Because You Asked: My Speaking Journey

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This week I received an email from someone who desires to become a speaker, asking me to share my speaking journey.  As I thought about my reply, I decided to share it with all my readers. Many of you know the story of how the Lord called me to a speaking ministry and the ‘on the job training’ I had in the years prior to my call.  Here is a portion of the email that prompted these thoughts.

Hi Leah, I was researching local speakers today and came across your website. It’s a very nice site, by the way. I am interested in becoming a speaker and I would love to hear about your journey from your salvation until today.


Photo by Moments in Time Photography - 2008


I have always enjoyed public speaking. Yes, I know, I’m a nerd. In Junior High School, I was on the debate team and really enjoyed it. I never had a fear of speaking in public, even in an extemporaneous setting like a debate.

A few years after finishing pharmacy school, I took a job with Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Company as a medical liaison. A large part of my job was providing presentations to physicians and mid-level providers about the medications BMS had in the market, one of which was a medication for cholesterol known as Pravachol.

After a short career with BMS, I took a job at Emory University in Atlanta with Dr. Virgil Brown, a world renowned lipidologist. A lipidologist is a specialist in cholesterol disorders. I was responsible for overseeing the clinical research trials for which Dr. Brown functioned as the lead investigator. I worked on both Niaspan, Baycol, and Lipitor long before they came to market. In fact, I used high dose Lipitor in patients with cholesterol abnormalities a full two years prior to it being commercially marketed. Our average patient in the Lipid Clinic had a total cholesterol of around 400-500 and an LDL (bad) cholesterol above 250. We saw the worst of the worst.

Because I had extensive experience with Lipitor, Niaspan and other medications used to treat cholesterol disorders, the pharmaceutical companies who made those medications began asking me to become a paid lecturer to teach physicians and other medical personnel about the proper use of cholesterol medications. I WAS IN HEAVEN!

I spent much time traveling around the country speaking to physicians; teaching them the proper uses of the cholesterol altering medications. I have often been asked if speaking to doctors made me nervous. My answer has always been ‘no’. I was never nervous because I knew that I knew more about the medications than they did, with only a few exceptions.  I had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling and made incredible money doing it.

Then, when Greg and I moved back to north Georgia in late 1999, all of that came to a screeching halt because I could no longer work for the Lipid Clinic and live 2 hours away. I missed it so much and assumed my speaking career was over forever.

Little did I know that over the course of the next seven years, the Lord would call this prodigal back to Jesus. I had accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 15, but walked away from Him in my twenties. I spent the next seven years getting reacquainted with my Jesus and diving deeply into His Word each and every day.

By 2006 I began to develop a burning desire to speak and teach the Word. Every time I would sit in church and listen to the pastor or attend a conference I would nearly cry with a longing to speak again. It was an incredibly intense desire. In those days the Lord was dealing with me about pride and every time the desire to speak rose up in me, I would push it down by telling myself that I could never speak and teach the Word because I would end up making it all about me and not about Jesus.

By late 2007, I was in horrendous turmoil….fighting the overwhelming desire to speak by telling myself it would be a prideful thing to do. In November of 2007 I attended the Lifeway Women’s Ministry Leadership Forum in Nashville, Tennessee where I sat in session after session, hearing speakers talk about their ministries and how the Lord was using them. I was completely miserable because I was fighting the calling God had placed on my life.  One of the sessions I attended was with Priscilla Shirer. It was really a very  small group of attendees…perhaps 100. I remember very little that Priscilla said because I was miserable with longing to be speaking and teaching the Word.

The one part I remember vividly was when Priscilla asked us, “Is there something in your life that you have convinced yourself you will never attain?”

Well, she had my attention!

She went on to encourage us to believe God will bring it to pass. If that ‘something’, that desire is from Him, He will make it happen.

Immediately I knew she had spoken a word from the Lord specifically for me.

I went back home from Nashville and with lots of prayer sent out an email to a few key people in my life who were in women’s ministry. The encouragement I received was all I needed to formally launch The Point Ministries. For several years I had been writing a weekly devotional that went out to about 125 people via email. I transitioned to a blog, developed a simple brochure that detailed my availability to speak and off I went.

