everyday jesus: seeing him in at home worship

Welcome, friend, to everyday jesus: seeing him in the daily-ness of life. It’s my 2015 Monday series, and I’m so excited about it. I want  you to be part of it, too. I’ll tell you how after I share my everyday jesus story for today. #everydayjesus




Let me begin by saying that I am an ardent supporter of the local church. I believe wholeheartedly that Christians need to fellowship and worship with other Christians, and the primary biblical model for that is the local church. Last Sunday, however, I skipped church at my local fellowship. I do this very rarely. If I am not at my church, then Greg and I are visiting the church we were part of in Atlanta, Mount Paran Church of God. Most of the time, however, we are in Sunday school and worship service at our home church. 

It all began with my husband being out of town on a Sunday. The Lord impressed upon my heart that He wanted me to worship with our previous Atlanta church via the internet. So, I stayed home, and logged on. The music was amazing, the preaching was nothing short of mind-blowing and heart challenging. But, it was the end of the service that got me. Suddenly, I knew why Jesus had kept me home for worship, but in order to help you understand, I need to re-wind a few weeks.

We always observe communion at our Christmas Eve services at our church, and I always participate. This past Christmas Eve there was a problem with me participating in communion. I do not take lightly the observance of the Lord’s Supper. It is a solemn remembrance of what Jesus did for me on the cross. I want to come to the table of Christ with clean hands and a clean heart.

Prior to Christmas Eve, I became aware that a young man was angry with me over something I had said. The truth is that I was wrong in what I said, and the Holy Spirit had convicted me of that sin. I desired to apologize to the person, face-to-face, in obedience to what I believed Jesus was asking me to do. Unfortunately, the opportunity never arose before Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, I did not feel that I could participate in Communion when a brother in Christ was owed an apology. Although the context of Matthew 5:23-24 concerns bringing a gift to the altar when someone is angry with another person, I believe we must be just as reverent when we bring ourselves to Christ’s table. I felt sad at not being able to take Communion, but knew I had made the right choice. In the weeks afterward, I pondered on how I might observe Communion, even considering knocking on my pastor’s door and asking him if he would be willing to oblige me. Jesus knew I longed to take Communion, and He had a plan!

Hop with me back to last Sunday. As the Dr. Cooper finished his sermon, he told the congregation that we would be observing Communion. YES!!! I had to scramble around a bit for communion elements, but with the help of a box of Bran Flakes and a sip of wine, I shared in Communion. My heart soared, and I was so excited. Right there at my computer, I remembered what Christ had done for me on the cross, His body broken and His blood shed FOR ME.


That is my everyday jesus story for this week. I hope you will share your story with me, so I can share it with my readers. Email your story to me at pointministries@gmail.com.


Once again, here is how this series works:


I believe that every follower of Jesus Christ experiences Jesus at work in their life. Sometimes we are aware of His presence and work; sometimes, not so much. This series, everyday jesus, is all about being intentional about looking for the Lord as we go through our day-to-day life. You notice I said ‘looking for the Lord as WE go through OUR day-to-day life. I want you to contribute to my Monday series. How, you say? Here’s the skinny of how we will roll with the series:



  1. Each Monday I will offer a post sharing at least one way that I have seen Jesus at work in my life in the past week.
  2. Then, I am going to ask you to share with me, via email at pointministries@gmail.com (copy and paste the email addy to make it easy), a story of how Jesus has been at work in your life in recent days.
  3. On Thursdays, I will share any stories I receive right here on the blog. Your story may be one paragraph, or up to 500 words. You can ask for it to be anonymous, or we can share your name. I will be happy to link to your blog (if you have one) and any social media you are involved in (please send me the links in your email). You can offer as many or as few everyday jesus stories as you would like. Really, the more, the merrier.
  4. I do ask that you respect other people, with regard to stories and names. If your story involves another person, please ask them for permission to name them.


I will be linking this post up at Kelly Balarie’s #RaRaLinkup on Tuesday!!!

Today I offer a link to our former pastor’s newest book. Dr. Cooper’s book is entitled Unfinished Business: Change Your Thinking, Deal with Your Past, and Move On. I am looking forward to reading this book.

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  • kelly balarie

    Thank you for this Everyday Jesus story Leah. I LOVE your heart to rightfully honor our lord with clean hands and feet. He is well pleased with your heart to forgive. I completely cheer this post on and you as you give it all to him!

    • Thank you, Kelly. I shudder to remember the times in my past when I didn’t come to the Lord’s table with clean heart and hands. So thankful for forgiveness. I would love for you to share an ‘everyday Jesus’ story with my readers, should the Lord lay it on your heart.

  • What a neat idea you have for us here! I wrote an entire book encouraging people to see God in their everyday life, so this is right up my alley! I just love the idea of taking God from Sunday morning into the rest of our week. I will plan on sending you my contribution!

    • Jenni, I am thrilled that you will join us for ‘everyday jesus’. Please send as many stories as the Lord gives you. Grace and peace~!

  • Leah

    All my life, I didn’t participate the Lord’s supper until about 2 years ago after I got baptized. A lot of people were surprised when I didn’t participate in. I know you can participate in at any time. For some reason, I always felt, it’s wrong to eat & drink Lord’s supper until after I’m baptized. So I didn’t give in to pressure when people tried to offer me some. I have never regretted my decision.

    I’m confused about one thing. You said, you will post other people’s stories on Thursdays. Have you done that yet or have I missed it? Where is it? I look forward to it every week and find it nothing on the blog.

    • Leah, thank you for stopping by. You have not seen any other ‘everyday Jesus’ stories because no one has submitted any! I keep hoping they will, but none yet! Perhaps soon!

  • Tina M Wright

    I found your site via #RaRaLinkup :)
    What a beautiful post to remind us of God’s perfect timing.
    Thank you for Sharing Leah; God Bless!

    • Tina, thank you for stopping by. I’d love for you to share your own everyday jesus story with my readers if you feel led!

  • Tondra Denise

    This was such a beautiful reminder that God’s desire for us is to commune with Him! Thank you for sharing your heart and allowing us to see “everyday Jesus”.

    • Tondra, thank you so much for stopping in. What a blessing to meet you. I invite you to share your own everyday jesus story with me whenever you would like, so I can share it with my readers. Grace and peace to you!