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Today at The Loft our topic is Funny Stories. We are looking for things to make us laugh. So here are my funny stories.


Several years ago my BFF, Cindy, and I decided we should have a girls weekend in Atlanta. So, we booked a hotel room in Buckhead, kissed our husbands good-bye, and off we went. We have traveled far and wide together, so we are totally comfortable staying in the same room together.

Cindy had the menswear look going on that day with black jeans, a white cuffed shirt, and a black and white striped vest. Plenty of jewelry and makeup. Cute as a button. We shopped a bit at Lenox Square, then went next door to check into our hotel. When we got to the registration desk, we were told that the only room they had left was a king bed room. No problem, we said. The desk clerk might have looked at us a bit odd, but we didn’t think anything about it.

We had a great weekend shopping and eating dinner at a nice restaurant. We attended church on Sunday morning at Mt. Paran, then returned home. Later in the afternoon after settling back in at home, I turned on the Atlanta news to find that it had been Gay Pride weekend in Atlanta. Yikes, I’m sure as we checked into that hotel we looked like we fit right in. We have laughed about that for years.


One more funny story: When I was a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s, leisure suits were very popular for men. In case you are too young to know what leisure suits are, picture the tackiest polyester material in hideous patterns made into pants and a blazer for a man. They were bad. My daddy had several of them, as did most men in that day.

One day, after leisure suits had gone out of style (thank you, Jesus) my Mother decided it was time to go through everyone’s closets and clean out a bit. So, she cleaned house in every closet. One of the things that she gave away from Daddy’s closet was a particularly ugly leisure suit. Brown, gaudy patterns…just ugly. She didn’t tell Daddy she was giving the suit away, but did tell me.

Months after the big giveaway, our family was eating dinner in a restaurant about 25 miles from our hometown. Mother and I were sitting facing the door, while my Daddy and my sister had their backs to the door. A man walked into the restaurant with the leisure suit on that my Mom had given away!!!!!!!!!!!! Mother’s eyes got as big as saucers. She looked at me, and we promptly burst into laughter. Not just a little bit of laughing, but spit-out-your-food, cannot-catch-your-breath kind of laughing. Daddy and Leslie did not have a clue what we were laughing about. It was several minutes before Mom and I could re-gain control of ourselves and tell them. The Great Leisure Suit Debacle!!!!




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