lead, the group would continue, but if no one stepped forward, the group would dissolve. That last part was the challenge for my WEARY heart. I had to let go of control of the group, and trust Jesus. I had to realize that perhaps His plan might be to scatter the seeds that have been sown over the past 15 years.

As it turns out, the core group affirmed the value of Tuesday morning and sought a way to keep it going, while allowing me the blessing of stepping back from leading and hosting. These women….I love them so!

I believe that my willingness to acknowledge my WEARY soul will lead to blessings for me, and multiplied for the ladies who stepped forward to lead the Bible study group.

Are you WEARY? If so, God is probably trying to get your attention.




The Loft ~ Living Thankful Part 2

Hello Wednesday! And, Hello Loft Friends!

Today we continue with our focus on thankfulness. Last week’s post seemed to resonate with folks, so today I will continue my list of things for which I am thankful.

God’s timing in our lives – He is never too early, never too late. He is always right on time.


Praying friends who stand in the gap


Sweet gifts that arrive unexpectedly


Missionaries who give devote lives to sharing the gospel of Jesus


Rain and sunshine


Restorative sleep


The way Scripture speaks to us individually and specifically


My education and training as a pharmacist – Yes, I complain about working as a pharmacist. No, it is not what I love to do. Yes, I am blessed to have a job that pays well.


My employers – I’m thankful for a place to work that is owned by Christians.


My in-laws, Charles and Betty Adams, who celebrate 60 years of marriage this year. A beautiful legacy!


I’m thankful that my parents, Wayne and Barbara Colwell, are safe in heaven with Jesus and no longer have to endure this mad, mad world.


Physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals who work to improve quality of life


What are you thankful for today? I hope you will link up your post on thankfulness this week using the linky at the end of this post.

The Loft: A weekly Hangout and Link Up for Christian bloggers
Graphic by Kerry Messer




To Participate:

1. Be creative. We provide the prompt. You feel free to use words, photos, video, audio, your family pet, whatever, to communicate on the weekly prompt.

2. Listen twice as much. If you leave one link, visit two.

3. Be a community. Include #TheLoft graphic and/or hashtag in your post and social media so we can find each other.

4. Write like Jesus would write. We are a Christian link-up. Offensive or inappropriate posts will be deleted. No questions asked.

5. Be pertinent. Our heart is to build community and intimacy, and our means to do that is to build each link-up around a single prompt. Please make sure your post is on topic.

6. Link-Up. Each Wednesday morning at 5am EST, the link goes live, and for 6 glorious days you can link up your post on that week’s prompt. The linky will close at 5pm EST on Monday.


The Loft Link Up




November Prompts: The month of November will be all about Thanksgiving and being thankful. Any post, picture, poem, song about thankfulness is what we are linking up in November.

NOTE: The Loft will be closed on November 25th so that we can celebrate Thanksgiving and spend time with family.

I hope you will plan to join us each week at The Loft Link-Up.

Now, it is time to link-up!!

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3 Reasons Why We are NOT All God’s Children

“We are All God’s Children.”

Over the years I have heard person after person use this phrase to attempt to position themselves in the family of God. Their logic is that God created every person, so we must be His children.

Sounds good, huh? Well, maybe. It always bothered me a bit, but I was never in a position to dispute their logic….until now.



All God's Children



Over the weekend, I was scribing in my Journible. The Journible that I am using currently is the book of Romans, and I was in the eighth chapter. As an aside, I am convinced that we, as Christ-followers, do not study the book of Romans nearly enough. It is rich, deep, and incredibly foundational. So, if you are looking for a book of the Bible to study, I would suggest Romans.

The thought that ‘we are all God’s children’ is a nice one. It makes for warm, fuzzy feelings in the heart; a bit like sitting around a campfire singing ‘Kumbaya’. The problem is that it is not Scriptural. So, today I want us to consider three reasons why we are NOT all God’s children.



