My OneWord365 for 2018: It’s More Than I Imagined

For the past several years about the time the calendar flips to November I begin praying over what word the Lord will give me to be my #OneWord365 for that year. I pray eagerly and expectantly, knowing that whatever word He gives me will have great significance for me in the coming year. Without fail, I have found blessing as I press into the word He chooses especially for me.


When Your OneWord365 Is More Than You Can Imagine



Here are a few of them from past years:

2012 – Trust

2013 – Jesus

2014 – God gave me 2 words – Loss and Others

2015 – Renew

2016 – Rest

2017 – Come


Once again, I began praying in early November, asking the Lord to give me a word for 2018. He was very quiet for several weeks, then in early December a few words bubbled to the surface. The first was reconciliation, then compassion, followed by gentleness, humility, and contentment. I asked Him to confirm if any of those were to be my OneWord365 for 2018, but the confirmation never came. Mid-December rolled by, then Christmas was staring me full in the face. Still nothing concrete, although to be honest, I was terrified that humility was the one. Really, who in their right mind wants the Lord to have to work humility into their lives? Not me. I’d much rather do whatever it takes to adjust my attitude and heart to one that is humble rather than forcing God take me to the wood shed to do it. I know how much God hates pride, and I also know that He will do whatever it takes to rid the heart of his child of it. It’s that ‘whatever it takes’ thing that worries me!

But, I digress.

Last week Greg and I were in Orange Beach, Alabama for a few days for the funerals of two precious family members. The first morning we were there, I was outside exercising and talking to Jesus. I resorted to begging the Lord to give me my word for 2018. In my heart I knew that if He chose not to do so there was a good reason and that I would bend my knee to it. However, I really love having a word that speaks into my life each year.

My conversation with Jesus that morning went something like this:

Lord, would you please confirm to me what my OneWord365 is for 2018? Is it humility? Reconciliation? Compassion? Gentleness? Contentment? Or maybe it is something else? I want so much to know what word You are giving me for the upcoming year. Please help me to have a heart that is open and willing to hear.

Within minutes, I had the answer. My #OneWord365 for 2018 is a beautiful word that blends humility, reconciliation, compassion, gentleness, contentment and so many other words. Some of my words in the past have scared me half to death, but not this one. It calms my heart and pours peace into it. This word holds sweet promises of a closer walk with Christ. That is not to say that there will not be some work happening in my heart because of it. Oh, yes, there will be! Yet, I know the outcome will be so much better than I can even imagine right now.

I am excited to share with you that my #OneWord365 for 2018 is:


Christ-like graphic OneWord365 2017


As the Holy Spirit molds and shapes my heart to become more like the heart of Jesus, I will see a new humility birthed. I’m certain that more compassion, gentleness, and where necessary, reconcilation, will be evidenced toward others in my life. There will be a sweet contentment in my heart. I know there will be paths that the Lord and I will travel because of this word that I cannot even see right now, and I’m eager to go with Him. Gosh, y’all, ‘blessed’ does not even begin to describe the feelings I have over my word for 2018.

What is your #OneWord365 for 2018? Please share it in the comments, and if you have written a blog post about it, I would love for you to link to it via the comments.

Happy New Year, friends! Be blessed!



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  • I love your word for this year! My word for 2018 is Enough.

    • Oh wow, Laura! Enough is a quite a word. I am eager to see how the Lord uses it in your life. Be sure and stop back by and let me know. Thank you for stopping in. Happy New Year!

  • Christ-Like! That is surely THE word that any of our words given to us for 2018 will aim us to become. I think I have a blog post in the initial stage – rolling around inside as to my word. Forgiveness. Giving it, receiving it and praying for others to give and receive this most precious gift. Thank you Leah for your faithfulness. You are an inspiration.

    • Kathie, how right you are….if God gives us a word it should draw us to a closer relationship with Jesus. What a word He has chosen for you….forgiveness. It is surely something that we all need. Thank you for stopping in, and I can’t wait to read about your word when you post about it. Happy New Year!

  • Karen Hossink

    HI Leah!
    I have a short phrase this year: More of YOU.
    I sat with the Lord on Saturday journaling and reflecting on 2017, wondering about 2018, and I just wrote out that phrase. Told Him I want more of Him – in my heart, in my life, in my family, etc, and it became clear in an instant. More of YOU will be my focus this year.
    Looking forward to it!!!

    • Karen, your phrase reminds me of the awesome song by Colton Dixon of the same name. It is such a wonderful reminder that we must decrease and Jesus must increase. Thanks for stopping in, friend, and Happy New Year!

  • Jerri Miller

    Christ-like is a wonderful word – and a goal each child of God should be shooting for! I thought sure you were going to say fruitful since you were looking at fruits of the Spirit. 😉

    Also, I noticed we started the One Word 365 the same year and had the same word in 2016, rest. How did you do? Me? Not so much …

    This year’s word is press (as in press on) and my first post about is here:

    I expect to write about this multiple times! ~ Jerralea

    • Yes, I recalled that we had the same word in 2016. I actually did pretty well with mine…because I was forced to. The Lord forced rest through some physical issues, then I read Shelly Miller’s wonderful book entitled ‘Rhythms of Rest’ which kinda sealed the deal on the word. Thanks for linking your post.

  • Thank you for sharing. I love how God brought you to your word focus for this year.

    • Hello there and thanks for stopping in. The journey to my OneWord365 for 2018 was definitely different than in past years, but it was good. Happy New Year!