The Lord blessed me in that first year with several speaking opportunities. I was stunned that He would use someone like me in His Kingdom work. Stunned, I tell you. I had such a scandalous past. Yet, He blessed my meager efforts.

Over the years, God has allowed me the privilege of speaking to so many wonderful groups of women. Some years the opportunities have been more numerous than others. I will admit that in those years when the speaking invitations were few, the Lord and I had to work through my disappointment. There were times I felt that He had let me down. The year I wrote the Legacy Bible study was one of those years and I was, quite frankly, mad at God. I saw Him giving other women speaking opportunities that I felt I should have had.  (Just being honest here!)

God reminded me that He knows best where He wants to use me and that my ministry is not about me. It is about Him. He called me to it and He will place me where He wants me. He has things that only I can do. His plans for me are for good.

What is the greatest lesson I have learned in my speaking journey? To trust His heart and bend my knee to His will. Especially when it does not match up with my expectations.

I’m in one of those lean seasons at present and Satan has tried so hard to convince me to be angry with God.

It is NOT working, old boy.

I trust my Jesus to place me where He desires for me to be. Not one place more, not one place less. In the meantime, I stay faithful to the last word I heard from Him. I’m writing a new Bible study (Hebrews) and doing a ton of one-on one ministry. One day, by God’s grace, my speaking calendar will be full again. Until that time, I fix my eyes on Jesus….the One who called me into ministry. The One who sustains my ministry.




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  • fuzzytop

    So amazing!!!  Great words there Leah!

    Love and hugs – Adrienne

    • So good to have you stop by. Thank so much. Hope
      you are doing well.

  • Vickie

    This is such an encouraging word Leah. I see tiny bits of my own story in there. Thank you for sharing it, especially today. Blessings, Vickie

    • Vickie, thank you so much for stopping by, reading today’s
      post and leaving a comment. You bless me! Isn’t it neat how so many stories

  • Angiewjohnson

    I was crazy about that:)

  • Greg

    Jesus spoke to the masses and he also spoke to the one (individuals).  Some people may have a road to travel for the Lord that seems to be in the same direction at all times.  Such as a preacher that stays at the same church for years. Other may have a path that seems to change daily, but none the less be what the Lord directs.  You stated that at this time you were doing “a ton of one on one ministry.”  What a responsibility and important gift from the Lord! Who do you think had a more effective/tender/meaningful/etc. moment?  One of the 5000 who was fed with a miracle, or the woman at the well? I’m just guessing, but I’d say the one on one meeting.  Therefore, relish in the season that the Lord has entrusted with you.  He has prepared you for a special reason, for a special person, at a special time. What a joy to be used by the Lord to personally deliver something from Him that could change a person forever. WOW

    • For those of you who do not know, this comment is from my man!! What an ecouragement he is to me! God blessed me immensely by allowing me to marry him.

  • Patlayton

    Leah, this is so beautiful. 
    I am going through one of those “WHY GOD?” seasons right now and understand your heart. Thank you for always being so REAL and so very, very kind. God is SPEAKING through you Leah. We tend to get our “Platforms” VERY confused. He alone is worthy right? You are doing such an amazing job my friend. Stay the course!!!!! God is glorified in you and I know for a fact THAT is all you desire.Love and Blessings,Pat

    • Oh Pat, what a precious comment you left on my post about
      my speaking journey. Your encouragement was straight from the heart of our
      Lord. I want to encourage you in the same way. As my friend Elaine told me,  our blogs, our personal ministries are like
      small congregations. You and I have the opportunity to shepherd a congregation,
      much like a pastor in a church. What a marvelous way of looking at our
      ministries. You, my friend, are making HUGE impact for God’s kingdom as you
      encourage women in their post abortive walk. So, dear friend, let us fix our
      eyes on Jesus and not allow Satan to deter us in what God has called us to.
      Love you!!

  • I love hearing more of your beginning days, Leah. I know that the Lord has called you to write, teach, speak. You’re a natural. I pray that he fills your desires with plenty of occasions to utilize your giftedness. You’re a treasure to all of us. peace~elaine

    • Elaine, thank you for encouraging me. Thank you. God has
      gifted you in that regard through your writing and your ministry. You are a
      special treasure to the body of Christ!