The Blessing of Ministry

WARNING: THE FORMATTING ON THIS POST IS ALL WONKITY. The pictures and the text may not match. Sorry.

On Thursday evening, April 12th, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of ladies at McConnell Memorial Baptist Church in near-by Hiawassee, Georgia. I was delighted to find that I knew several of the ladies who attended! In fact, I used to work with two of them and another was a former member of the church I attend. At this event there were three pharmacists and three dentist’s wives. Here is a picture of the three pharmacists.

Toni, Karen, and me.

The ladies who put this event together did a fantastic job and their Women’s Ministry Directory, Sheila Mansfield, what great to work with.

Women’s Ministry Leadership Team

The event was a Dessert and Coffee night and by all measures, it was a huge success. I shared my testimony of how Bible study has impacted…no changed, my life. When I gave the invitation at the end of the event, THREE precious ladies raised their hand to indicate they had asked Jesus to come into their heart and be their very BEST FRIEND!!!!  Woooo-hoooo!!!  Now, that makes for an awesome event!!

There were about 60 ladies in attendance and the desserts…….Oh my word….the desserts. Ladies of the church had been asked to host a table and they were responsible, not only for the dessert at their table, but also the decoration of the table. Each of them had included their dessert into the decoration. I could not resist taking pictures of some of the tables. Take a look for yourself. Be sure and don’t drool on your computer!

This happened to be the dessert at the table where I sat. Mercy, sakes alive. It was divine!

I was dying for a bite of this one!!

A beautiful carrot cake!
Tulips and a trifle…two of my favorite things.
This was tiers of deliciousness!!
Loved the decor and the dessert here!

So pretty!!


The theme of the event was “Hat’s Off to God’s Word”, so hats were used to decorate.

One of the dentist’s wives, Larenda, an adorable young woman, did a hilarious skit about how we, women, wear so many different hats. It was funny, yet quite convicting.

This was such a fun night and I’m thinking I may try to host a Dessert and Coffee night at my own church. I was beyond blessed to be part of this event and humbled that Jesus would allow me a part in bringing some precious ladies to Him.


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  • Marilyn…in Mississippi

    This sounds like a wonderful night!  Thanks for sharing all the great pictures Leah!

    • Oh Marilyn, it was such a blessed time. Thanks for stopping in.