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I am getting so much out of the Priscilla Shirer book that I am reading entitled “A Jewel in His Crown”. In followup to the questions that I posted earlier this week, I wanted to give you a quote that absolutely brought me to my knees. After many years of battling anorexia in my late teens and early twenties, this quote caused me to realize that I needed to ask the Lord to forgive me for the attitude I had toward my body.

Many, if not most people, are dissatisfied with some part of their body and long to look different. There is nothing wrong with utilizing clothing and makeup to enhance the appearance that God gave us. The sin enters when we allow our bodies to be our god–when our self-worth is dependant on how we look, then our body has become our god and that, friends, is idolatry. Pure idolatry and that is a sin.

Ok, enough commentation from me. Let’s get to the quote from Priscilla:

“If you are like most women, you have probably looked in the mirror and wondered why in the world God decided to make you the way He did. Maybe you have always been totally dissatisfied with the way you were created, and have always wished for something ‘better’. We are made in God’s own likeness; how insulted He must feel when we do this. How dare we insult a holy God, wishing we looked different or were, in fact, different people altogether? Wouldn’t you be hurt if your son or daughter looked identical to you and hated every minute of it? I wonder how God must feel about us when we cry and pout about the very work of His won hands.” A Jewel in His Crown p. 40.

Whew, let that settle on you for while!! Then tell me what you think about it!!

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  • Shonda

    These posts from what you’re getting from Priscilla’s book is powerful and requires some deep soul searching.

    I’ve had the opposite problem of anorexia. Due to low self-esteem, I abused my body by over eating that turned into food addiction. I’m being set free from that bondage over these past few months and the months ahead. I’ve made such progress and each day I take a step in HIS way in this situation is progress. By God’s grace and the power in the blood of Christ, I am more than a conquerer.

    Though the opposite eating disorder, it still boils down to what you said–attitude. I treated my body like a trash can because of my attitude. I too have repented as my body is a temple of the living God as I have accepted Christ as my Savior and HIS spirit fills me.

    Created in HIS image. Handcrafted by the Creator! Beautiful to HIM!

    Blessings in Christ–

  • Leah

    Here are a couple of comments that friends emailed to me.

    One friend said,
    “I think the child perspective puts our attitude in perspective in a new way. Truly something to ponder for everyone – whether its how He made us, the families He placed us in, the gifts and talents, He gave us, the personalities He gave each of us, the quirks He gave each of us…….:)”

    Another friend said:

    “Okay, here are my pitiful thoughts!

    My problems have always gone in the other direction. In the 6th grade, our class did a “yearbook”. A good friend, male buddy from early years, came up to me and said, “We are putting in a page of nicknames, and you don’t have one. Is it okay if we give you one?” My answer was, “Sure, but ______ IS my nickname – short for _________.” He said, “Well, we gave you one anyway. It is ‘STAF’ = and that is short for ‘FATS’ – spelled backward.” Then he walked off. I still have the yearbook, though the construction page cover is so dry rotted it barely holds together. And, yes, the nickname still resides within the pages of the book.

    So, my self esteem is centered around my body. Chunkiness. I do believe that I was made in God’s own image. HOWEVER, I do know that (and I am sure you have this memorized, too) I Corinthians 6:19-20 says, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”

    I know that God does not want me obsessing over my body. But, just as anorexia is a sin against the body, gluttony can be also. I tend to make food an idol. I do not honor my body when I eat what I want and get as out of shape as I am even today!

    The bottom line is that I think that as women we walk a very fine line! It is very hard to find “balance”. Some get too worked up over wrinkles (which have nothing to do with health) and hair (which has nothing to do with health) and various other things. So they head to the plastic surgeon, the beautician, etc. I find that can be just as damaging in that again we are focused on our looks. The weight issue, however, does also focus on health. Again, though, we can take it too far.”

