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 So You Think You Can Speak?

What qualifies Leah to speak?

First and foremost, a heart totally in love with Jesus and a desire to communicate that love to others. Leah teaches ladies Bible study groups in her hometown. She is a graduate of CLASS, the premier Christian speaker training organization in the United States. Prior to being called to ministry, Leah spent extensive time teaching physicians and other medical personnel about medical therapies used to treat cholesterol disorders. She has lectured for various pharmaceutical companies on the specifics of medications. Leah is totally comfortable in front of audiences–large or small.

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Interested in hearing a portion of one of Leah’s messages? Here is a sample from her testimony given in Westminster, SC in 2011.

Sample Messages and Retreat Packages

Listed here are only a few of the messages that the Lord has given Leah. The Lord may give her a unique message developed specifically for your event. Consequently, she spends much time seeking the Lord’s guidance for each individual speaking engagement. While each topic differs, the focal point of each is Jesus and the forgiveness He offers to each and every person willing to receive it.

Legacy – What Are You Leaving for the Generations That Come Behind You?

Listen to a Sample of Legacy Here

This can be a single message or a 2-3 message retreat package
This is Leah’s signature message and the one upon which her Bible study is based
When you and I leave this earth, each of us will leave a legacy to those who come behind us. In this message, Leah reminds her hearers of the things that make up our legacy and how each of us is solely responsible for what our legacy looks like. The grace of God spills forth over all who hear this message as Leah encourages with reminders of those in the Bible who left legacies after which we can pattern our lives.
Purity, Legacy, and Modesty – Weekend Retreat for girls and young women

 In this 2-3 message retreat series, Leah uses a biblical approach to teach young women the importance of sexual purity and modesty in dress and actions. By helping them understand God’s design for sexual purity and the importance of the marriage covenant, Leah leads young women to consider why it is  important to them to remain pure. Our world simply says, “Don’t have sex”. Leah shares, in a no-holds barred fashion and using her personal testimony, why purity matters and modesty rocks.

Trusting God’s Heart

Single message

Based on the much loved quote from Charles Spurgeon that speaks of the goodness and wisdom of God, Leah speaks directly to her hearers about ways that we can observe those attributes of God and apply them directly to our lives in order to build our faith and trust in God—in the good times and in the bad. Using interesting stories and analogies, Leah teaches truth about the grace and love of Jesus Christ for His children.

Stepping Out in Faith

Single message

In this message, Leah applies the story of Joshua and the children of Israel crossing over the Jordon River into the Promised land to encourage Christians to step out in faith and watch God roll back the “Jordans” in their lives.

Shame is not God’s Game

Single Message

Using a powerful visual display, Leah encourages the listener to not accept the shame that Satan tries to heap on those who have ‘messed up’ in their past—which includes most of the human race! The grace that is offered by the blood of Jesus Christ is the cure for shame and Leah’s message is a sweet balm to the heart that is hurting because of shame.

Psalm 121

Two to three message event package

This beautiful Psalm from the Psalms of Ascent provides ample opportunity to focus on the protective nature of our loving heavenly Father, as well as the tendency we have to lift our eyes to things and people other than God. In addition, Leah uses Psalm 23 and the partaking of communion to offer a time of reflection at the end of the retreat.

Answer the Call—Be A Blessing

Single Message

As she teaches from corresponding passages in the Old and New Testaments, Leah reminds the listener of Abraham’s call to an intimate walk with God. Then, using both Abraham and Jesus Christ as examples, she goes on to encourage today’s Christian to answer the call that God has placed on their life. 

What is that I Smell?
Two to Three Message Event
Second Corinthians 2:14-16 urges Christians to be the FRAGRANCE of Christ in our generation. In this retreat package, Leah encourages the participant to consider what being the fragrance of Jesus Christ looks like. This challenging set of messages is appropriate for ladies of all age and stages. 
Quiet Confidence
Single Message
When struggles and troubles hit, how do you react? Are you the one who needs to be DOING something or are you the one who is paralyzed by fear? Perhaps you are the steady Eddie who just takes everything in stride. In this message, Leah mines the treasures in Isaiah 30 to show us what God wants us to do when trials and troubles come.

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