Getting to Know You…..3.30.12

It’s Friday and that means it is time for Getting to Know You!

Today’s Getting to Know You question relies on our sense of smell coupled with our memory.

Share a smell that evokes a memory.

Let me give you an example of my own:

My Daddy loved to mow grass. He had big Kubota tractors and mowed not only his grass but the grass at the church and some widow ladies’ grass around our town. The smell of freshly cut grass makes me think of my Daddy, who graduated to heaven in October 2004. I’m pretty sure he is mowing heaven’s grass today.

Our last family picture in May 2004

Now it is your turn. Share a smell and a memory that are linked.


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  • The smell of Korv (Swedish potato sausage) reminds me of my Grandpa.  He used to make it for the rest of the family at Christmas time.  Now, I make it for my family.

    • I’ve never heard of Korv, but it sounds good….anything with sausage in it sounds good to me. Thanks for stopping by!

  • This one is so funny for me, but whenever I smell Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls cooking it reminds me of my childhood because it IS my VERY FIRST MEMORY!  Seriously, the very first thing I ever remember is my mom making Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in our tiny little kitchen in our tiny little house when I was about 3.  I still make them for my kids for that very reason.

    • Mmmm. I can almost smell them myself. Now, I’m hungry for cinnamon rolls.

  • GranJan

    My sister Jean died in a car accident when she was only 25. I was 27. She wore “Lauren” cologne & if I ever get a whiff I think of her instantly. Sometimes I will go by the perfume counter and just ask for a bottle to hold in my hands and inhale the fragrance. I wrote a post about her that has had more response than any other on my blog.

    I love you friend,

    • Oh Jan, I remember that beautiful post about your precious
      sister. How wonderful that God gives you a sensory prompt with “lauren” to
      remember her. Thank you for stopping by and leaving this beautiful comment.
      Love you!

  • Barbara McLendon

    It’s got to be my Mama’s special Brunswick stew. I have never been able to find any that even came close to being as good. May not sound appetizing but she HAD to have a hog head to put in it and would spend all day cleaning and preparing it for the stew. It was the S. Ga style that had corn and large chunks of potato, lots of vinegar, and of course hot sauce. Sooo delicious!!!

    • Wow, Barbara, that Brunswick stew sounds wonderful! I’m
      sure that does bring back memories. Not too sure about the Hog’s head, though. I make a Brunswick stew that we really like
      but it does not have the vinegar in it…or the potatoes. It is a crock pot
      recipe that I got out of the EMC magazine a few years ago. Thanks for stopping

  • Barbara McLendon

    Sorry, I should have started my post with the smell of Brunswick stew!

  • Marita

    The smell of breakfast beef, biscuits and gravy. It always reminds me of my Poppy.  He always made that for breakfast on Sunday mornings and when I would spend the night with my Nanny and Poppy that would be what I’d wake up to.  Such special memories.

    Love your getting to know you posts.  They are so much fun. Love reading the comments. :)

    • Oh Marita, that makes me think of eating breakfast at my
      grandparents. There was always sausage, gravy and biscuits on the table, along
      with butter, sorghum syrup, homemade jam, and honey. Wow, how I miss those
      days. Thanks so much for stopping by and contributing. I, too, love these
      Getting to Know You posts.

  • Krhodes

    A campfire. When Mama was alive the 7 of us from our extended family would go camping, sitting around the campfire at night, drinking coffee or hot chocolate, eating Smores, and just enjoying the peace and quiet while catching up with each other. We’ve not been since she passed away, but last year I asked for a fire pit for my birthday, so now we sit on the deck around the fire pit, enjoying the smell of burning wood while we drink coffee and talk about our lives.

    • Oh Karen, I love the idea of a firepit. I have wanted one
      for a while now. When we camp, my brother-in-law always makes a fire and I love
      to sit around it.  What wonderful
      memories you have of family times around the fire. Thanks for stopping in and

  • Soap. In particular. Dove. But not just any Dove soap. The pale pastel green bar with the cucumber/melon fragrance. I packed it for our honeymoon and every time I smell it now I go back to that cabin at Joe Wheeler State Park. I’m smiling now just thinking about it! I need to get another bar of that, next time I go to the store. :) Thanks, Leah. Love to you. 

    • What a great memory! I’m going to have to go shiff Dove green soap. Never smelled it.