I can hardly believe that it is almost time (September 15-17) for the Come Away retreat. It seemed like it was so far in the future when the Lord and I began planning this, and WHOOOSH! Here it is.

The thing is that I have two spaces at the retreat still unfilled. Two places at the table that have someone’s name on them. Two women for whom I have prayed and prayed, even though I have not known their names. I am convinced that the Lord is prompting two ladies to step out in faith and say, “I want to come.”

Are you that woman? Does your heart long for a quiet weekend of rest and reflection and leaning into Jesus? Are you just weary and need some time to breathe?  Come Away!

I am offering these spaces at the original price of $300 to two ladies because I do not want you to miss what Jesus has for you that weekend!

Perhaps you do not feel led to come, but you feel led to pour into the life of another woman and pay for her to attend. I know of a few women who deeply desire to attend, but cannot afford the fee. Would you be a blessing to another woman and help her attend Come Away?

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