Friday Blessings – {#39 – #49}


{39} –  sunday school – At the end of 2012, I stepped down from teaching Sunday school after 10 years. I was at a point where I needed to sit in a class and take in some wonderful Bible teaching. Greg and I attend a couples Sunday school class taught by a high school friend. Dr. Steve Efird loves God’s Word and teaches it with passion and clarity. I am blessed to be part of his class.


{40} – homemade protein bars – My breakfast each morning consists of a glass of skim milk and a protein bar. Recently I found a recipe for homemade protein bars and I am now making my own. This is a yummy recipe that is easy to make.

{41} – comfy couch, warm blanket and a good book


{42} – beautiful snow flakes falling to the ground

{43} – a sweet word of testimony –  After my Tuesday post on mentoring, I received an email from a sweet 20-something thanking me for the way I had spoken, literally, into her life. The Lord used a message I gave at a retreat in Alabama to draw this beautiful young woman back into church and a renewed relationship with Himself. Praise be to Jesus!! Praise Him, because He is just flat worthy!!

{44} – a word from the Lord – The Lord spoke a word for pondering into my heart while I was swimming this week. “Leah, do you expect me to show up and be huge at church/Bible study or are you on auto-pilot in each of those situations?” I had to stop and ask myself whether I have allowed myself to get into a ‘I’m doing this because it is what I’ve always done/it is what I am expected to do’ mentality. Conviction!!!!


{45} – homemade chicken noodle soup and cornbread for supper on a cool rainy night

{46} – renewed energy and health – Greg and I spent last week and the weekend battling some mean little upper respiratory bug that completely zapped our energy for a few days. It is a blessing to feel good again.


{47} – flip flops from vietnam– I have been intentional in my efforts to develop a relationship with the people who do my nails. Much of the time I spend in their shop finds me praying for them to know Jesus. The manager of the salon, a man in his late 20’s, and his girlfriend went to Vietnam to visit family recently. As I was leaving the shop this week, he followed me outside with these flip flops and told me that he brought these back for me from his country. I was so touched. One day I hope to share Jesus with these precious men and women.

{48} – the opportunity to work at my paying job part time in order to pursue my passion of writing and speaking.

{49} – lunch with my friend, Candy – Candy is doing some editing work on my Hebrews Bible study. It had been months since we visited over lunch and we talked non-stop for at least an hour about all sorts of things.

What blessings can you count today?

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  • Karen Hossink

    Sunday school is a great blessing to me, too. For somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 years, I have been with the elementary kids every Sunday morning. I call it my remedial Sunday school – because, although the lessons are designed for kids, God always finds a way to speak to my adult heart, too. Love it!

    • I love it that you love doing Sunday school life with kids. You are pouring into them in huge ways that may only be evidenced in eternity. Good for you!! And yes, God does seem to speak to us in all kinds of situations.

  • My job! I’m thankful for my job (and I’m thankful for the weekend ahead).

  • Okay, let me try this from my laptop–not my phone.
    The ladies in my Bible Study, the ladies in the signing small group, my small group leader coach, having a job I love, and knowing what i’m called to do…

  • Brooke Keith

    Lovely! I am grateful for Emily’s feet in those fuzzy purple stripes socks when she falls asleep. Jack’s crazy hair. Baby Ben learning to stick out his tongue! :) Alex’s lego creations. Brock’s jokes. My husband’s smile. The Golden Girls when you’ve had a bad day! lol And did I mention God’s grace, Reese Cups and Dr Pepper?

    • I’m not sure which of those is my favorite, but I’m thinking probably Baby Ben learning to stick out his tongue. How cute!!!