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What a blessing to have Leah Adams speak at our high school girls retreat. If you are looking for a message that will go straight to the heart of young women about the importance of purity, modesty and leaving a godly legacy, then you have found it. God has given Leah a beautiful message for the young women of today to help guide them through the difficult years. I love to see young people excited about God’s word, and the girls are already planning for next year. Thank you Leah and God Bless you.
De Gina Scoggins

Mountain Area Christian Academy

Leah Adams may call herself the “prodigal son’s sister” but she has returned to her Father and wants everyone to know about His goodness and grace. She has a passion for speaking God’s word and truth. We just returned from a weekend retreat where Leah spoke about creating a godly legacy and Kristin Adams led us in praise and worship. Kristin has the most beautiful voice and loves to praise the Lord! What a joy it was having them both there! God is using them in a mighty way.  Nancy Owen

Director of Women’s Ministries, Mountain Chapel UMC, Birmingham,AL

Meeting Leah at our Ladies Holiday Dinner and hearing her message on Creating a Godly Legacy was a blessing!!!  I continue to be amazed at how God puts the right people/messages in our lives at just the right time.

 I have been wanting to lead a bible study in my home but had not come up on the right one. So… it was to me totally a “God wink” to have Leah speak on this topic.  It truly spoke to my heart. As a new mom, this is a very important topic to me.  My husband, Scott and I want to leave for Jacob (and any future children God may bless us with) a godly legacy like the one his parents left, like the one my mom left.  We pray every night for God’s guidance in our rearing of Jacob.

 Next month, a small group will be gathering at my house on Thursday nights to begin Leah’s study- From The Trash Pile To The Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy.  I have already begun it myself, and I know it will be a blessing to all of us!  Thanks to Leah once again for the amazing work that she allows God to work through her.  I pray God’s blessing on Leah,her family and her ministry.



God has used Leah Adams in a huge way in my life. Through her teaching of His Word, I have a renewed excitement for the Word of God. The Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to the relevancy of the Bible in my life. I’ve grown in my relationship with Him and my desire to know Him more. Leah has truly been that voice in the wilderness pointing me back to Christ. I thank God for her and her obedience to Him. Angela


Leah Adams exhibits honesty in sharing her personal story. Her transparency reminds others that they are not alone in their situation—no matter what that situation may be. She shows unconditional love which causes ladies to open up and seek guidance, direction, prayer and the words of encouragement that we all need. Iris


Leah teaches God’s Word with beauty and clarity, as well as absolute faithfulness. Cheri


Without a doubt, Leah Adams loves the Lord and his Holy Word! Her humbleness, transparency and passion for the word of God are contagious and inspiring. She has a heart for biblically teaching women how to live a Christ-like life. I would whole-heartedly recommend her as a speaker for any women’s ministry event! Tara Wood

Women’s Ministry Event’s Coordinator, Brainerd Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN

Leah leaves no stone unturned about what Scripture desires for us as women to embrace and live out in our daily lives. Obedience or disobedience, holiness or unholiness…that is our choice.


Joy Kight

Ladies Bible Study Leader

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