Does God Even Care About Me?

Sometimes a day can just wring every ounce of hope out of one’s soul. Sometimes an hour can, too.


Your physician’s office calls and says they need to see you back in the office ASAP.

The mailman drops a(nother) late notice from the power company in your hand.

The flashing blue lights on the police car behind you do NOT mean there is a blue light special at Walmart.

Your husband says he doesn’t love you anymore.

The pot roast has a distinctively charred look about it.

Your children cannot seem to speak one kind word to each other.

And on top of it all, it is THAT time of the month.


It is in those moments that we are tempted to think, ‘Does God Care About Me?’ Does He know what is happening in my life? Where is God in all of this mess?




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I’ve been there. So have you. Our eyes tend to focus on the immediate; the circumstance that is filling the entire space of our heart in that moment. When our life takes a decided turn for the worst, our first thought may be that God has abandoned us, and He doesn’t care what is happening to us. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Just because we cannot see God does not mean He does not care. He cares deeply. Today I want to encourage you with two verses from the Psalms:


The Lord will record, when He registers the peoples: “This one was born there.” Selah. Psalm 87:6 (NKJV)


God keeps a record of each person, and in that record He notes exactly where they were born. Just as a human parent has a birth certificate showing where their child was born, God also has a record.


Leah Ann Colwell, born June 16 1964 in Blairsville, Georgia.


Why does He do that? I have no idea, but He does, and that is a beautiful reminder of how special each of us is to Him.

Let me share one other verse with you.


You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. Psalm 56:8 (NLT)


God cares about you, friend! Nowhere in the Scripture is His care more evident than in this verse. He keeps track of our sorrows, our tossings and turnings. Somehow He collects every tear we shed, places them in a bottle, and records them in His book. Our earthly parents collect our baby teeth, or our primary school crafts, or our high school accolades. GOD collects our tears. Stunning!

You and I are not insignificant to God! Think about it….if God cares enough to light up a bug’s butt in the summer, then for sure, He cares about you. He is with you in your pain. Tough times do not mean that God has abandoned you, or does not care about you. Tough times are God’s training ground for you and me. They are times that offer us an opportunity to really trust God’s heart for us. Tough times are what faith is all about, friend.


Charles Spurgeon knew that God cares about us. May I leave you with an encouraging word from Spurgeon?


God is too good to be unkind;

He is too wise to be mistaken.

When you cannot trace His hand,

you can always trust His heart.

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  • Jann Cobb

    The song you ended your post with is one of my all time favorites! I often trace God’s hand in the midst of my troubles. I focus on His character when i can not make sense of the situation. Great encouraging words. We can truly Trust Him! Stopping by from Reflect.

    • Oh yes, we can trust Him. Thanks for stopping in! Hope to see you at The Loft on Wednesday for “Heroes” day.

  • bethwillismiller

    Leah, I love this post, and your purpose statement, “Helping others understand the grace that is offered by Jesus to anyone who will accept it is the passion of my heart.” That describes so well my own heart, as well. Many blessings to you!

    • Beth, thank you for your kind words! Sounds like we are kindred hearts!!

  • Karen Brown

    Ha! “if God cares enough to light up a bug’s butt in the summer, then for sure, He cares about you. He is with you in your pain. ” Love that! I so appreciate your beautiful and encouraging message today. And I love the Spurgeon quote at the end! Thanks for sharing- great post!

    • Karen, the Spurgeon quote is one of my favorites! I found it first when I was walking through my Dad’s cancer diagnosis. It was in a book entitled “Trusting God’s Heart: Finding Peace in Times of Sorrow”. The quote and the book rocked my world. Thanks for stopping in!!

  • Mary

    Beautiful! God does care enough even to light up a bug’s butt in summer! That brought a smile to my face! Thank you for highlighting Psalm 56:8- God cares enough to keep track of our sorrows, collect our tears in a bottle and to keep rack of each one. Those words bring comfort as well as all the love that God loves us with daily. Visiting you today from #RaRalinkup. Also looking forward to getting to know you through #fmfpartysnailmail!! :)

    • Me, too! I saw that you are on my list for #fmfpartysnailmail! Yay! Thanks so much for stopping in!

  • Thank you for this encouraging post Leah. It is fun to see the “theme” that God is orchestrating throughout the #RaRaLinkup today. :-)

    • He’s like that….that God of ours!! Thanks for stopping in, Katie!

  • Lighting up a bug’s butt – oh Leah, you made me smile. It’s so beautiful to think on how very much God cares. I’d never really considered that verse about capturing our birth – but God orders every detail and He so precisely captures our lives in His able hands. Thanks for reminding me today of how important I am to Him. Cheering you on from the #raralinkup.

    • Tiffany, thanks so for visiting, and I’m glad I made you smile! I’ll be by to visit you soon.

  • I’m with Tiffany, you’re making me laugh just thinking about God lighting up a bug’s butt. And yes, I guess that means he cares about me. Thanks for that encouragement today, friend. Just what I needed after putting our guinea pig to sleep today (huge tumor) and going out to the country to BURY him with my daughter. :-) That Psalm 56 verse is the perfect end to my day.

    • Oh Betsy, I am soooo sorry about the guinea pig. Our furry friends are family, and it hurts to lose family. Over the past 10 years, we have traveled that road with five animals. Lord, have mercy, my heart hurt so badly, and so did my husband’s. He swore that we would not have any more animals…just hurts too much. I’m still trying to convince him that I NEED a dog or a cat. I miss them something terrible. Glad you got a bit of laugh out of my lightning bug visual!!!

      • Thanks so much, Leah! Those furry friends do work themselves into our hearts!

  • Thank you for this encouraging reminder today, Leah. Yes! God cares even when we don’t always “feel” it. I really love the Spurgeon quote, too.

    • Thank you, Trudy. Thanks for stopping in. So nice to meet you!

  • Tara Ulrich

    Leah, the Holy Spirit totally led me to read your post tonight. I wrote about God bottling our tears. I too quoted Psalm 56:8. God does indeed care about us!

    • How neat, Tara! God is obviously up to something! I’ll head over and check out your post! I bet it will be a blessing to me! Thanks for stopping in!

  • Leah, Thank you for the reminder to trust God’s heart! It was the perfect scripture to put at the front of my mind and top of my heart tonight! Visiting from #Reflect!
    Blessings and smiles,

    • Lori, I’m so glad you stopped in, and found some encouragement here. God cares soooo much about us!

  • Leah, thank you for these reassuring words. My husband had foot surgery in January, and now will probably need another followup surgery because one of the screws placed in January is trying to poke its way out of the back of his foot. He’s in terrible pain and has been for weeks, apparently because this screw has been on the move. (Explains why I haven’t been at The Loft.) He sees the doctor again on Tuesday. Anyway, while we’re totally aware that God has it all under control, it’s still very helpful to read your encouraging post. Thank you.

    • Oh Rosemary, my friend, I knew you had been absent from The Loft, but I had no idea your husband was going through such a bad time. I am so, so sorry. Pray that the doctors will be able to give him some relief SOON, which will also give you relief. blessings to you!

  • Oh, thank you for this! Goodness – sometimes it feels like the list of my life (like you have at the beginning) gets longer each day. But I am thankful for a God who chooses to make promises longer than any of those lists! When I say “I can’t,” He says “I can.” And for that I am so thankful. I appreciate you sharing your heart and some Scripture with us. You encouraged my weary heart.

    • Alison, praise God that you found encouragement here. I’m humbled. Thank you for stopping in.

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