Hope for the Hurting Wife: Author Interview with Rebekah Hallberg

It looks like I may be settling into an every Monday posting schedule here at the blog. We shall see.

Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of getting to know two women who have made lasting impressions on my heart. It all began when we ended up in a writing group together. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of those ladies.

Rebekah Hallberg is someone whom I have never met in real life, but I just know that if we did meet, we would be BFFs. Over the last year, Rebekah has been such an incredible encourager to me. Not only in words, but also in her actions. In addition to being a writer, wife, mom, and all around awesome friend, Rebekah is a virtual assistant. If you see almost anything from me on social media, you can be fairly certain that Rebekah was the one who created it. She is such a blessing to me because social media is a must in ministry these days, but I just do not enjoy spending massive amounts of time creating posts and tweets. Enter Rebekah. She is a master at Pinterest and Twitter and Facebook.

Today I am so excited to introduce you to Rebekah and her new book, Hope for the Hurting Wife. This book, y’all! It is the creation of Rebekah and another wonderful woman that I will introduce you to very soon, Jen Stults. I’m convinced that many wives out there would be so blessed by this book and its authors, because as wonderful as marriage can be and is, it can also be incredibly painful. So without more words from me, allow me to introduce you to Rebekah.


Hope for the Hurting Wife


LA: Rebekah, I may have readers who do not know you. Would you please tell them a bit about yourself?

RH: Thank you, Leah, for having me here! What a blessing to be able to spend some time with you and your readers! I grew up as a missionary kid. I was born in the states, but spent 4 years in West Africa when my parents followed God’s call to missions overseas. I learned about faith in God from a very young age, and my faith has always been a strong, important part of my life.


Rebekah Hallberg headshot


I have been married for 18 years and my husband and I have 3 children. I hold a degree in education and have worked in both regular and special education settings. I originally started my blog as a place to document our family’s journey with special needs after our second son was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Over time, I transitioned to faith-based blogging, telling God that I’d blog about anything except marriage. Let me just pause right here for a minute to say this:

Don’t tell God what you won’t do.

I now blog about marriage. God must have had a few chuckles when I told Him what I would not write about. More on that in a bit.


LA: What occupies your free time? Hobbies? Interests? 

RH: I spend a lot of my free time listening to piano music as all three of our children play the piano. Our oldest son is a piano performance major at a local university and while he practices a lot at school, between all three kids, there are still multiple hours of piano practice in our home each day.

I also enjoy a good cup of coffee and some quiet time to read. I enjoy watching movies with the family and spending quiet evenings talking and laughing with my husband.


LA: What are some items on your bucket list? 

RH: I recently read an article about someone who traveled across the US by train, making particular stops at scenic destinations along the way. I think that would be a great trip to take with my husband someday! I’d also love to see our oldest play at Carnegie Hall in New York City. What an amazing opportunity that would be! I’d love to see my younger two perform as well, but God may have other plans for their lives, and in time, it will be wonderful to see them following their God-given gifts!


LA: How did you develop an interest in writing and when did you begin writing seriously?

RH: Writing is one of my newer hobbies. I am not one of those people who always knew they wanted to write – quite the opposite, in fact. I never enjoyed writing in school. It was always such a chore for me. When I started blogging, the writing came a little more easily. I think that’s because I was writing about topics that I was interested in, and could write at my own pace. I’ve been writing seriously for about 4 years now. As I follow God’s promptings on my heart, the writing becomes easier.


 LA: What is the story behind your book, Hope for the Hurting Wife?

RH: Remember when I told God that I wouldn’t write about marriage? I had what I thought was a pretty normal marriage. We were both active in church, we loved each other, we loved our kids and were raising them to love the Lord – by all accounts things were good! One morning we were startled by a sudden knock at the door, followed by a lot of shouting. As we opened the door, the bottom fell out of my marriage and my world fell apart. I was completely blindsided and had no idea what was happening. Reality was being revealed and I realized that my marriage was not at all that I thought it had been. Heartbroken and utterly devastated, I started the hardest journey of my life – to pray for redemption for my marriage. It took me about 6 months to decide that I wanted to stay, that I wanted to work through the choices my husband made that nearly cost us our marriage.
I met Jen, my co-author, in a blogging group. While our backgrounds and stories are different, God brought us together and gave us a deep connection because of our stories. We realized that women needed the hope, the understanding, of another woman who has been through a crisis in her marriage. We first released a 14-day version of our book as a download in February, 2017. The response was so great that we knew we needed to do more. After a lot of praying and seeking God, we decided to combine some of our writings, and to add some content that has never been published before, and turn our book into a 30-day book that we hope will bless and encourage women at any stage of their marriage. We’re proud to share Hope for the Hurting Wife with you.


