iPhoto Randomness

Ok, so I know I need to be writing on Hebrews but it is Saturday and my brain just does not want to work that hard. So,I was going through iPhoto and decided to share with you some of the random photos that are there. I know you have been waiting expectantly to see these (hahaha), so without further ado, here they are. Enjoy!


Walked to my window this week and what did I see?? Cows in my yard!


My handsome nephews, Coleson and Parker.


Our son, Charlie, and his date at the college winter formal.


"Teaspoon" - One of my adorable small hostas


I love dogwood blooms. These are growing just outside my kitchen door.


The most beautiful pink dogwood I have ever seen!


Strawberry shortcake from The CheeseCake Factory!


Susan B. Harris Chapel on the Campus of Young Harris College. This is where Greg and I were married.


My furry friend, K.


Another beauty from my hosta collection. Meet 'Pooh Bear'.


Bought this decanter at Dillards last year and I'm just quite taken with it.


My beautiful friend, Michele










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  • FUN!! Enjoyed those! I can see why you are taken with that decanter. I would be too! Beautiful furry friend! And Michele too. :)   Yep! you can say I enjoyed all the pics. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thanks for stopping in and visiting at several posts today.
      I always appreciate your insightful comments. You challenge me and I’m