Sharing Life….Someone Needs YOU To Be Their People


I’m so glad you are joining me for today’s Sharing Life post. Sharing Life is all about women speaking into the lives of other women. My friends and I are seeking to do that in three specific areas of life:





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As Jesus-followers, we have a biblical ‘YES’ to mentor others who are coming along behind us. While you may not be ‘older’ in age, you might be just a few steps further along a journey than another woman. Well, sister, that makes you the ‘older woman’! So, be faithful to look for those mentoring opportunities in your life and take advantage of them. Mentoring is not all formal and check-list driven. It is simply being a friend to another woman and speaking into her life when the opportunity arises.


Once upon a time, Greg and I had five animals…..two hunting dogs and three cats. Over time, all five of them died from an assortment of maladies. With each passing, our hearts were broken in pieces. When Greg’s last dog passed, he said, “No more animals. It is too hard to lose them.” That was in 2010.

Fast forward to 2016. Our neighbors have 8 dogs. Yes, I said EIGHT. They are an adorable assortment of beagles and hounds. When we exercise, it is not unusual for a string of them to follow us home. After a few minutes at our house, they all head back to the neighbor’s place.

About 2 months ago, all that changed. I walked home after exercising and several of them followed me. I came into the house and went about my morning. An hour or so later I look out the French doors onto our deck and see a face. A doggie face and a doggie body lounging in the sun on our deck. I thought to myself, “well, it will go home after a bit.”

NOPE! A couple of days later I walk back to the neighbor’s house, which is a half mile away and Puppy walks with me. Greg came and picked me up so Puppy would not follow me back. Success! Got that taken care of!! I decided not to walk back toward my neighbor’s house again so the dogs would not follow me home. I did not want the neighbors to think we were stealing their dogs, for heaven’s sake.

A week or two later I look out on the deck and guess what…Puppy!! For the love!!  She has now been a permanent fixture on our deck and in our lives for a couple of weeks. Her name is Aggie. Of course, we feed her since she doesn’t seem to want to go back to her home and people. She is the most playful and loving dog ev-uh! She loves Greg and runs to meet him when he comes home. She has obviously decided that WE ARE HER PEOPLE!


Someone Needs You to Be Their People Sharing Life



We have no idea why she has made us her people when she has 7 other dogs with whom to play at home. Here, she has only a quiet deck and the two of us. It makes no sense to us.  She is only 9 months old, and is still so playful that it seems she should prefer to be with other dogs. But, she makes it clear that WE ARE HER PEOPLE, at least for now.

What is it about us that draws her? What is it about our home?

This got me to thinking about a spiritual application for the whole thing. You and I, as Christ-followers, should live lives that draw others to us and make them want us to BE THEIR PEOPLE. We should exude the love of Christ, the compassion of Christ, and the joy of Christ so much that others want to be around us.

Now, that does NOT mean that we abandon the gospel or the whole counsel of God’s Word, but we should live in such a winsome way that others are drawn to us and we earn the right to speak the Truth of God’s Word into their lives.


Will You Be My People?


So, today I want to ask you a question. Who is looking at your life and asking “Will you be my PEOPLE?” Oh, they may not realize they are seeing Jesus in you, but HE should be the reason they want you to be their people. Are you intentionally living a winsome, Jesus-full life before the world?

Someone needs YOU to be their PEOPLE. Are you willing and available?


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  • Oh I love this!

  • Enjoy your little doggie friend, he looks very happy that he chose you to be his people!! A good reminder to speak life to others, always be seasoned with salt! Blessings to you Leah!!

    • Seasoned with salt….YES! Thank you for stopping in Tammy. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day.

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  • Leah, this is so helpful to my thinking about community, and I realize that a number of people think of my family as “their people” — and I love it! I’ve just never thought of it that way before. Thanks!

    • Michele, I am so glad this post was a blessing to you. Please come join us on Fridays at Sharing Life. I know you would have so much wisdom to offer.

  • Chris Malkemes

    Leah. Love dogs and love that dog story. You’re blessed to have her – a real God send.

    This morning noticed a book I got somehow in my ebook. It was lectures by a Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll written over 100 years ago. The lectures were blasphemous and I was appalled at what he was saying about God’s Word. How that book got in there I don’t know, but it’s history now.

    My point: it is as important to let ourselves be attracted to the right people as it is to be attractive. I’m not planning on making this Colonel “one of my peoples.” You know what I mean?

    • Thanks, Chris. Yes, it is important that we be discerning regarding our ‘people’.

  • Thanks, Leah, for the invitation! I’ll check it out this week!

  • Yvette Lewis

    Great post. I love the illustration of the dog who chose YOU, haha! This is a deep need in the church, and you set a lovely example.

    • You are so right, Yvette. The need in the church for this is HUGE! Thank you for reminding us. Bless you.

  • Jerri Miller

    Love this story! You are so right, “we should live in such a winsome way that others are drawn to us and we earn the right to speak the Truth of God’s Word into their lives.” I truly believe when Jesus walked this earth His personality drew others to Him. We should be living so that our personality draws people to want to know more about the God we serve. ~ Jerralea

    • Thank you for visiting with Aggie and me today! I agree….Jesus personality drew souls to Him. I want to do the same.

  • Gena Hood

    Well, congratulations on your new “fur-daughter”! I was thinking about churches as I read your post today, Leah. If we want to win the world to Jesus then we need to show people the love of Christ. It is only then that we are given the opportunity to share the gospel with them. Thanks for The Loft and for this wonderful post today!

    • Amen, Gena! You nailed it. Thank you for stopping in!

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