The basic assumption in the ‘we are all God’s children’ theology is that God created all of us, so we must be His children. I can give the ‘we are all God’s children’ proponents a gold star for acknowledging that God exists and creates. But, to be someone’s child assumes a parent-child relationship. It also assumes that one of two things happened: the child was either born into the family, or they were adopted.

In the Old Testament, God had children. Those children were the nation of Israel. He was their God, and they were, for better or worse, His people. Only when an outsider believed in the God of Israel were they taken into, or adopted into, God’s family, i.e. Ruth, Rahab.

In the New Testament, and going forward, the Jewish people rejected Jesus, God’s Son by relationship. In doing so, they set themselves outside of God’s family. From the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the only way to be part of God’s family, or to be His child, is to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life. Jesus made this crystal clear in John 14:6 when He said that no one comes to God except through Him. Hebrews 2:11 also speaks to the issue of God’s family.

First, there must be a relationship in order to be God’s child.



Once you have asked Jesus to be your Lord, and to forgive you of your sins, you are saved. In that moment of salvation, the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of Christ, comes to live within you, and He never leaves you. He is the seal, or guarantee, of your salvation.

Romans 8:9 (ESV) is the verse that spoke clearly to me on this issue is a child of God. Paul is seeking to clarify what qualifies a person as belonging to God. Consider this verse:

You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you. Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.

“Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him” [God]. Also consider Romans 8:14 which tells us that anyone who is a child/son of God is led by the Spirit.

Second, in order to be God’s child, you must have His Spirit living within you.



In a parent-child relationship, the parent can, and should, expect obedience from the child. The motivation for obedience can vary. At times as a child, I was highly motivated to be obedient to my parents because I did not want the Bolo paddle applied to my backside. Other times, my motivation came simply from a heart of love toward my parents. Either way, as their child, I was expected to be obedient.

God expects no less from His children. He has set forth His commands in Scripture, and He expects His children to know the expectations and follow them. They are for our good because He knows what we need. He is not some cosmic judge just waiting to zap us when we are bad. He loves His children and wants them to be the recipients of His best for them. That best comes when we are obedient to His Word. (John 14:23-24, John 15:10, Romans 8:7, and 1 John 5:3)

Third, God’s children must be willing to be obedient to His commands in Scripture…..all of them.


We are NOT All God’s Children. Only those who are adopted into His family through the saving work of Jesus are God’s children. Are you one of God’s children?

Celebrate the Seasons of Life


Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.

I am supremely blessed to live in a location where we have four distinct seasons. Our spring in the North Georgia Mountains overflows with green leaves and beautiful blooms of every color imaginable. Summer rushes in with her 90-plus degree temperatures, pushing spring out of the way much too quickly. With Autumn’s stunning color displays comes festival season and loads of tourists swarming our mountains, hoping to catch the leaves at their peak. Finally, Winter arrives, with her chill, reduction, and barrenness. Seasons.


Celebrate Seasons


Just as the earth experiences changes of seasons, so it is with humanity.

In the Spring of our lives, we are born. We learn to walk and talk, do math, ride a bicycle, read. and swim. Our parents and others hold our hands and teach us how to bloom in our corner of the world. Our worlds are small and closely connected in the Spring.

As we move into the Summer of our lives, we should have left behind the child-like things of this world, and now function as adults in the world. We have jobs, spouses, children, and bills to pay. For most people, the Summer of life is when their health is good, and often taken for granted.

The Autumn of life brings changes that are sometimes shocking. We are faced with the reality that we can no longer physically do some of the things we could in Summer. Yet there are great joys in this season. Adult children, grandchildren, and good friends pepper our lives, just to name a few. We have gained a measure of wisdom that only time and mistakes can teach, and we have a responsibility to share that wisdom with others. Our focus begins to narrow to what is really important…things like family, health, and leaving a legacy for those who come behind us.

