I was so blessed to be part of Five Minute Friday with Kate Motaung last week, that I’m doing it again. Five Minute Friday is a writing prompt where we write for 5 minutes flat…unedited, unscripted…just whatever comes from our heart. So, ignore the typos and the grammer oopsies, please. It’s just part of the package on Friday.


Today’s writing prompt is the word ‘CHANGE’


Ready, set GO!


Change. The very word strikes fear in the hearts of those of us who don’t do well with it. I would be one of those. I like sameness. I like predictability.

God, on the other hand, is all about change. Consider some of His best work:

Abram became Abraham.

Sarai became Sarah.

Saul became Paul.

Not only did He change their names, God changed their characters.

Abraham was content to shepherd in a foreign land, but God called Him to leave and go to a land that God would show Him. God changed him from a nobody into the father of many nations.

Sarai….all we know about Sarah is that she obediently followed Abraham. We don’t know if she lacked obedience prior to the change, but after God called her Sarah, she followed her man wherever God sent them.

Saul….murderous, fire-breathing, Christian-hating Saul. He met Jesus on the road, and was never the same. Talk about a change!

Then, there is Leah. Selfish, controlling, lacking in mercy, dabbling in what the world had to offer, lacking in character. And that was all AFTER I met Jesus. Problem was, I had not let Him CHANGE me yet. I had fire insurance from hell, but my life didn’t reflect it. Then, God snatched me up by the hair of my head and gave me an unquenchable hunger for Bible study. The Living and Active Word of God went deep into the marrow of my bones and I began to CHANGE.

It’s been 14 years now that I’ve been immersing myself in the Word, and even my husband will tell you that I am not the same woman I was 14 years ago. I have been CHANGED! It can happen to you, too.


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