Hope Hurting Wife September 11


LA: Tell us more about Hope for the Hurting Wife, please!

RH: Hope for the Hurting Wife is a beautiful story of God’s redemption in our marriages. The book offers 30 days of encouragement for your marriage (plus amazing bonus content at the end of the book). It’s also our story of how God has redeemed our marriages. Jen and I share personal stories from some tough times we’ve faced. We share how God used those times to strengthen us and to give us hope as we worked on issues in our own marriages.
Each chapter addresses a different issue that we have faced, and that most women will find relatable. We cover topics such as communication, dealing with our emotions, trusting God with your marriage, and feeling stuck in the “for worse” of marriage.
We hear from many wives who are in tough situations and want to make it clear that this book is not one that pressures a woman into staying in an abusive marriage. We support the need for women to get help and to find safety if they are a victim of abuse. Our book is not a guarantee to solve the issues in your marriage or to fix your broken marriage. While we’d love to offer that hope, only God has that power. What we can do is gently point you to God, to remind you that even amid struggles in our lives, He is faithful. We can’t make changes in your marriage, but He can! We use this book to offer that hope and encouragement.


LA: Rebekah, where can my readers find your book?

RH: Hope for the Hurting Wife can be purchased on Amazon.com in both print and Kindle versions. (Click links to be taken to the book page on Amazon)

SALE ALERT: The Kindle version of  Hope is available for 99 cents for a limited time, so click here to grab that deal.


LA: I would love for my readers to connect with you. How can they do that?

RH: You’ll find me at Sharing Redemption’s Stories (link to http://rebekahmhallberg.com ), on Facebook (link to https://www.facebook.com/rebekahmhallberg/ ), Pinterest (link to https://www.pinterest.com/RebekahHallberg/ ) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/rebekahmhallberg/ ).
I’d love to connect with you and be an encouragement for your marriage!


LA: Rebekah, do you have any final thoughts to share with my readers? 

RH: I’m positive that the devil came for my marriage they day they knocked on my door. I was so blindsided by all that happened, and I’m sure the devil planned for that to be the undoing of my marriage. But as I slowly waited on God, as I let Him work in every aspect of the situation, He kept reminding me how precious my family is and how much He loved each of us. He worked deep in my heart to remind me that redemption is for everyone, no matter what we’ve done. That reminder gave me courage to pursue redemption in my marriage.
And I want you to know that nothing is too far out of the realm of possibility for God to redeem. Nothing!

Hope for the Hurting Wife is a story of redemption because God still redeems today!



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We Are In A War! Let’s Do Battle!

Good morning! I will just go ahead and warn you…this is a multi-purpose post. I’m all over the board with it, so hang on.


Doing Battle For Our Children



I’m pretty excited that it is Friday and the weekend is here. Really, what I am excited about is Sabbath and a day of rest and worship. Y’all, I am leaning into Sabbath like my life depended on it. Because really, it does! After reading Shelly Miller’s book Rhythms of Rest TWICE, I am absolutely convinced that Sabbath is an all-out necessity. So, on Friday I change the sheets on the beds. On Saturday I do a couple of loads of laundry and prepare food for us to have on Sunday. Then, at 7pm on Saturday I settle in for Sabbath. No laundry is done on Sunday. Very little food is cooked on Sunday. I gather my book and quilt and spend Sunday afternoon reading and resting. Sometimes I sit on my deck and pray, while other times I visit with family and friends. My Sabbath rest re-charges me for the week ahead and draws me closer to Jesus. I really, really want to encourage you to lean into Sabbath. You can do it, even if you have littles in your home. It may be a Sabbath hour while they are napping, but you can carve out some Sabbath time for your heart.