Winter’s reduction often seems harsh. It is that time when the seeming usefulness of a person is stripped away, and all that remains is sickness and age. Yet, there is so much blessing in Winter. The Bible is clear that those in the winter of life are to be esteemed. Our society casts away the aged, yet God used so many in the Winter of their lives for His purposes. Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born. Moses was 80 when he was called to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Anna and Simeon were well advanced in years when God gave them the privilege of recognizing Messiah when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple to be dedicated. John was in his 80s or 90s when he wrote The Revelation. The Winter is when God calls us home, yet that call will not come until we have fully served God’s purposes here on earth.

I have a friend who reminded me that God has a plan and a purpose for every season of our lives. Each season is content with its purpose. Spring doesn’t fret about what will happen in summer. Summer doesn’t fret about how harsh winter will be. The seasons submit to God’s plan, and flow beautifully along.

Just as each season of the earth has beauty and purpose…new life for plants and animals in the Spring, growth and production in Summer, harvest and beautiful leaves in the Autumn, and rest and preparation for the next year in Winter…so it is with the seasons of our lives.

I’m in the Autumn of my life, and I want this season to produce a beautiful harvest for Jesus. I want to accept with grace that Summer is past, yet live eagerly to fulfill my Autumn purpose. Just as God plans and executes the seasons on earth, I trust that He will take care of me in whatever season of life I am walking through.

Whatever season you are in, trust Him, friend! He has purpose for you in that season, so seek that purpose. He longs to use you in this season. Celebrate the Seasons of your Life!

Christian Bloggers BootCamp Registration Opens on Black Friday!

When I began writing in 2002, I had never heard of word “blog”. In fact, email was pretty ‘cutting edge’ for me in those days. By 2006, the number of people receiving my weekly email had outgrown what my internet service provider was comfortable with, and many people were not receiving the email. I happened upon an article about ‘blogging’. What in the world was that?

I soon learned that with a blog I could write and share my thoughts in a space that was available for the world to see. I immediately swapped email for blogging and I’ve never looked back.

Over the years the look of my blog has changed a few times, but the purpose never has. My purpose has always been to share the love and grace of Jesus through the teaching of Scripture. That will remain my purpose until Jesus tells me something different.

As one called into ministry, I believe that it is my responsibility to be the best writer, the best speaker, the best follower of Jesus that I can be. To this end, I enrolled in my friend, Arabah Joy’s, course, Christian Bloggers BootCamp, that teaches authors and bloggers how to maximize their impact in the blogging and social media world. Arabah Joy’s heart is for helping writers and bloggers be the very best they can be as they share the message that God has given them.


Photo courtesy of Death to Stock

Photo courtesy of Death to Stock



Are you a writer? Are you a blogger? Do you want to start a blog or have a website?  

If so, this course is for you. Here is why I am such a huge fan of Christian Bloggers BootCamp:

  • It helped me double my blog traffic!! (More traffic means more people hearing about Jesus!!)
  • The PINTEREST material I learned in this course helped me have a post that went viral!!!!
  • The assignments are simple and clear.
  • You learn about the power of social media and what it takes to get noticed in a social media world.
  • The cost of $75 is very reasonable. (I’ve taken blogging courses that cost hundreds of dollars in the past. Not this one. In CBB, you strike gold for about it costs to have your roots touched up at the salon.) NOTE: The price for the course will go up significantly in 2016, so now is the time to sign up!
  • I know Arabah Joy personally, and I love her heart for helping bloggers.
  • The course is a work-at-your-own pace, so there is no high pressure involved.
    • It is focused on CHRISTIAN writers and bloggers, but any writer and blogger can benefit.
  • There is a money back guarantee. If, after fully engaging in the course, you do not love it and see results, AJ will refund your money. You cannot lose, friend.

Want to learn more about Christian Bloggers BootCamp? Here is what another blogger says about it:


Photo courtesy of Death to Stock

Photo courtesy of Death to Stock



I believe in Christian Bloggers BootCamp so much, that I want to offer you, my fellow blogger, an incentive to sign up for the Black Friday session. The price of the course for this Black Friday special is $75. The price will go up in 2016, however. So, how does 10% off the cost sound? Registration begins on Black Friday and is open for only 5 days. You can take advantage of my 10% off offer for these 5 days. Simply use code LCA10 to get your discount on the cost of Christian Bloggers BootCamp.


