Lessons from LA

Last week my man and I packed up a suitcase and headed south to LA. Now, I know that sounds all glamorous, but before you get too excited the LA we headed to was Lower Alabama. You see my man’s family roots are in L.A and it had been a very long time since we had seen his aunt and uncle. So, since it was spring break and we already had the time off planned, we decided to pay them a little visit on our way to the beach to spend some time with our friends, Robert and Cindy.

It takes about 5 hours to get to Greg’s family’s home in south Alabama. This is about the third or fourth time we have visited them in the 17 years we have been married. **I know…shame on us.**

Anyway, I remember the first time I went to see them. I was stunned at this:



Do you see what I am talking about? The first time we visited them about 17 years ago, I was totally appalled that my husband turned off the road that runs by their house and just, as he says, “went boiling off up in the yard”. No driveway. No gravel. No concrete. Just, just yard! It was totally unthinkable to me. My Daddy took such good care of his grass and to think about driving on it….well, it just would never have happened at our house.

But apparently things are done differently in LA. There were many, if not most, homes that had no defined driveway. It seemed to be accepted practice to just park in the yard…on the grass. No one seemed to be disturbed by it but me. It has taken me about 17 years but I think I am going to be able to recover from the trauma of driving and parking on the grass!!

Anyway, we arrived at their home and was promptly greeted by Toby, their very large collie.

Not far behind was Greg’s aunt, Kathryn and uncle, John.

Uncle John, Greg, and Aunt Kathryn


They are such precious souls who are in their 80s. We spent about 5 hours visiting, talking, laughing and catching up on family stuff. Of course, Kathryn is a true southern lady, so she had a deeee-licious meal cooked. We ate supper with them and then left to head on down to the beach.

So, what lessons did I learn in LA? First, that it is ok to park on the grass….in some places. Second, family is precious and I married into a really great one. Third, love endures.

Isaiah 46:4 – I will be your God throughout your lifetime — until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you. (NLT)

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  • Okay, so I was under the impression that parking in the yard was just a Southern thing…guess not…I learned something new today!!!  :)

    • Really? No, I had never seen that done until I went with Greg to south Alabama not long after we married.

      • I just assumed it was a Southern thing and not just an Alabama thing.  It makes since if it is an Alabama thing…with it being Alabama and all…I do have to say though you do see that type thing more and more when you are driving through the country (or so I’ve noticed in Alabama).  

  • Kathy

    Never missed a driveway in the picture.   ha!!  Of course we have a concrete driveway and HATE to get off on the grass at our house.   However, I do love the natural.   And back when they drove a lot and John was on his tractor daily, there was a distinct drive….  from the road to the garage  and then from the barn to the road.    So glad you got to visit.   Kathryn did enjoy the visit.

    • We were so glad that we went. It was good to see both of
      them. We wish we could have stayed longer and seen more of the family. Maybe
      next time we can all get together.

  • Marilyn…in Mississippi

    So enjoyed reading about your latest adventure! Lovely family! Glad you had some “down” time!

    • Thanks, Marilyn. We had a great short vacation.

  • cindy oldham

    It’s been years since I’ve seen a yard without a driveway.  Since our driveway is going to need to be replaced in the near future it sure looks inviting to rip it up and go natural instead of spending money on new concrete!

    • How funny that you remember homes with no driveways! I’m
      not sure too many subdivisions would go for that concept today.

  • Well I can’t recall every seeing this… the house without some type of driveway. Now, I can tell you that we park 2 of our cars in the yard as well. We don’t have enough room for 4 cars in the driveway, so we have a well-worn patch for vehicles.

    Glad for you time away. Family time is good time, and I’m sure you enjoyed some good food in LA!


    • Yes, we had a good time away and the food was yummy. I feel
      like I ate my way through south Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. It was
      all so delicious. Have a great day, my friend.

  • To tell you the truth I looked at the picture and didn’t notice the lack of a driveway either. I should have though because here in our ‘neck of the woods’ in LA there are driveways galore! In fact my beloved just shakes his head in disbelief when our neighbors park on the grass INSTEAD of their driveway.  And yes reading this latest adventure was a delight. And now I will be looking for yards with no driveways here in Southern Alabama. :)   Sure would be great to meet for lunch next time you come to LA on your way to the beach. What the heck, let me know and I’ll meet you at the ‘Gulf Steamer’ … it is still there I hope.  We haven’t driven over in a while but I’ve been getting the urge all week.  This was fun!!

    • Ohhh, that would be so fun. Next time we are down that way
      maybe we can meet. I thought about several of my Alabama friends as we passed
      through and thought how fun it would be to meet IRL ( in real life).