Today I have the pleasure and honor of guest posting at Internet Café Devotions. This totally awesome site was one for which I wrote for several years. Made up of a beautiful collection of writers, the Café offers timely and thoughtful devotions designed to draw your heart closer to Jesus.

Today, they are offering a re-post of a devotion I wrote a couple of years ago where I offered advice to graduates. It is entitled, Thoughts for Graduate…and Others.




No, not Christmas.


Although it has been a long time since I walked across a stage, accepted a diploma and moved a tassel, I have not forgotten the excitement that accompanies the day. My first trip across the stage to accept a diploma was in 1982 when I graduated from Union County High School. One hundred fifteen kids who thought they were all grown up and ready to tackle whatever the world tossed them. Silly us!

My next, and last, walk to accept a diploma was in 1987 when I graduated from, what was then known as, Mercer University School of Pharmacy with my Pharm. D. degree, which stands for Pharmacy Doctorate. Certainly at that time, I felt more than prepared to take on the world. I mean really, a doctorate. Dr. Leah Adams. It sounds quite divine and for many years I used it in my professional life. Now, I rarely think about having it, except when Mercer calls wanting me to make a donation to the capital fund.

To read the rest of my thoughts for graduates, click here.

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