Five Minute Friday ~ Visit

Hello friends! Five Minute Friday time, once again. I have been praying for the words for today’s word prompt. In case you are not familiar with Five Minute Friday, let me tell you about this wonderful little party.

#FMFparty is a single word prompt tossed out by Kate Motaung on Thursday evening. Bloggers from all over the world take hold of this word and write for 5 minutes about it. Then, we post our writing and join the linky party. It is so much fun, and I really look forward to it every week. Here is today’s word prompt:




Ready? Set? Go!


I saw them almost every day, for many years after my husband and I moved back to our home town. Some days is would only be a phone visit, while others would be a face-to-face visit. My parents lived about half a mile from, as the crow flies, so when I would go out walking for exercise, I would stop in and VISIT. Their home is still half a mile from me, but the VISITS have ceased.

After my Daddy went home to heaven in 2004, I made sure to VISIT my Mother each day. She came to expect me, and after a while I came to resent being expected. Finally, I told her that there would be days that I couldn’t stop by. She said that she knew I had been extra diligent about my VISITS because she was alone now, but she was fine with the VISIT frequency decreasing. So, we settled into a few times a week VISIT pattern for almost a decade.

Then came dementia for Mom. I knew she was declining quickly. My daily VISITS to the assisted living facility were more than just VISITS. They were times of reassuring her of my love for her.

In those VISITS, we talked about the same things each day. She always told me that my eyes looked pretty…every day, every VISIT. Why? Because during the time after the dementia overtook her, I had my permanent eyeliner re-applied. For whatever reason, that stuck in her quickly fading short-term memory. So, when she looked at me she would say, “Your eyes look pretty,” and I would say, “Thank you!”, as if it was the first time she had ever said it.

Every VISIT ended with me telling her, “I love you. Don’t ever forget how much I love you!” She would say, I won’t. I love you too.”

I would give anything I have on this earth to VISIT with my parents again. I miss them so much.

One day, I will VISIT with them again. When I step into heaven, and spend a bit of time worshipping at Jesus’ feet, then in my imagination, He will take my hand and say, “Your Daddy and Mother want to VISIT with you for a bit.”

And then, we will VISIT for all eternity.



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