Ladies, there is still time to register for the Come Away [retreat}. I have a couple of spaces open and I would love to have you join us September 15-17th for some intimate time with Jesus. It is a time when we will study the Scriptures, worship, pray, rest, and just cozy up next to our Lord. Would you join us? Go HERE to learn more about the retreat and how to register.


Come Away Retreat


Finally, I wanted to share something with you that I heard on the radio this week. It impacted my heart greatly, and I hope it will be a blessing to you, as well. The pastor on the radio was named Randy Snyder and he was speaking about how parents can impact the lives of their children. This is not the word-for-word quote, but it is close.

As parents, we go to war for our children every time we pray for them. It is the most important thing we can do for our children.


It really is true. While I have no children to whom I gave birth, there are a handful that of young adults that I love with all my heart. Charlie, Bree, Parker, Coleson, Kalem, Erika, my Compassion daughters, and a few more. It is privilege to go to war for them on a regular basis. I ask the Lord to give them hearts that love Him deeply and to bring them spouses that love Jesus more than he or she love them. I ask Him to guide them and lead them each day. I go to war for these young adults because I love them as if they were my own.

Do you have children or young adults for whom you go to war? Suit up! The next generation needs our prayers.



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When Life Looks Different Than What You Had Planned

Every week I am privileged to spend an hour or so of private time with my pastor’s sweet wife, Becca. We talk, we share, we cry, we pray, we simply do life together. She is young enough to be my daughter, and I love her as if she were. She is a beautiful, honest, all-out-crazy-for-Jesus young woman. Her heart is very much for seeing those who do not know Jesus come to Him, and she is a blessing to me in a dozen different ways.

Recently we were talking about how God’s plans often end up looking very different from the plans that we make for our life. I shared with her how true that is for me, especially in regard to ministry.


When Life Looks Different Than What you Had Planned


I told her that when the Lord called me into ministry in 2007, He made it so clear that I was to speak and teach God’s Word. He confirmed it through several avenues, and so I stepped boldly into that calling. To be very transparent, I secretly hoped I would be the next Christian teacher ‘star’….’the next Beth Moore’, as so many told me at my speaking engagements. I know….ten years into this wild ministry ride, I see how ridiculous and prideful that sounds, but I’m just being honest with you.

For about seven years all of my dreams seemed to be on track. I spoke at ladies events all over the southeast. I was blessed to write and publish four books. Ministry life was good and going according to ‘my plans’. I held on tightly to a quote I read on a flip calendar somewhere. It said something like this: It can take ten years to be an ‘overnight sensation’.

As Becca and I talked, I shared with her that when my ministry began to change, at first I was not happy with God about it. I saw other speakers going on to bigger and better things, while God seemed to be drawing down my ministry. Oh, He was not pulling me out of ministry. Rather, He was changing what ministry looked like for me. Instead of the big stage, it was more one-on-one and small group ministry. Instead of preparing messages to be delivered to a few hundred women, I was pulling together ingredients for making biscuits and pound cakes and chicken and dressing. Instead of spending time writing more books, I am spending face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder time loving on, mentoring, and doing life with women. And you know what, now I love it and I cannot imagine doing anything else.


God uses broken things



I had a choice about how I would respond when God changed up ministry. I could have been angry with Him and pouted. (yeah, that would have worked out well!) I could have been jealous over the speaking opportunities and book contracts that other people received. (hmmm, that would have been pretty!) Instead I bent my knee to God’s plan and have found incredible peace and satisfaction in ministry. Don’t misunderstand me, there were fleeting moments of ‘why, God?’ questions and green-with-envy jealousy, but those were only for a moment. I knew that God sees the big picture, and whatever He ordains for me is for my good and for His glory. I realized that to grasp for anything else is relational suicide as far as my relationship with God goes.

Sometime after Becca and I shared that conversation I received a text from her that made my heart so full of love for her and gratitude to God for how He is allowing me to serve His kingdom.

I love you so much, Leah. I’m so, so, so, so thankful God didn’t make you the ‘next Beth Moore” because our time on the porch feels like the closest thing to Heaven on earth to me. I am so glad you’re in my life. Thank you.