  • Darla

    Happy Easter Princess! Resolving to see us as God sees us and not as the world, is a full time job…and the constant running to HIM for restoration in the mind, transforming it to HIS thinking. I have battled with losing too much and gaining too much, and finding a balance is something GOd and I are working on. But I do believe we insult HIM as we do not believe that what HE sees is beautiful.

  • Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog

    OH girl, I feel ya! That does hit pretty hard. I will never forget being at a conference where Vickie Courtney said something about that-She said can you stand in front of the mirror naked and say-I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I know that full well. I will never forget that.

    Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend too friend!
    Much love,

  • Speaking Thru Me Ministries

    Leah – thanks for causing me to really think! I do totally agree with Priscilla – she is the bomb by the way… I think my issue is that I think I could really apprecaite the body that I am suppose to have – in His likeness… But i have abused my body and I know confidently it does not look like it is meant to look. I know I am a wonderful creation as the Psalms say, but I have let my temple get out of control and therefor many consequences or weeds are left to be dealt with or pulled. Make any sense?
    Seeking Him with all I have!! Loving Him with all that I am!!
    love you!

  • Marilyn

    Thank you so much for sharing this excerpt from Priscilla’s book with me. That’s the way I know we are supposed to feel but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it in print! There have been SO many times that I have looked at myself in a picture or in the mirror and thought, “Why, oh why, did I have to look like this?” And then my conscience always bothers me and I say to God…”I’m so sorry for insulting your creativity!” I know there’s a reason God made me look the way that I do….it’s just that I don’t measure up to the world’s standards of beauty. And therein lies my biggest problem…worrying more about what people think of the outside of me than worrying about what God thinks about my heart!
    From the time I was small I have had a large…shall I say BIG….nose which has brought me much heartache. I was teased and tormented all during school. Not friendly teasing but humiliating torment! I remember once in my twenties after I was already married and a mother…..I heard a little boy in the department store say, “Come and see Mom….there’s a real live witch over here!” And there I was–a grown woman….a wife….a mama….wanting to dig a hole and crawl in and die! At those moments I want so much to have a cute little turned up nose that wrinkles up when I smile and not the Roman nose job that I inherited from my parents! But deep inside I know that God thinks I am beautiful. The world is fickle and may call someone beautiful one day and ugly the next. It’s so wonderful to get to the place that we look at each other and see the “real” person inside the body. And that’s what I have found with the body of Christ….my Christian friends make me feel beautiful. And I hope I make them feel beautiful back!

  • Leah


    What incredible transparency and honesty!! God bless you dear one!! It is my prayer that He will give you a glimpse of exactly how He views you. He loves you, Daughter of the King!!

    Thanks for visiting The Point.


  • Mariel

    This is great, Leah! I am reading “He speaks to Me” by Prisilla Shirer…GREAT BOOK, too! The Lord is really using her to speak to me about being still before HIm. I will have to check out this book, too!!

    I pray you had a blessed Resurrection Day, dear friend!

  • Mariel

    I also want to say…this spoke to me, too!

    I am too short, in my opinion! But my God is beautiful and has a plan for my small stature!

    I was encouraged just this week, in reading through the last chapters of Luke and reading Zaccheaus’ account in the Scripture!

    If he was tall, he would not have had to climb a tree to see Jesus, but that tinacity atracted Jesus to his HOME! Praise the Lord for the tinacity He gives short people!! :)
    It is what drove me up a tree, too, until HE called MY name!!

    I also have to say, Marilyn, what a beautiful spirit! Praise the Lord for the work He is doing in your life! Thank Him that we are all so different!

    Can you imagine the moment we will wave our palm branches around the Throne…how different we will all look! Praise Him for loving and creating REAL diversity, not what America calls ‘diversity’! I love you, dear sister!

    Blessings, sweet Leah, for your boldness in posting this! I love you!!

  • Stephanie (Ocean Mommy)

    That preaches sister. I have got to get that book!