It’s Here! The Legacy Bible Study~2017 and a Giveaway!!

GIVEAWAY WINNERS: The winners of this first Legacy Bible study giveaway are……Shannan Williams and Mary DuBose. Congratulations, ladies!! If you did not win today, please be sure and enter the giveaway for the remainder of the launch!


As many of you know my first Bible study was published in 2010 and was entitled, From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy. The message of that Bible study is the basis around which my entire ministry is built…..leaving a godly legacy for the generations that come behind me. I do this through teaching God’s Word and mentoring.

In 2015 the company through which I published that study closed their doors, leaving me with no access to obtain copies of the study. After much prayer, I decided to do a bit of re-formatting and a new design and re-publish the study. I sought the help of Jen Stults for the formatting and design work. She was such a gem and worked so hard for months on this project. Today is the day her work, as well as mine, is unveiled and made available for purchase.


Legacy It's What You Leave Behind



If you are not familiar with the Legacy study, may I give you a bit of a peek into it? The premise of the Bible study is that we are all leaving a legacy for the generations that come behind us. A god-less legacy will happen by default unless we are intentional about creating a god-ly legacy.

I believe there are three key components of a godly legacy:

  • Faith in Jesus Christ
  • Godly character choices
  • Holy living

Every person who names the name of Jesus over their lives gets the first one right. The second and third ones are where many Christians fail to make intentional choices that create a godly legacy. Our world is chock full of opportunities to make poor character choices and default to less than holy lives. All you have to do is spend two minutes on social media or television to know this is true.

Enter Legacy: It’s What You Leave Behind!

This six week Bible study offers a wealth of Scripture to help the student think through and make choices that create a godly legacy. Each week of the Bible study consists of five days of homework that takes the student straight to the Word. At the end of each day of study there are Meditation Moments that encourage pondering of the topics studied that day.

Week 1 of the study is focused on why it is important to create a godly legacy. Weeks 2 and 3 examine the issue of faith. Weeks 4 and 5 take the student on a journey that helps them examine godly character choices, as well as choices to live out real, boots-on-the-ground holiness in their daily life. The final week offers testimonies of women who are seeking to create a godly legacy in the midst of doing life.

This Bible study is appropriate for women and teen girls. It can be done in a group setting or individually. There are no videos to accompany the study since my goal is for the study to encourage much interaction and discussion when done in a group setting.

Because I am super excited to re-launch Legacy I will be sharing quite a bit about it for the next several days…quotes from the study and from people who have done the study. There will be opportunities to win FREE copies of the study as well. I will be sharing about Legacy on social media as well.

Legacy: It’s What You Leave Behind is available in print form and in Kindle format from Amazon.


Legacy Bible Study Launch Week Giveaways


In celebration of today’s re-launch of Legacy I want to give away to two of my blog readers one print book and one Kindle book. How do you enter? 

Simply leave a comment right here on this post telling me which format you prefer should you win. Print or Kindle. That’s it. I will draw two names of winners on Friday morning, so be sure you use an email to comment that you check frequently.

You may increase your chances of winning by sharing this post on social media. One entry per social media platform, so if you are active on Facebook and Instagram and you share this post there, you can enter three times…one for leaving a comment, one for FB and one for IG. For every share, please return here and leave a comment letting me know where you shared the post. LOVE IS SHARING!!


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  • Mary Tullila

    Awesome news Leah!! Best wishes! Print copy if I win please.

  • Debbie Johnson

    Exciting news! Print copy please

  • Sandy McClure

    So exciting! Print if I’m picked! Blessings!

  • Karen Rhodes

    Congratulations! So glad you were able to get this published! I would love the printed copy so I could work in it, but I’d be happy with the Kindle copy too. Praying lots of people buy & use this book, Leah. Blessings to you, Friend!

  • Sandy

    Would love to have a print copy! So excited you are beginning such a timely study!

  • Laura

    Would really enjoy an e-copy of the book. It sounds perfect for my life stage right now. I hope many will be blessed as you share the message God has placed on your heart.

    • laura

      Shared on Pinterest

  • Shannan Williams

    Congratulations, this is wonderful news! I would be thrilled with an e-copy or a print copy. Either one is fine by me. I have lots of notebooks and journals so maybe an e-copy would be better :) I shared on my Facebook page, Pinterest and Google+. What a blessing this Bible study will be.

    • Shannan, YOU WON!! I sent you an email.

  • Missy Gewin Langford

    How wonderful for you! Print

  • Congratulations Leah! I pinned this onto my Women’s bible studies on my Pinterest board. May God bless your efforts abundantly! I love a print or Kindle. I know this study will be blessing to others!

  • Karen Todd

    Congratulations. May God continue to bless you in all you do. If I am blessed to win I would love a print copy.

  • Joan Walker Page

    Sounds like a great study, Leah! I would love to have a print copy!

  • Mary Lurlene DuBose

    I am so happy for you, Leah…how our Father is using you! I shared this on my facebook page. Many blessings, my friend. Oh, and a print copy if I’m blessed to be chosen. ♥

  • Rachelle Craig

    Congratulations to you! This definitely looks like a study I would love to do! I would prefer the print copy because I am the note taker and the highlight queen! :) I shared this post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! I pray this study will land in the hands of so many women who have a desire to leave their legacy. My husband and I have 5 adult children and only 2 of them know the Lord. It is my heart’s desire to see each one of the remaining 3 come to know the Lord, and I strive to be the role model that God called me to be for them. Some days I feel like I am just not enough, but I know that with God, all things are possible, and I truly believe with all my heart that He will get their attention one day soon! :) <3 Thank you for the opportunity to win this study!

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  • Mary Lurlene DuBose

    THANK YOU!!!!!! ♥♥♥ Leah, you are such a blessing!!!