I do not always do life and ministry perfectly, but I love that He trusts me with it at all. Me! A woman who has made her share of mistakes and oopsies in life, but who falls so heavily on the grace and mercy of Jesus.

Part of the ‘new’ look for ministry for me is the upcoming Come Away retreat that I am hosting in September. I’d love for you to pray about attending.


Come Away Retreat


Come Away will be an intimate time of leaning into Jesus through worship, Scripture study, and prayer. We will set aside tweets and posts and hashtags in order to hear from Jesus about how crazy He is over us. The retreat will be held September 15-17, 2017. Pop over HERE to learn more details.


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Meet My Friend, Jan Morton

I am blessed, blessed to have many wonderful friends. Older, younger, married, single, moms, and grandmoms. I have a beautiful rainbow collection of friends, both IRL (in real life) and on the WWW. Today, I am tickled pink to have the opportunity to introduce you to one of them.

Jan Morton, aka Gran Jan, is a friend I met about 7 or 8 years ago. She is a Georgia girl, although she is the south-Georgia variety, while I plant my feet in north Georgia. Jan is a mom, sister, daughter, Gran Jan to some adorable grands, pastor’s wife, gardener, cook, friend, and beautiful, beautiful soul. Jan will soon wear one more label, but more on that later.


Jan Morton

Recently, Jan posted on her blog about a God-ordained opportunity she had last year to share her story on television. I was so taken with the whole thing that I asked her permission to introduce her to you, my faithful readers, and link to the television program where she shared.

You will be hearing more about Jan in the coming months because……………………..

Jan and I have co-authored a new Bible study that will be in stores on August 1st. It is called Tasting Grace and is based on my Tasting Grace mentoring in the kitchen ministry. Jan began a similar ministry in her church and called it Taste & See, and when she posted about it on her blog, I was completely smitten.

I will be sharing more about Tasting Grace, the book, in the coming days, but for now, I want you to meet my friend, Jan Morton. Here is just a snippet from the entire testimony that Jan gave on Life Today. The link to the entire interview is below.



Please introduce yourself to Jan in the comments. Click the link below to be taken to Jan’s blog where you can see her entire testimony on Life Today.

Jan’s Appearance on Life Today




The Loft Link-Up – Mothers

Today at The Loft our topic is “Mothers”. Having just celebrated Mother’s Day, this is a topic that should resonate in the hearts of many.

It has been almost 18 months since my Mother went to be with Jesus. I miss her every day. As I pondered on today’s topic, I decided to share with you a few lessons that I learned from my Mom.



Lessons from My Mother



My Mother lived generously. She was the kind of mom whose singular focus was her family. She and my Daddy were always in attendance at anything my sister and I were part of….ballet recitals, football games, band concerts, and more. She was equally generous toward her friends, sending a bazillion greeting cards for birthdays, to those who had lost loved ones, and those experiencing illness. Anytime there was a death of a close friend or church member, Mother would be one of the first to show up with a casserole or salad.


From the time I was six years old, my Mother stayed home and cared for her family. She was a wonderful cook and always prepared delicious meals for us. She was also an amazing seamstress, making beautifully tailored dresses, pants, coats and tops for my sister and me. Mother loved my Daddy in an amazing way. Daddy was stricken with polio at the age of 16 and walked on crutches the rest of his life. To the outside world, he was handicapped, although those who knew him would likely not have placed that label on him. After he died, my Mother told me that she was certain God placed her on earth to be Daddy’s helper. She assumed that role with honor and love. She loved her sisters and brothers, her Sunday school and Bible study classes, and her weekly lunch ladies. Most of all, she loved Jesus.


Mother was a lady….a true Southern lady. She got up each morning, showered, put makeup on, and dressed….every day until dementia took the Mother I knew. She interacted with others with kindness and gentleness, even when she disagreed with them. She never used curse words or told crude jokes. Mother loved to laugh, but was never obnoxious with her laughter. She was never rude or unkind.

I was extremely blessed with a wonderful, godly, caring, giving Mother. I can only hope to be half the woman she was.

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My Life { In Pictures }

Hello there!

Most of the time I offer Biblical teaching and encouragement here in this space because that is the calling on my life from God. Today, however, I want to offer something different…something I hope you will enjoy.