Photo courtesy of Death to Stock.

Photo courtesy of Death to Stock.


I do need to tell you that I am an affiliate for Christian Blogger BootCamp, which means I will receive a small commission when you use my code to sign up. However, I would not recommend this course if I did not believe in it 1000%. Friend, I promise you will not regret signing up for it. Click here to learn more and sign up for a notification when enrollment opens on Black Friday.


The Loft Link-Up ~ Living Thankful

Throughout the month of November our topic each week at The Loft will be THANKFULNESS. Any post on thankfulness will be a beautiful addition to our link-up this month.

Today, I want to offer a list of 20 things for which I am thankful. It is certainly not an exhaustive list, but just what hits my heart in the moment:

 That Jesus saved me and puts up with me


My husband…that he puts up with me


My health…I’ve always been blessed with good health and I do not take that for granted


Good jobs – Greg and I are extremely blessed


My Bible…I do not take for granted the fact that I have Bibles everywhere in my home. Some people have no access to Bibles.


My kids…Bree, Charlie, Parker, Coleson, Kalem, Emily, and so many more who I love and pray for on a regular basis


Bible study girls…oh what a blessing they are to me!


Indoor plumbing! Oh don’t look at me like that. You are thankful for indoor plumbing, too!


Autumn color and temperatures


Upcoming ministry opportunities – I will be speaking in Blairsville in November and December, and in LaGrange, Georgia in December!


My publisher, Warner Press, and my editor, Karen Rhodes


Godly mentors


My parents and grandparents


A Christian heritage – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc


Toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, running water and other items for personal hygiene


Good books – getting ready to begin reading Brennan Manning’s The Ragamuffin Gospel.


Ample food


Christian music


Opportunities to mentor


Redemption and do-overs – oh how I have needed these in my journey!


No doubt, I could go on and on. Perhaps I will dedicate another post here at The Loft to my list of things for which I am thankful.

I’m eager to read your post, friends, so link up using the linky at the bottom of my post. Have a wonderful day!


The Loft: A weekly Hangout and Link Up for Christian bloggers
Graphic by Kerry Messer




To Participate:

1. Be creative. We provide the prompt. You feel free to use words, photos, video, audio, your family pet, whatever, to communicate on the weekly prompt.

2. Listen twice as much. If you leave one link, visit two.

3. Be a community. Include #TheLoft graphic and/or hashtag in your post and social media so we can find each other.

4. Write like Jesus would write. We are a Christian link-up. Offensive or inappropriate posts will be deleted. No questions asked.

5. Be pertinent. Our heart is to build community and intimacy, and our means to do that is to build each link-up around a single prompt. Please make sure your post is on topic.

6. Link-Up. Each Wednesday morning at 5am EST, the link goes live, and for 6 glorious days you can link up your post on that week’s prompt. The linky will close at 5pm EST on Monday.


The Loft Link Up




November Prompts: The month of November will be all about Thanksgiving and being thankful. Any post, picture, poem, song about thankfulness is what we are linking up in November.

I hope you will plan to join us each week at The Loft Link-Up. 

Now, it is time to link-up!!

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Bandwidth, The Revelation, and Blog Images

A cluttered mind is a sign of….. Well, I’m not sure what it is a sign of, but I have one today. Therefore, I’ve decided to use this space to attempt a bit of de-clutter and to fill you in on a few things that might be of interest to you, my readers.




Bandwidth Exceeded

The main reason I’m feeling a bit discombobulated is because of this error message that flashed on my computer screen when I tried to open my website on Friday morning.  “Bandwidth exceeded”. Huh? What do I do with that?

Now, I ‘m a techno-idiot, so I had no idea what that meant. I immediately emailed my web guru-girl with an SOS for help. I suspected that I might have been hacked. In the meantime, I had a Facebook conversation with my friend AJ and told her what had happened. She said, “Oh dear, that stinks. The good news is, your traffic is soaring and causing that!”

