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Legacy It's What You Leave Behind                                                   

Legacy—-it’s what you leave for the generations that follow. When all is said and done, the legacy you leave for those who come after you will be a result of the choices you make each day……choices regarding your faith, character, and holiness.  

·        Have you chosen Jesus as the Ruler and King of your life?

·        Do you believe that God will never leave you or forsake you?

·        Are you trustworthy and dependable?

·        Do you grasp the truth that because society approves of an action does not mean that it is necessarily acceptable for you as a Christian?


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 I just wanted to tell you how God orchestrated for our group to do your study at this time. Two Thursdays ago from tonight was our first meeting. We sat and talked about leaving a legacy. We discussed what we would want people to say standing at our tombstones. Then on the way home, I got a call that our Sunday school teacher of 11 years (and close friend) had died. This Bible study group is made up of the ladies of our class.

I can’t tell you how many of them have come to me and said, ‘What a God thing that we are doing this study.” Only God could have orchestrated something like this. Our teacher, Shawn, was only 44 and leaves behind his wife, Valerie, and two children ages 9 and 11. He had a heart attack while away on business. We have been in shock for two weeks. But that death has made this study all the more poignant and powerful.

We were shocked at Shawn’s death, but God wasn’t. The amazing thing to me is that while you were writing this study, God knew then how it would minister to the ladies in our class – how timely it would be. He continually amazes me.

I just wanted to let you know how the study has been ministering to our broken and heavy hearts. Thank you for allowing God to speak in and through you. 🙂
Carol Hatcher , Bible study leader Buford, GA


I am absolutely passionate about woman’s Bible study. As my Tuesday night group completed From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy, we were deeply moved as we realized that in 6 powerful weeks we now understood what it means to leave a ‘Godly legacy’. I am humbled beyond words to have the opportunity to leave such a legacy for my precious loved ones. 

In  From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy,  Leah leaves no stone unturned about what Scripture desires for us as women to embrace and live out in our daily lives. Obedience or disobedience, holiness or unholiness…that is our choice. In this study you will learn which path you are on. May the sweet Lord, Jesus bless your journey as you study From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy.

Joy Kight,  Ladies Bible study leader, FBC Blairsville; Former Women’s Ministry Director, Amelia Baptist Church, Fernandina Beach, FL

I wanted you to know that from a 25 year-old, married female perspective, I very much enjoyed the study for these reasons:
1. Leaving a legacy is something every human can relate to.
2. The amount of scripture included; too often, bible studies are more narrative in nature and less scriptural. There is definitely something to be said for personal experience and opinions. Your own (personal experience/opinions) balanced with the amount of scriptural references in the Legacy study was perfect. I really liked how you challenge the reader to look up verses on their own.
3. I’m really busy and don’t always have, or make, time for much outside of a daily Bible reading. I found that with your study, even though I may not have sat down at that very moment and did an actual quiet time, a lot of the content stayed with me throughout the day and I periodically pondered scripture, challenges and lessons presented in the studies. I think the sheer fact that you added quiet time to the study kept it a lasting thought in my mind through the course of the day.
It is evident that God has touched your life and walked you through writing such a valuable lesson for myself and many other young women. Thanks for sharing.
Allison, 20s

 The ladies at New Holland Baptist enjoyed the study very much.

To end the study, I had three of our ladies to get up and share their testimony and legacy with our group. It was a great time of sharing. I love the way women can get together and share and laugh and cry with one another and whatever is said is okay. You can know someone for years and not know some of the things that are shared during a study such as this. I am simply blown away that God can make beauty from ashes and lift our heads in glorious victory no matter what trash pile we’ve dug around in!
Thank you for being willing to walk in obedience and allow God to use you to pen the words for this study to help us in our legacy journeys!
Janice Smallwood, Bible study leader at New Holland Baptist Church in Gainesville, GA


Leah’s writing never ceases to inspire and encourage me to put into action what she teaches. She has a contagious love for Jesus that is demonstrated beautifully in her writing. Leah is a woman building a legacy of Jesus for future generations of women to follow. Mariel Davenport, 30’s, Bible-teacher and author of Knowing God through His Names

I loved the whole study, but I must say the last week really spoke to me. I was so moved to read the stories of real women with real struggles but also with a real love for the Lord and a desire to leave something behind that really matters.
Lisa 40s

The study was excellent!! It challenges you to take a good hard look at what you are leaving behind for future generations and why leaving a godly legacy is so important. I love Leah’s down-to-earth writing style which relates sound bibilical principles to every day life. The testimonies are a beautiful reminder of God’s redeeming grace and that it is never too late to start building a godly legacy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Kristy, 40’s

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this study. It made me really evaluate my legacy. I have verbalized my desire to leave a legacy for my children and all children that I work with, but this study caused me look and see if I am putting my words into action.
Carol, 30’s

Your study is incredible! I love the basics of how it is set up and it is rich in the Word. You have done a phenomenal job on your first study. I am so enjoying my time in it. The Legacy Bible study is really getting to some stuff in my heart and lining up with things God was already doing. You are a part of the work He is doing in me…a work that will touch generations. Thank you so much!Kimberly Henderson, A Planting of Lord Blog

This has been a most meaningful study to me. It has challenged me and encouraged me. Even given me a confidence in my love for JESUS that I did not expect. Thank you is hardly enough to express my gratitude to our LORD and to you. Leah, I got answers about me that I have so needed. For the first time that I can remember got my ’emotions’ around a verse of Scripture that will impact me from here to eternity and it was in your study that it came. I do not take that lightly. Thank you, Leah. 
Kathie 40s
I am so thankful for the study on Leaving a Godly Legacy and its impact on me. While I am only part way through the study I am so glad to have had the opportunity to cover the material with you as the study leader. The “hinge moment” has made me realize points in my life where God made Himself known to me in such fresh ways as well as that original “hinge moment” where I knew I had to choose myself or God calling me to Himself in His saving grace.
The legacy we leave and those that have been left to us by family and friends makes me so aware of the way God has been preparing and waiting for me to listen to Him.
Jehovah-Jireh, the God who foresees and provides. This study again reveals Him to me in fresh ways. Thank you so much for providing a format where I can relive, refresh and renew my personal walk with God.
Scott King 40s
“Thank you again for your wonderful ministry. I feel as if I know you since I did your wonderful Bible study. I got so much out of it and it has really changed the way I live my life.”
Sue, 60’s

“Leah, I am your 95 year old student. I guess it is true that we are never too old to learn. Until this study I had not thought about my  leaving a legacy, or of having one left to me. I can see how blessed I have been by those of my family and friends. I pray my life will be a blessing to those who come after me and I will be remembered as one who loved the Lord, my family and friends.”

Emma Ruth,90’s


 “The testimonies (in the study) by Leah and others were not sugar coated, but brutally honest. Many times we are able to see the sin of others, but have a hard time acknowledging our own. Yet, Leah placed us, through this study, in a position which allowed us to see ourself as God sees us and it ‘ain’t purty’. I found the lessons interesting enough that I did not want to stop at the end of the day’s lesson, but wanted to continue. The self examination did not stop at the end of the lesson, since I found myself thinking and praying about how my actions reflected my legacy.”

Judy, 60’s

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