I love to get glimpses into the lives of the writers from which I draw knowledge and wisdom. Seeing their families, hobbies, and homes makes them a bit more real, more personal. Today I am choosing to do an iPhone photo dump right here on the blog. It may not be your cup of tea, and if not, that is fine. You have my blessing to click out and go about your day. But, if you enjoy seeing pictures and getting a peek into my life, grab a cup of something hot and let’s visit. It has been a long time since I have done a photo dump here, so there is no telling what you will get, although it is a pretty good bet that there will be food involved. We are FOODIES at our house. Here we go:



We love deviled eggs. (See, I told you there would be food!) Recently I found a new deviled egg recipe that was the BOMB. I discovered Tex-Mex Deviled Eggs in the 50th anniversary edition of Southern Living. Greg and I ate these 10 halves in 2 days. Mmmm, mmmm good. They have a little bite to them because of the jalapeño, but you can give them as much or as little bite as you want by removing the seeds from the peppers before you stir up the filling. If you are a deviled egg peep, you MUST. TRY. THESE.





Last weekend, Greg’s cousin, Kathy, and her husband, Jerry, were in the mountains of North Georgia for a little vacay. They attended church with us, and then came to our home for lunch. It was a sweet time of fellowship that included Jerry and Kathy, Greg’s parents, and his sister, Angie. I snapped a quick picture of the three cousins together, Angie, Greg, and Kathy. Love this picture.





I love a good book, and I just finished one that YOU NEED TO READ. It is entitled Audacious by Beth Moore. Y’all, I have fallen in love with Jesus all over again. I never imagined I could love Him more than I already did, but this book…! Wow! His love for me, and for you, is AUDACIOUS. Because of that love, you and I can love AUDACIOUSLY. Moore uses tons and tons of Scripture, and lots of beautiful and hilarious word pictures to tell the story of AUDACIOUS love. My small group will be using this book as our spring Bible study. It is small and easy to read. Order your copy NOW.

I snapped a picture of one paragraph that really spoke to my heart. I have not always chosen my relationships wisely, especially in my 20s, so this excerpt spoke loudly to my heart.





Late in 2015 I decided to go old school and purchase a 2016 planner in which I could write and scribble. I had used the electronic calendar on my iPhone for years, but missed having a day planner. So, after much research and querying friends about planners, I settled in on a Passion Planner. What a great choice! I love it. Passion Planners offer loads of space for calendaring, pondering, planning, and just being creative (which I am not). Each week there is a quote and a challenge for personal consideration. Here is one that I took a picture of and shared on Instagram.




In January I scooted down to Atlanta to attend a ceremony where Bree was being inducted into Who’s Who Among American College Students. We are so stinkin’ proud of her. She is an engineering major and is rocking  her studies. She is actively looking for an engineering internship this summer. She would like to obtain an internship outside of Georgia, and I would be good with that. Of course, I would have to go visit her!!

Greg and I love this young woman so much, and it is hard to believe that only 5 years ago we did not even know her. Jesus has given us a love for her that absolutely blows me away. We are so blessed by her presence in our lives.





I truly have the BEST in-laws in the world. Charles and Betty Adams are the real deal. They love me as if I was their natural-born daughter. I have known these wonderful people since I was in high school. Charles was my high school chemistry teacher, while Betty taught my sister in elementary school. They are retired educators who, at 83 years young, are probably more active than Greg and me. Jesus blessed me far more than I deserve when He allowed me to be part of their family. This picture was taken by our son, Charlie, when we were all in Destin, Florida at Thanksgiving. I think it is my all-time favorite of Charles and Betty.





Last year for Mother’s Day, Bree gave me a package that contained 52 envelopes…each decorated by her in beautiful colors. On the front of each envelope was written, “I love you because you…….” Inside each envelope was a small square of paper on which Bree had written reasons why she loves me. People, do you know what kind of time that took? I was absolutely flabbergasted. It was one of my all-time favorite gifts. I have opened one envelope each week, and what a joy it has been. I’m still stunned at the time and effort that Bree put into making this amazing gift. Here are a couple of the envelopes.






Ok, enough of my life in pictures. I hope you enjoyed them. I enjoyed going back and pulling them out. They remind me how blessed I truly am. I will see you back here on Monday, Lord willing.