Like Sarah in the Old Testament, I laughed to myself and thought, “Yea, right. I doubt that.” What AJ was saying was that my website was getting lots and lots of many that it overloaded my capacity. “Yea, right!” I’ve never had a post go viral, so I was sure that my diagnosis of a hacking was correct.

In the meantime, I hopped over to my Google Analytics page, secretly hoping that AJ was right. Holy cow! This is what I saw:




AJ was right! My website usually gets around 90-120 page views per day (the flat part of the blue line). Beginning on October 20th and lasting through October 29th, one of my posts that I wrote and posted months ago went viral. At the peak of the time, my website got 948 page views (Mount Kilimanjaro there in the picture) . Because of all the traffic, my capacity on my website was exceeded and I was shut down by my hosting service. The post that went viral was this one:


What About Hell_


The good news is that my web guru added bandwidth to my site on Saturday morning and I was back up and running.

I have no idea who picked up on my post on hell and promoted it so much that it went viral. Wish I did. I would love to thank them! I do know that the majority of the traffic came from Pinterest. Creating amazing Pins for each of my posts has really increased my overall blog traffic. My friend AJ offers a blogging course (Christian Bloggers Bootcamp)  a few times a year that teaches you all about how to blog more effectively. The information I learned in her course enabled me to create the Pin that I used on the hell post, and that pin caused my post to go viral!! I’ll be sharing information very soon on when AJ will be running another Christian Bloggers Bootcamp. I highly recommend that you sign up for it. Stay tuned.

A New Teaching Series – The Revelation

I have shared here in the past that my Tuesday morning small group spent almost two years studying through the book of The Revelation with Precept Ministries material. In addition, a few years ago I wrote a series here on the blog looking at the seven churches of The Revelation.

Over the past few months I have felt the Holy Spirit leading me toward another series examining the entire book of The Revelation. I’ll be very transparent with you….a series from Revelation scares the bejeebers out of me, for a whole host of reasons. The two primary ones are:

  • I’m not an authority on Revelation.
  • I still have many questions about the events of The Revelation.

Yet, the Spirit seems to be saying, “Write”. So, I’m praying about it. I’m asking the Lord for a cool, catchy title for the series. I’m asking Him for an outline. In short, I’m asking Him for everything….words, pictures, timelines……everything I need to write the series.

This is where YOU, my readers, come in. I would love to hear your thoughts on a couple of things:

  • What kind of series from The Revelation would capture your attention? A chapter by chapter look? A topical look at major themes? A topical look at major players? Word studies from The Revelation? A Q&A? Something else?
  • For those of you who are uber-creative…help me come up with a cool, catchy title for the series.

Again, stay tuned. I will let you know more as the Lord reveals it to me.


Blog Post Images

This part of the post is for bloggers only, and is a major Public Service Announcement. Blogging friends, I have had two friends get slammed with fines and/or lawsuits because they used images on their blog that either they did not acquire correctly, or did not give proper attribution to the creator. This is getting to be a very big deal in the world of blogging. There are folks out there who are paid to surf blogs and look for posts that use images without proper attribution. The fines for doing this can amount to the thousands of dollars.

So, a word to the wise. If you are going to use stock images, please, please pay the fees to acquire them and give proper attribution to the creator. I am in the process of going through every image on my blog to make sure I have done this. If you have images that you think are not acquired or attributed properly, either fix them or DELETE THEM RIGHT NOW!!!

The best practice for blog post images is to use your own photos. That is what I am doing for the most part now. Occasionally I will purchase one from a stock image site like Fotolia. I also use awesome images from Death to the Stock Photos, which are completely free. Join Death to the Stock now! You will be so glad you did!!


I think I have de-cluttered a bit. I will be eager to get your input about today’s post. Any of the topics on today’s post is fair game for comment. So, comment away, friends! You are a blessing to me! Thanks for reading.