The Cure For The Try Harder Mentality

Hello there! I know it has been a while since I posted anything and I have been as contented as a kitten with a belly full of warm milk during my writing break. But, I got the urge this morning to hop on the Five Minute Friday wagon and offer a post using the prompt that is tossed out. Today’s writing prompt is the word TRY. Now, to write for 5 minutes on this word. ¬†Ready? Set? Go!


The Cure For the Try Harder Mentality



TRY harder!

TRY to be the best!

Just TRY one more time!

All are worthy admonitions until they settle too deeply into the heart and mind and become slave-drivers and task-masters. So it was with me. The TRY admonition that I became enslaved to was ‘TRY to be enough’.

Do you even know how impossible that is if we do it under our own steam?

TRY to get the best grades.

TRY to be thinner.

TRY to be the most popular.

TRY to have the prettiest/largest/most well-decorated house.


I’m absolutely exhausted just thinking about it, yet it was my mantra for decades. You see, I’ve never felt like I was enough…at anything. So I would TRY harder. And you know where that left me…exhausted, frustrated, physically demolished, and spiritually dry. Because, y’all, you and I do not have the capacity to be enough without the help of Jesus.

It is only when we cease our TRYING, rest in His accomplishment, and let Him live through us that we are enough. Now when I recognize that I am into the TRY harder mode, I stop and tell myself that trying harder will not work. I also say, ‘Leah, you are enough because of Jesus Christ’.

So, beautiful, friend, when you feel like you must TRY harder to be something that the culture says you should be, throw up a stop sign and tell yourself that you are enough in Christ.



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  • Jerri Miller

    I can so relate to this! I’ve spent a life time trying to be normal / have a normal family – whatever that is. The truth is, there is no normal, and God made me just the way I am … on purpose! ~Jerralea

    • Yes~ And just the way you are is BEAUTIFUL!

      • Jerri Miller

        Aww … you’re too sweet!

        I think He created a great friend in you. You are one of my favorite on-line writing buddies! ~ Jerralea

  • Shirley Lawrence

    YES ! And some days our enough is more than other days. When Jesus is “enough” for us and we are “enough” for Him we don’t need to strive for more in our own strength.

    • Amen, Shirley. Our striving measures up poorly to His enough. Have a lovely evening and thank you for stopping in!